Stop Fans From Throwing Octopuses at Hockey Games

Target: Ken Holland, General Manager of the Detroit Red Wings

Goal: Prohibit fans from throwing octopuses as part of a tradition at Red Wings games.

As part of a 70-year-old sports tradition, die-hard Red Wings fans have thrown octopuses — some live, some dead — onto the rink after their team has scored a goal. With a new hockey season underway, PETA and others are urging the owners of the Detroit-based team to put an end to this cruel and inhumane practice. There is no good reason to throw an innocent animal, such as an octopus, and we must send a message that this can no longer be accepted at games.

While throwing any material, including a living or deceased octopus, onto an ice rink is considered illegal and is subject to a $500 fine for littering under Detroit law, this has done nothing to stop committed fans from tossing the creatures in the past. More must be done to deter this behavior and keep fans from getting into the arena with the creatures in the first place.

Octopus are intelligent, sensitive creatures that deserve better than to be subjected to this cruel fate. Sign this petition to demand that the owners of the Detroit Red Wings take this issue seriously and eject or severely fine any fan found with octopuses at their games.


Dear Mr. Holland,

With the start of a new season comes the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. That is why I am hopeful that you will stand with PETA and other animal rights organizations and commit to putting an end to a sickening and cruel tradition a number of fans of your team have taken part in for the past 70 years. The practice of throwing octopuses onto the rink after a goal is scored is wasteful and undignified to these creatures when they are already deceased, and is unthinkably barbaric when it involves living animals.

Please do what you can to ensure that fans are no longer able to throw octopuses at your games for any reason. We urge you to severely fine or eject anyone who enters the arena with the intent to throw an octopus or any other animal.


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  1. christina mehrl says:

    Everyday I hate human more and more

  2. Diane Petrillo Diane Petrillo says:

    Wow, every petition is sicker than the one before! Who are these psychos and why??? The barbarism here is insane and needs to stop. My mind is blown

  3. I can’t believe this!! This behaviour cannot and must not be called a ‘tradition’ – that is insulting to other noble time-honoured animal-friendly traditions around the world. This is cruel, evil and unnecessary. Why hasn’t it benn stopped already?? Who benefits from it??

  4. From the White House down, the US is deteriorating. Instead of leading the world in humanitarian and environmental protection, the US permits mentally deranged morons who torture animals to get away with it because it is “tradition.” I condemn fans who passively watch and do not speak out and I hope the owner who lets it happen rots in hell. What are the players doing? Why don’t they get involved? I’m sick of seeing PR stories about pro athletes supposedly helping their communities. Until they step up and stop tolerating the brutality of those assholes, they are every bit as rotten as the scum who do it. The players, the fans and the owner are all simple minded cowards.


  6. This is the problem with mob mentality – all cater to the lowest common denominator of intelligence! These people are idiots. Octopus are highly intelligent animals and these people, the teams, the organizers, and everyone else associated with this event should be charged with animal cruelty, abuse and torture. These animals should be protected by animal abuse laws and if laws don’t exist, they should be implemented and enforced!

  7. What the hell is WRONG with people to do this insane thing to a live animal that has no power to protest or defend itself! These people should be jailed & heavily fined. We need laws world wide to protect all animals from human stupidity & abuse.

  8. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    octopuses live in seas not on land.

  9. Octopi will forever be thrown at Redwings games! Screw all of you who don’t like it. There’s nothing you can do about it lol. LETS GO REDWINGS!

    • Catherine Rehe says:

      Let’s throw you on the ice before all the sea creatures to cheer as you writh and die from drowning, out of your element.

    • Alec, you are a mindless cretin. I hope the Redwings have a great big losing season since they have jerks like you as their fans.

    • Kathy Khoshfahm says:

      Alec you should be permanently removed from the gene pool. Better yet, why don’t you just do us all a favor and kill yourself…

  10. sheila menache says:

    This is horrendous – what the hell do these idiots think they are doing – for goodness sake – thees are live creatures and deserve to be treated with respect. Try hurling themselves on the field and see how they feel

  11. OMG REALLY just how depraved can you get

  12. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Everything is getting out of hand. What a low life thing to do.
    Why throw live animals? What’s the point in this. Why make another creature suffer such senseless pain. Maybe one day those so called fans will get theirs. The rest could speak up.
    Too bad somebody doesn’t wait for them outside the stadium.

  13. Throwing octopus onto an ice rink is deliberately cruel. It’s insane too. This behavior by a bunch of lowlife cretins must stop permanently. These lowlifes must be convicted of intentional animal cruelty.

  14. Stop this barbaric atrocity to octopuses NOW!

  15. Nena Miller says:

    Why in the he’ll would people with live (or dead) creatures be allowed in a sports venue? This is absolutely disgusting..then what they thrown them in a trash bin to languish and die?

  16. Stop this shit now bastards

  17. Are you kidding me? Can Detroit get any lower? What the hell is wrong with Michigan? You all are a bunch of cowards and disgusting excuses for human beings! Get a life all!

  18. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Ken – WTF man? I can’t believe that a professional Hockey Team engages in this kind of violence against the Animal Kingdom, whom by the way, are citizens of this Earth too. Unfreaking believable. Stop it now Ken. Surely your hockey team can find some other form of entertainment for God sakes…

  19. Nature treats back now Monsters
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth
    Higher Justice works now

  20. Are we that screwed up?!

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