Stop Trump From Raising Taxes On Middle Class While Cutting His Own Taxes

Target: Paul Ryan, United States House Speaker

Goal: Stop President Trump from putting unfair tax plan into action.

President Trump’s tax plan benefits the wealthy 1 percent above everyone else. Despite Trump’s claims that he would not favor the rich, taxes on middle and low income families will in many cases actually increase. The rich, who have benefited the most from the American system, will be given the biggest tax cut, including the president himself.

This is beyond unacceptable. Donald Trump’s lack of concern for the well-being of the working class is made apparent in this plan that makes the rich richer by taking food from the mouths of those who truly need it. This plan is biased towards big businesses and corporations, and it is a disgrace.

We cannot allow this plan to go through. The rich must not become richer at the expense of the working class. Sign this petition to demand Trump’s self-interested, biased and unfair tax plan be stopped before it goes through.


Dear House Speaker Ryan,

President Trump’s tax plan is biased towards the richest 1 percent in the country, giving them the largest cuts at the expense of the working class. Trump has touted this plan as “a historically large tax cut for the middle class and a tax increase for the highest-income households,” when it is in fact the complete opposite. The rich will get richer, and the working class will continue to suffer.

Do not move forward with Trump’s plan. It is not in the people’s best interest and it clearly exposes Trump’s lies and self-dealing. Support the working class by opposing this corrupt tax plan.


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  1. Just disgusting! No brains whatsoever! Incompetent!

  2. Raleigh koritz says:

    Do the Right thing! Stand up for the Middle Class, and NOT your Rich Friends!

  3. Wendy Morrison says:

    TAX THE RICH PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY CAN AFFORD IT! TRUMP will never be fair to anyone else for the rich people which is ABSOLUTELY NOT FAIR!!!!!

    • David Hardingham says:

      The rich have been manipulating the tax code for well over 50 years to pay as little as they could and did very well at it. back in the day when the rich got charged properly they did massive thing for public good for example on long island the Vanderbilt build the Vanderbilt parkway used it as a drive race track for a few years and the donated to the state for a huge tax right off also and during that time we had great health care and lovely office building we worked in due to the fact the ricjh could drop a tax bracket

  4. “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have” Socrates

  5. Charlotte Rogers says:

    Stand up for middle class Americans, please. Please keep pre-existing health care coverage in the Republican plan? What happened to the Republican health care plan. I thought we would have a wider market to choose from thus lowering the premiums through competition. Why do companies make us wait a year or have severely reduced coverage for pre-existing conditions. I don’t like not do I think that health care should be linked to our income taxes. We have many rights and freedoms and the tentalicles of socialism are strangling our Constitutional rights. Please help us, Mr. Ryan. Thank you.

  6. Heather Brophy says:

    Soon Ignorant, Lying tRump and staff will be sinking in their polluted swamp and the followers will be bringing up the rear literally, then the U.S. will be great again!

  7. This is a fake petition…no truth in it. Trump is helping all people with taxes. Media lies and you believe it sadly. The first 12,000 dollars is not taxed and if married the first 24,000 dollars and more. God bless Trump!

    • Heather Brophy says:

      Shasha, if you can read more than two sentences go to the W.H. site and read the tax plan then take your ignorant self back into your polluted swamp!

    • Shasha – either you are not reading the details of the plan or you are being paid to write such ignorant posts. Please educate yourself either way. Life is too short to live in such ignorance…

  8. The tax “reform” proposals currently being floated are an insult to the intelligence of all Americans. They would hurt not only the poor but also the middle and even upper-middle class, while at the same time savagely slashing sorely needed programs, and creating enormous deficits under which our society would suffer for decades to come- and why???? To enrich Mr. Trump and his already filthy-rich oligarch cronies. This is shocking and disgusting, and it is a page straight out of Putin’s Russia. I REPEAT: THE INSTANT REPUBLICAN PROPOSALS FOR A TAX OVERHAUL ARE A GRIEVOUS INSULT TO ALL AMERICANS’ INTELLIGENCE. THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A THINLY-VEILED MASSIVE HEIST OF OUR ECONOMY AND OUR SOCIETY BY A BUNCH OF FILTHY-RICH CROOKS- MR. TRUMP CHIEF AMONG THEM. THEY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO MOVE FORWARD. AT THE SAME TIME, IT IS HIGH TIME THAT MR. TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS ARE RELEASED AS A MATTER OF URGENCY, BEFORE ANY TAX REFORM PROPOSALS ARE CONSIDERED, SO THAT AMERICANS CAN SEE EXACTLY HOW AND BY HOW MUCH HE AND HIS FAMILY WOULD FINANCIALLY BENEFIT FROM HIS RADICAL PROPOSALS TO TRANSFER PUBLIC RESOURCES TO HIS OWN PRIVATE ACCOUNTS ON A MASSIVE SCALE.

  9. Trump is incompetent,lazy,crooked and above all else, a psycopathic liar. He has done nothing for anyone but the very rich. He is supported by the GOP that has for years led the assault on the environment, voting rights and the right to affordable and good medical care. The right wing gun crackpots and the other idiots who continue to support Trump are either of the same mentality or too stupid to have the privilege of voting.

  10. Andrew Davis says:

    Trump, needs to be Stopped…One Way or Another!

  11. Paulette Mirfield says:

    I was here for Reagan’s original ‘trickle down’ theory and I sure got trickled on! The wealthy took that money they saved and shoved it into their pockets. The only trickle the rest of us received was change that fell out if their pockets.

  12. This cannot possibly come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying any attention. +Rump has lived his life in a sheltered, protective bubble and has no concept of what the real world is like for the rest of the country or how his actions and inactions affect anyone but himself and his own finances. He has no sense of what being a true leader is – it doesn’t mean bully, belittle and intimidate others into compliance. Nor does it mean trying to incite others to bully, belittle and intimidate others who do not bend to your will. Leading is to know, understand and be empathetic to those you lead and to do the fair, right thing that is best for the majority, not that which will benefit most wealthy 1%. +Rump has no business being POTUS; he has no real plan, no real vision or strategy, he is erratic in temperament and decision-making, most likely mentally unstable, definitely emotionally immature, he calls anyone who disagrees with him a liar or “fake new” maker, he will go down in history as the biggest joke of a national leader there ever was, and rightfully so!

  13. The Rev Charles H Hensel says:

    Mr T you have no shame.

  14. adriana rojas says:

    Sasha your just as stupid as Trump is.

  15. #TRUMP
    You amaze me!!! And I’m beyond embarrassed for America with you being our President!!!
    How can you want to help the people with money??!!

  16. Voters, make wiser choices!

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