Tell Congressman to Stop Encouraging Animal Cruelty

Target: U.S. Congressman Steve King

Goal: Withdraw amendment that allows continued appalling mistreatment of animals

In 2008, California voters passed a landmark proposition that mandated less confining cages for farm animals. Congressman Steve King from Iowa did not like that these requirements extended outside of California’s borders, so he added an amendment to stop its enforcement. Tell Congressman Steve King to stop stepping on state’s rights and to stop encouraging animal cruelty in the marketplace.

Californians had had enough of the cruel and inhumane conditions that caged farm animals were being subjected to. Calves, pigs and hens were cramped in tiny cages, defecating on themselves and other animals. Animals would get sores and injuries from constant contact with the cage, and countless numbers would get diseases or die from these deplorable conditions.

Californians passed a Proposition, which required that calves raised for veal, egg-laying hens and pregnant pigs be confined only in ways that allowed them to fully extend their limbs, stand up, lie down, and turn around freely. They would also extend this requirement to eggs from out-of-state hens.

Congressman Steve King did not like that his state might have to treat animals humanely, so he attached an amendment to a House bill in a midnight vote. This amendment would prevent California from requiring out of state producers and farmers to adhere to the more humane cage standards. Backed by agribusiness and his state’s chicken farmers, Congressman King decided that his special interests trumped the will of the California voters.

Stepping on a state’s rights, as well as the rights of animals, Congressman King unilaterally decided that he should decide how California handles their commerce, not California.

Please sign the petition urging Congressman King to withdraw his amendment or to vote against  the bill and to stop trampling on a state’s right to govern itself.


Dear Congressman Steve King,

As a congressman of the United States, you not only have a duty to your Iowan constituents, but to Americans in every state. Your decision to ignore the will of Californian voters with your recent amendment to the 2012 House Farm Bill is arrogant and offensive. Supporting the continuing use of small confining cages is reprehensible for any government official that represents the American people.

Your website states that your amendment to the House Farm Bill blocks states from requiring free range eggs, but California’s Proposition 2 never required that eggs from out of state be free range anyways. Proposition 2 would only require that cages be larger so that the animals wouldn’t be in such cramped quarters, thus preventing injury, disease and premature death. This is something that would benefit everyone including consumers, the farmers, and the animals. Please tell the public the truth and do not change the facts to whatever you like.

We live in the 21st Century and shouldn’t still be discussing how to treat animals humanely in a civilized country anymore. It should be the standard, and not the exception to minimize disease, death, and abuse when it comes to housing farm animals. Please reconsider your position on the amendment you added to H.R. 6083, which essentially bans California’s requirement of humane cages for all eggs imported into California. Thank you for your time.


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  1. Amitav Dash says:

    Steve King is a well-known sociopath who supports and promotes animal abuse for fun and profit.

  2. Is this the food you want to eat?

  3. promoting violence….idiot-steve king….

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