Protect the Colorado River From Big Oil’s Fracking

Target: Michael D. Nedd, Acting Director, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Drop plans to frack land near the Colorado River and protect the waterway from the pollution caused by fracking.

The Colorado River is facing threats of pollution from fracking. If the Trump Administration’s plans to frack more than 27,000 acres of land near the Colorado River go through, it would put more than 40 million people at risk.

Fracking has been shown to cause water pollution. Families in Pennsylvania and the Central Plains have experienced this firsthand, forced to drink water from plastic bottles as their wells become contaminated and their pets and farm animals suffer through illnesses caused by the polluted water. If plans to frack along the Colorado River aren’t stopped, the same will happen in Colorado.

Countless habitats, both on land and in water, will be negatively affected as our nation’s greatest natural resources are exploited for the profit of a few. Sign the petition and demand that the Colorado River be protected from the effects of fracking.


Dear Mr. Nedd,

Plans to frack more than 27,000 acres of land near the Colorado River will put more than 40 million Americans at risk. Both water and land will be contaminated. Both people and animals will fall ill, as has happened in countless towns across the country.

The Colorado River is one of our nation’s greatest natural resources, as well as one of our nation’s most important sources of water. It must be protected, not exploited. I ask that plans to frack along the Colorado River be dropped immediately.


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  1. A.C. Samuel says:

    Greedy mofus without a shred of conscience.

  2. Rosemary Miller says:

    Trump has started destroying the Landmass called America in Alaska by endangering one of the last most Pristine Water-Ways in the World ! The breeding grounds of millions of WILD Sockeye Salmon ! Also on his List is The Grand Canyon itself , his Big Oil Buddy’s want to start drilling there asap ! All the protected National Parks are also on the List to have that protection wiped away !They will be cleared of their plant-life-Trees and Hunters allowed to Hunt down all Wild Life & extinguished forever ! They will be replaced by Oil Drilling Platforms and Trump Hotels & Sky-Scraper Condo’s ! Cement Jungles with the Trump name !

    • Morally bankrupt Trump and his Republican allies only care about making themselves and their rich friends even richer at the expense of our irreplaceable wilderness and at the expense of a healthy environment.

  3. I signed this, but to stop this we need to flood our senators and representatives with email, phone calls and letters stating our opposition to this or they will ignore us, as they always do, because big money is doing exactly that and donating to their re-election coffers too.

  4. Amoral , anti Christian, prostitutes and pimps and whores. All for sale. If they sell off A OUR PUBLIC LANDS…….Doesn’t that mean we all get money??? After all , we’ve been supporting them. We all want our fair share , if they’re selling, they better be mailing out millions of checks.

  5. Jeannette Allan says:

    Vile, mendacious sociopaths, whose bottomless greed is a mindless pit of vested interest that will never be filled. They care nothing for the planet, the irrevocable effects of climate change, the environment , our beautiful pristine wildernesses or our precious wildlife that lives there. Our habitat and national treasures can go to hell. We must stop this rape and pollution of our land and waterways before it’s too late.

  6. Shoulder to shoulder we shall stand
    Fighting for what is our Land!
    Never give up! Never give in!
    By the Will of God, we shall win!

  7. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Pollute all waterways and aquifers, sell Nestle and cadre permits to collect the remaining clean water, and make the public pay for it just so corporations can be happy. Isn’t that what this excuse of an administration is after?

  8. The GOP has been assaulting the environment and wildlife for decades. The demonic sociopath in the White House is just doing it with more intensity because the GOP is in control and his moronic base will swallow any line of BS if they are told it creates jobs. As long as people continue to stupidly vote the GOP into power the environment and wildlife are expendable in the name of greed.

    I wish there were the same kind of worldwide protest against Trump and the GOP like the one the day after the dirtbag was inaugurated. There was/is much anger about health care without realizing that a sick planet is killing us anyway.

  9. The dam ignorant selfish Republicans again. Don’t give a shit about the environment, just line their own pockets. We as citizens and stewards of our beautiful lands must stand up and preserve our heritage.


  11. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no worse than dapl and keystone. abolish pipelines not solar energy.

  12. Michael D. Nedd, Acting Director, Bureau of Land Management:


    Drop plans to frack land near the Colorado River and protect the waterway from the pollution caused by fracking.

    TOO MANY WORDS???????????????

  13. Please protect the Colorado River, WILD LIFE and humans.

  14. We must protect the Colorado River from the Trump administration. Trump and his Republican lackeys put business profits above the health of people and the environment. The Colorado River provides essential drinking water for wildlife and humans. Fracking, drilling, and other commercial interests have no place along the Colorado River.

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