Ban Dangerous Gun Accessories That Increase Rate of Fire

Target: Thomas E. Brandon, Deputy Director of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Goal: Endorse a ban on bump stocks, which can increase the rate of fire of weapons to increasingly dangerous levels.

Alleged killer Stephen Paddock gunned down 59 people in Las Vegas using a special device that turned his firearms into virtual automatic weapons, according to authorities. So-called bump stocks were allegedly found among Paddock’s arsenal in a room in the Mandalay Bay Resort, prompting renewed calls for a ban on such devices. Bump stocks can be attached to semi-automatic rifles, and increase the potential rate of fire by using recoil to bump the trigger back to the gunperson’s finger. This makes it possible to fire a legally-owned semi-automatic rifle much like a fully automatic weapon.

While automatic weapons are subject to much tougher restrictions than other firearms, bump stocks are perfectly legal, and can be purchased for as little as $50.

“Bump fire stocks, while simulating automatic fire, do not actually alter the firearm to fire automatically, making them legal under current federal law,” Jill A. Snyder, an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told Bloomberg.

This has led critics to label bump stocks a “loophole,” allowing ordinary gun owners to obtain something close to an automatic weapon. If you agree this loophole should be closed, sign this petition demanding a ban on bump stocks.


Dear Mr Brandon,

Critics argue bump stocks are little more than a loophole for gun owners wanting to obtain something close to an automatic weapon. While automatic weapons are subject to tough restrictions, bump stocks can be easily purchased in much of the country for as little as $50. These devices can be used to allow a semi-automatic weapon to fire at a similar rate to an automatic firearm, and were allegedly used by accused killer Stephen Paddock. Nobody needs a virtual automatic weapon, and it’s time to ban bump stocks.


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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    There is absolutely NO need for ANYBODY to have possession of these types of weapons outside of a militarized war zone. End of story!


  3. Automatic weapons are illegal, these bumpstocks fell threw the cracks.

    • Okay guys, please take a deep breath of air and calm down so that you can understand…a bump stock does not make a firearm fully automatic. It does increase the rate of fire easily at the cost of accuracy. Having spent over twenty years in the Pineland Defense Force ( which is a civilian group acting as cadre for the 3rd Special Forces Training Group based at Camp Mackall, N.C. ) I know several guys that can fire as fast as a bump stock can. While full auto firearms are much faster and much more accurate the bump stock is fun to play with when shooting blanks. Marsha–automatic weapons are NOT illegal…just extremely regulated and extremely expensive and bump stocks don’t make semi-auto’s into full automatic.. Gen–of course the world still has guns…the United States has, by best estimates, about two firearms for every person in the country. If that were a problem, believe me, you would know about it. Robert–these firearms would be useless in a military conflict because they are not accurate and not as fast as military weapons. Justin–just what ideas have you got for making major changes? I must admit that I get a little irritated that you all want law abiding Americans to give up a Constitutional right but you refuse to ban alcohol…which kills many more thousands of people every year in this country. And right now, as bad as this crime was, you guys are totally ignoring that the thugs in Chicago kill as many people every month of the year.

  4. How many innocent people must die before major changes are undertaken?
    How quickly would this law be enforced if all where considered “socially important” people?

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