Fire Teacher Accused of Telling Spanish Students to ‘Speak American’

Target: Michael J. Romagnino, Superintendent of Cliffside School District

Goal: Remove teacher who allegedly made racist remarks to her students from the classroom.

A teacher in New Jersey is accused of telling her Spanish-speaking students to “speak American.” This is reportedly not the first time the publicly unnamed educator has been accused of making racist remarks to the students of Cliffside Park High School, many of whom are Hispanic.

Video online appears to capture the teacher telling students in her class that those serving in the armed forces are not protecting their right to speak Spanish, but their right to “speak American.” This statement is not only racist, but entirely unprompted.

This educator clearly seems to lack the sympathy and understanding to be a leader in the classroom or in society. Sign the petition and demand she be removed from her position. Students do not need a teacher who will verbally assault them and their way of life, but one who will embrace their different language and culture.


Dear Mr.  Romagnino,

Viral Facebook video appears to show a teacher in your district verbally assaulting students with racist remarks and telling them to “speak American.” If accusations by other students and alumni are correct, this is not the first time she has done so.

This teacher apparently lacks the composure, kindness, and understanding needed to engage students in the classroom. Your students deserve an educator who respects them, not belittles them. I ask that she be removed from her position.


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Photo Credit: Wokandapix

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  1. “American” is not a language – “English” is. Maybe this teacher should be fired for incompetence for not knowing the difference?

  2. Jacqui Skill says:


  3. Tamara Sandusky says:

    No I do not agree with this petition at all. If you live in America then you speak American language. No special treatment for immigrants refugees illegals or whoever else crawls across our borders. I am sick and tired of true Americans bowing down to these people who shouldn’t be here in the first place. It’s time that if these people are going to be here they become citizens and speak American only!!! In their homes who cares what they do. In America who do what Americans do.

    • Nicolás Caballero Mühlbach says:

      Hola xenófobica racista de mierda, te escribo en español porque me sale del ojete y la forma más vulgar posible para que te rompas la espalda intentando adivinar que coño estás leyendo. Con un poco de suerte la próxima vez que te tomes tu desayuno americano de beicon y huevos te mueras atragantándote en tu propio odio y fanatismo 🙂

    • “America” consists of Central and South America you rube. The majority of the continent speaks Spanish. Obviously you’re too ignorant to realize that many enlisted servicemen and women are not nationalized citizens if the US, many are foreigners that are legal residents.
      It’s because of morons like you that every other nation I the world hated Americans.

      • You’re partly correct in your comments, Rochelle….you just haven’t thought it out. Yes, there are immigrants in our military and you know what? They all speak English! And their dream is to become Americans!

    • There is no “American” language. It’s Americanized English (as opposed to the King’s English in England) and it’s made up of bits and pieces of other languages, which is why it’s one of the toughest languages to master. If you want people to speak the “original” language when they come to the U.S., I hope you are fluent in Apache, Comanche, Sioux, Crow, and a host of other Native American dialects. There is no requirement for people coming to the U.S. to speak a specific language–that is part of the FREEDOM of America, as guaranteed by the Constitution. Suck it up, or get out.

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      I’ve heard of the language English but this is the first time I’ve heard of a language called American. LOL. What a pathetic idiot you are. You sit there and call down others but look at yourself!

  4. This is ridiculous. This is America and we speak English. Don’t like it? Go home!!! This petition actually makes me sick. You’re abused because someone asked you to speak English??? What a joke!!! If you choose to live in our beautiful country, do as all the immigrants have done over the years. Acclimate, learn OUR language, show love and respect for this place you have chosen.

  5. I agree Tamara, this is America and you should speak English! Why in the world I sign a petition like this!!!!!

  6. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This country is almost half Hispanic, people! Wake up to reality. No one should be shamed for speaking their native tongue. That teacher is a racist idiot and should be fired. American is NOT a language.

    • Evan, you haven’t really given this much thought, have you? Here we speak English and our military IS defending the right to speak it. Just think, if we had lost WW2 you would be speaking Japanese or German right now! Hadn’t thought about that? And where can a non-English speaking person get a good job here? Your customers speak what now?? Yeah, you’re right, ENGLISH!!! There was nothing racist about the comment and the teacher was actually doing them a great favor.

  7. “Speak American” Get that fucken nazi out of the classroom. She shouldn’t be teaching kids if she is that stupid.

    • Adriana, if you’re stupid enough to think that an immigrant can come here hoping to become American and make a good living and can’t speak English…what then happens to their dream?

  8. michelle taylor says:


  9. Evelyn Ball says:

    Speak American??? Dumb stupid idiots. It’s English, not American you inbreds.

    • So what’s your point, Evelyn? It’s sort of like the “poisonous snake-venomous snake” argument. We all know what she meant so why are a couple of y’all getting so pissy about it? When we speak in a Southern drawl y’all call it Southern American…not Southern English. Some of y’all speak “Nawthun” or “Yankee” but you’re not considered inbreds now are you? What are you getting your panties in a wad about?

  10. Joyce Robbins says:

    In Europe the children are taught to speak English and their native language. In America, we don’t have a national language because it was blocked by Democrats many times.
    Still, American/English has been the language used since the colonies were established.
    When you go to vote in California, you see posters in a dozen different languages. It’s ridiculous.
    The teacher was not being racist. She made a minor error in the calling our language American.

  11. The best that you fools can do is to bitch to someone that you don’t like their spelling, or that they called it English? Grow a set!!
    We are not in their country, they came here and should act like they want to stay here. Speak your own language at home or when out with your friends. If you don’t like what I say, who cares? Not me, keep your comments to yourself…

  12. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    shes a bit like betsy devos who had little to no education whats so ever.

  13. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    Do speaks in language as you like not what somebody will tell you!
    The English language is not the only language in this world.
    So please, let people have spoken as they have liked!

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