Protect Orangutans from Brutal Attacks in Indonesia

Target: Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Goal: Enforce harsher punishment in Indonesia for killing orangutans

In an awe-inspiring turn of events, an orangutan that had been shot with a pellet gun over 100 times is expected to survive. The primate, named ‘Aan,’ was found on a palm oil plantation with 37 shots in her head, and the rest covering her entire body. She is still in a critical state, but is expected to pull through. She has lost one of her eyes, will most likely lose sight in the other eye, has extensive lung and some hearing damage; she will probably never return to the wild.

In the past decade, the orangutan population has diminished at an alarming rate; it has been reduced by 50 percent. Already an endangered species, they are nearing extinction because of the destruction of their habitat caused by the creation of palm oil plantations and the harsh treatment of plantation workers. Experts believe there are only a mere 50,000- 60,000 orangutan species left on the Earth.

Indonesia is one of the largest produces of palm oil in the world. Seeing orangutans as pests, many owners of these palm oil plantations justify killing or beating them.

While there have been some instances of beating or killing orangutans that have resulted in a few months of jail time, this is not properly sending the message. In one case, plantation workers chased down orangutans with dogs before shooting, stabbing, and hacking them to death with machetes. Some plantation owners are even offering rewards for every orangutan killed.

This is no way to treat any living animal. We are infringing on their territory, and orangutans should not be punished for trying to survive. Sign the petition to call for harsher punishment for the mistreatment of orangutans in Indonesia.


Dear Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,

The punishment for harming an endangered orangutan is too lax. Plantation owners feel they are justified in ordering them beaten or killed because they are seen as a pest, when in fact it is the plantations that are a pest to the orangutans. Plantations are taking over the already diminishing habitat of the orangutan.

This is an example of animal cruelty at its worst. Although there have been some cases resulting in jail time for killing and beating orangutans, the number of occurrences that go unpunished is staggering. These poor orangutans are close to extinction. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. There must be harsher consequences for harming or killing orangutans. Plantation workers, and everyone for that matter, need to be held accountable and understand that under no circumstances should the orangutan or any endangered animal for that matter, be beaten or killed.


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  1. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    When are humanbeings going to RESPECT ALL GOD’S CREATURES?? They are the most selfish creatures on earth!!! God made the animals first, after He created man he wept and was bitterly sorry that He ever created them! Now wake up and RESPECT, PLEASE, RESPECT ALL GOD’S CREATURES AND CREATIONS!!!!

  2. These gentle creatures have been killed and abused by man for much to long. It is so sad that someone could be so evil, cruel and heartless toward a innocent animal and cause it so much pain and misery. I hope whoever did this burns in HELL for his sins. This horrible person needs to be caught and put in prison for a very long time. Animal abuse laws need to be enforced. We must protect Orangutans before there aren’t any left.

  3. Life without parole should be the punishment. And a long stretch in solitary confinement. God bless this precious orangutan.

  4. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    Every night I pray for all animals who are suffering at the hands of humans. I am not a bad person but I don’t know why my prayers are not being heard. I try to be strong and sign more than a hundred petitions weekly, but it is so hard. I am grateful for every victory no matter how small.

  5. Signed! Please sign and share this peition!


    People need to vote unacting authorities and officials acting irresponsibly to futuregenerations and living creatures out of occupations ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  7. Daniela Bress says:

    How can anyone even think about shooting these gentle creatures. Humans are the worst cancer this beautiful earth could ever get. In seven years, at the latest, there won’t be just one single orangutan left in the wild and what for?

    Human greed and ignorance – while we’re still discussing, one entire species after the other is going extinct!

    The only way to really stop this from happening is death penalty for any kind of poaching and a ban on any further destruction of extant vital rainforests.

    AND all the “normal” citizens of the world have to stop being ignorant and boycott things like palmoil in every second product of a supermarket!

  8. boyd hore says:


  9. Karen Remnant says:

    Long prison terms will be of some hope. Too many people just aren’t being caught in the first place. These beautiful animals deserve to luvelive free from harm!
    Its disturbing just how many products have palm oil as an ingredient!

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