Demand Domino’s Stop Supporting Pork Producers who Intensively Confine Pigs

Target: David A. Brandon, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Domino’s

Goal: Stop buying pork supplies from producers who confine pigs in tiny crates

Most major fast food restaurants have finally stopped buying pork from suppliers that use “gestation crates,” tiny crates that pregnant pigs are confined to. However, Domino’s has not followed suit like its competitors—McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. Please urge Domino’s to end its ties with suppliers that still practice this cruel method for pork supply.

For four months, pregnant pigs are kept in gestation crates, which restrict them from moving freely. Just after a few weeks, the newborn piglets are taken away from their mothers and the pigs are impregnated again—only to continue another cruel cycle in the gestation crates. This cycle goes on for years and years until the pigs are unable to reproduce. Then, the pigs are then slaughtered because they are deemed “useless” in the eyes of the suppliers.

The Humane Society has proposed a resolution to urge companies to stop the use of gestation crates. The Board of Directors of Domino’s held a vote and only 4% of the board supported the resolution, while 80% were in favor of gestation crates and 16% abstained from voting. Domino’s gave out a statement saying that the Humane Society should focus its energy against pork producers and suppliers, instead of customers, which include Domino’s. Instead of taking an active role in animal rights, Domino’s wants to pass the responsibility to another industry. It, like its fast food chain competitors, could make a world of a difference by not buying from these companies that still use these cruel practices and cutting their profits.

However, the Humane Society is optimistic. With more than 3% of the vote in favor of ending Domino’s ties with these pork suppliers, the resolution will reemerge in another discussion next year and hopefully, pass that time around. Many states, along with the Compass Group, the world’s largest food service company, have already pledged to stop these cruel practices against pigs. Urge Domino’s to stop buying its pork supplies from producers that use gestation crates and follow in the right path towards cruelty-free food.


Dear David A. Brandon,

Your competitors, including McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s, have recognized the cruelty behind the practice of gestation crates and have ended their ties with pork suppliers that still use these methods to breed and sell pigs. Only 4% of your Board of Directors supported the Humane Society’s resolution to follow the path of your competitors while a whopping 80% agreed to continue the cruel practice of gestation cages.

These poor pigs are kept in tiny crates, unable to move freely for four months. After their piglets are born, they are taken away from their mothers after only a few weeks. Soon, the pigs are impregnated again to continue the cruel cycle of gestation crates.

Many companies and states have deemed the practice of gestation crates as cruel. With more than 3% in favor of ending Domino’s ties with gestation crates, we hope that the Humane Society’s resolution will be brought back to the table next year for discussion. And this time, hopefully the resolution will favorably pass. There are plenty of sustainable and cruelty-free ways to breed and raise pigs. As we are well into the 21st century of modernity and awareness, Domino’s should not stay behind in the archaic land of animal cruelty. Please stop Domino’s from buying its pork supplies from companies that still use these primitive forms of breeding and raising pigs in gestation crates and allow cruelty-free food gain a strong reign for the future.


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Photo credit: Domino’s Cruelty via Facebook

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  1. Boycott Domino’s until being a party to these atrocities is terminated forever.

  2. Pigs shouldn’t be killed in the first place.

  3. And here I didn’t think their pizza could get any more disgusting.

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