Condemn Egyptian Teacher Who Cut Female Students’ Hair for Not Wearing Headscarves

Target: Mohamed Morsi, Egyptian President

Goal: Punish teacher who forcibly cut the hair of two non-Muslim girls simply because they were not wearing headscarves and take steps to protect religious minorities from abuse

Recently,  two 12-year-old Egyptian students had their hair forcibly cut by their teacher because the two girls were not wearing Muslim headscarves in class. The incident took place in the southern province of Luxor. So far the governor of Luxor province has called the teacher’s actions “shameful” and the teacher has allegedly been transferred to another school. One of the girls’ fathers filed a formal complaint with the prosecutor’s office in Luxor and the investigation into the incident is ongoing, however, incidents like these have been on the rise in Egypt since the sweeping election victory last year by the Muslim Brotherhood. Help send a message to the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi that he must ensure the rights and freedoms of all his citizens, especially those belonging to minority religions.

According to Berbesh Khairi El-Rawi, one of the girls’ fathers, the teacher–her name is Eman Abu Bakar–first made the two girls stand with their hands held over their heads for two hours. Bakar says she ‘warned’ the girls repeatedly to cover their heads and after they ignored her, Bakar claims another student handed the teacher a pair of scissors and another student implored her to take action. Bakar claims she only cut approximately two centimeters of the girls’ hair. Clearly, the length of hair isn’t the issue, but the public humiliation and even physical abuse these girls endured at the hand of a teacher is deeply alarming. A representative from the Cairo Institute for Human Rights commented on the incident saying “Whether in schools or outside schools, the general sentiment is that any abusive action, if it is justified as a protection of Islam, is tolerable.”

Egypt, like much of the Middle East, has endured great political and social turmoil in the past year-and-a-half during what has been dubbed the Arab Spring. With the majority of these nations overwhelmingly Muslim in their religious demography it is only natural that when a new government or regime comes into power that people seek to implement policies that enforce what they believe is just in accordance with their beliefs. What is not acceptable, however, is when the rights and liberties of the minorities are not protected. Help us raise a voice that will reach the Egyptian president and urge him and those in power to make sure that in these still formative days of their new regime that they don’t neglect to ensure that all Egyptians are free to conduct themselves as they like, so long as they don’t harm or infringe on anyone else.


Dear President Morsi,

As concerned global citizens, we were shocked to hear of the teacher who cut the hair of two young Egyptian girls simply because they were not wearing headscarves. We understand that the teacher has already been transferred and there is currently an ongoing investigation being carried out, however, a message needs to be sent by you that will communicate to your citizens that abusing and bullying of minority religious groups will not be tolerated under your regime. As you know, Egypt has many non-Muslims that have long called Egypt their home, but that will not continue if people are threatened, in schools and everywhere, because they do not adhere to Muslim customs.

We ask you now to publicly stand behind your minority religious groups and send a strong message to your Muslim community that this sort of abuse toward non-Muslims will not be tolerated. Diversity and tolerance go hand in hand, and if you remove one the other will disappear in turn. Please don’t let this opportunity go by without seizing the chance to make the climate in your country more tolerable of those who aren’t Muslims. Those citizens needs someone to protect their rights and ensure they will not be forgotten; they are looking for you to help them. We implore you, President Morsi, to please do so.


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  1. surjit.kaila says:

    When will these people learn how to deal with Children? Teacher must be promenaded

  2. Tolerance for all people.
    Religion does not promote violence, people do.

    • When sects of a religion such as the radical muslims who want jihad, well, they use their religion as the reason they want to kill. Yes, the people are promoting it, but they use their religion to further their cause and to recruit new radicals.

  3. Another example of why we must be diligent in the U.S. and make sure sharia law does not gain a toe hold. Look at the violence towards Christians in Deerborne, Michigan. God help us all.

    • Robert Carr Robert Carr says:

      Violence towrsd Christians in Dearbrne, Mich?

      I haven’t heard. Can you supply a news item URL?

      • This is a link to watch a video of what happened, some of what happened. The national news media will not show this, they are, apparently, bought and paid for and not allowed to publicize this barbaric behavior. I will search and try to find more info to post on here that will give you more information on this. You can do a search on muslims in Dearborne, Michigan. Another place, Murfreesboro, Tennesee, also has issues with muslims, though, as far as I know there has been no violence from the muslims there, yet, and hope there never is, but history and events tell me peace between the muslims and Christians there may not last. I will post more links, I want to try to find ones that are concise and to the point. I urge you to watch the above video link at the top of this message. The raw hate of these muslims toward the Christians, happening right here in our country, SHOULD be plastered all over national news, but it isn’t, and that is disturbing at the least. Be well.

    • Robert Carr Robert Carr says:

      Violence towards Christians in Dearborne, Mich?

      I haven’t heard. Can you supply a news item URL?

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