Enforce Maximum Punishment for Animal Cruelty and Murder

Target: The Honorable Gregory E. Grau of the Marathon County Circuit Court

Goal: Ensure that Wisconsin woman receives the harshest punishment possible for brutally abusing, poisoning, and murdering her boyfriend’s dog.

A German Shepherd-Labrador mix dog named Mary was murdered by a 20-year-old Wisconsin woman, Sean D. Janas. Not only was Mary murdered but after going through Janas’ diary, officials discovered records of Janas brutally torturing and abusing the dog for months before her unfortunate death. Her preliminary hearing will be on October 31, 2012. Please make sure that she gets the maximum allowable judicial punishment for her atrocious crimes.

In her diary entries, Janas is explicit about her gruesome actions against the dog. She goes on to say that she force fed Mary bleach, Drano, and prescription pills meant for humans, which Janas explained in her diary to be “so funny” to her. There was an instance when a neighbor saw the dog roaming on the streets with a huge gash on her head. When taken to the hospital, the veterinarian stated that the gash only could’ve happened if the dog was running toward a metal object at 40 mph. Later, officials found out that Janas had been slitting the dog’s throat as well as other torturous actions.

The dog was vomiting for the entire week before her death. No one, not even Janas’ boyfriend, who owned the dog, knew what was going on. They simply believed the dog was sick. Janas continued to write in her diary, “I need to find a way to kill her without it looking like I killed her. I have never hated an animal so much in my life, much less hate one or beat one. But the pleasure I get from watching her whimper in pain and cry out for help as I shove Drano and bleach down her throat is like no other.”

Currently, if she is successfully convicted of all charges brought before her, she stands to face up to 5 years in prison and $30,000 in fines. With all the abuse and torture that Mary endured for months leading up to her horrific death, Janas should receive the harshest punishment for her premeditated actions. Wisconsin needs to strengthen their laws against animal cruelty and make sure dogs like Mary never have to experience such atrocities ever again.


Dear Honorable Gregory E. Grau of the Marathon County Circuit Court:

Sean D. Janas committed violent premeditated crimes against a helpless living being for months before she brutally murdered her. Actions like these should not be taken lightly because the living being isn’t a human. Mary was a dog—an intelligent dog who can not only think but feel pain like any other person. Please do not let Janas get away easily from her grotesque crimes. Mary, as well as other dogs that have faced such atrocities, need justice so that these criminal acts of violence will never happen again.

The entire story of Janas and Mary is disturbing but the most troubling aspect is the documentation of Janas’ cruel treatment of Mary. She seems to relish in the dog’s pain and anguish as she states that it is “so funny” and she enjoys “watching her whimper in pain and cry out for her help as [she] [shoves] Drano and bleach down her throat.”

For months, poor Mary had to endure all these violent acts without being able to communicate to anyone. It is time for us to defend our vulnerable, weak, and helpless. No individual should be able to take an animal’s right to live happy and healthy lives. Please ensure that Janas receives the harshest punishment possible. Her trial can set an example for all future hearings and hopefully it will show monsters like Janas that animal cruelty and murder will not be taken lightly in the face of justice and law.


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Photo credit: Stacy Cole via Facebook

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  1. “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” – Gandhi

    “Life without parole” is also a human rights abuse, especially for young people. After about 3 years, you’re just warehousing a different person. Especially if her behavior resulted from a treatable condition, like a temporal lobe brain tumor, which can cause scary bizarre violence.

  2. I say for this piece of shit pour bleach and drano down her throat and watch her suffer slowly
    I hate hate animal abusers

    I hope this monster burns in hell

  3. Mahatma Gandhi: “I think it would be a good idea.” when asked by a reporter for his opinion of Western civilization.

  4. Janas is mentally deficient — she’s a moron idiot. Janas should be held accountable for her cruel and unconscionable torture of sweet, innocent Mary. Janas deserves the death penalty!

  5. Mentally deficiency (for reasons of youth, idiocy, whatever) exempts someone from the death penalty. So, many of you all are safe.

    • Hi Mooo. I understand the behaving as a Christian should and I agree with it. My knee jerk reaction is to want to do the same to her. Most of us would feel guilty for doing this to her. Unlike her. She had no conscience about doing this to a dog. What kind of person delights in doing this to a pet?

      • Vada Neeley says:

        Well I respect your opinon Mooo, and yours as well, however i can tell you without a DOUBT that I would have no problem whatsoever kickin her ass GOOD and for a long time. Looking back on history and the way society is today..makes me think the whole world is just crazy. I know everyone doesnt abuse animals, although you can hardly go a day without reading about someone killing an animal cruelly and if not that, then they’re killing their kids. Our society is diseased and yet our laws are like a slap on the wrist..a horse in WV was strangled to DEATH with a rope by two teenage boys. Back in the day, horse THIEVERY was punishable by hanging, but these horrible twisted kids will get “counseling ” and possibly a fine. Even Australia has stronger laws than any of our states..it’s a shame that we all just look at it and shake our heads, when i’m sorry and mean no disrespect but we should be shaking our FISTS instead. Blind world or not, they would soon learn from me exactly what they inflicted on that animal felt like.

  6. Janice Sprow Janice Sprow says:

    Don’t worry so much Mooo Most of us are jsut venting our anger—-because as far as the saddness “tears are not enough” Most people would not really actually do the things to her even if she does deserve it— and it is amute point anyway because she will not be tortured or get the death penalty— but I hope even you signed the pettition to give her the max penalty of 5 years.

    I will keep on praying that good people will do they they can to stand up against evil— and that torture of children and animals will become a felony with stronger sentences.

    ” All that is needed for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” (sorry I forgot who said it)

  7. Charles Gaskill says:

    So, does anyone know what happened at the preliminary hearing? It was supposed to be on 31 OCT. 2012.

  8. Gena Metcalf says:

    This monster deserves no mercy.

  9. pena di morte…indubbiamente

  10. Charles Gaskill says:

    Still no answer to my quarry about what happened at the preliminary hearing?

  11. Sharon beller says:

    Justo k her away so society is safe for awhile. Certain segments of population are born without morals. 1 on 100 are sociopaths. This isn’t the last you will be hearing from her

  12. This person obsivously has mental issues. She needs to be in an hosipital for the criminaly insane. No sane person can have those thoughts.

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