Ban the Sale of Dogs and Cats at Flea Markets in Mississippi

Target: Dewey Phillip Bryant, Governor of Mississippi

Goal: Ban the sale of dogs and cats at flea markets to help stop puppy mills

Puppy mills, which are human run operations that aim to reproduce and sell as many puppies as possible, are horrific and disgusting. The sole purpose of a puppy mill is to constantly breed puppies until the female dogs can no longer reproduce. These puppies are kept in extremely filthy conditions  before they are sold. One of the most common places to sell these puppies is at flea markets because there are very little regulations that protect these animals.

Flea markets must not allow people to sell puppies and kittens because these animals most likely come from animal mills, which are illegal and abusive operations. Oftentimes, the flea markets in the southern U.S., particularly in Mississippi, will have pets for sale since there is no regulation on the sale of animals. Recently, animal bills in Louisiana were passed for the protection of these innocent puppies and kittens from being sold at such markets and now, Mississippi must be as progressive and pass animal laws as well.

By banning the sale of pets at flea markets, people who run puppy mills will have one less outlet to sell to. This will help the hard and long fight against puppy mills. Puppy mills are so horrid because the animals are never tended to or loved. Female dogs are murdered after they can no longer have puppies because it costs too much to care for them and they are a lot harder to sell.

On top of that, the people who run these disgusting mills do not even try to care for these innocent animals. While these dogs are pregnant, they are barely fed and their water sources are filled with dead insects and feces.

The puppies all live in cages that are stacked on top of one another so that feces and urine leak through each puppy’s cage freely. In addition, some of the puppies are forced to live with one another in small confinements if there is no room for them. Their food and water sources are also extremely dirty and oftentimes contaminated with cockroaches, insects, and bodily fluids.

By making the sale of dogs and cats illegal at flea markets, more and more puppies may be saved. Demand that Mississippi pass an animal protection bill to put an end to these horrific practices.


Dear Governor Bryant,

You must aim to stop the sales of dogs and cats at flea markets because these animals most likely come from nearby animal mills, where they are severely abused and mistreated. Female dogs are bred until they can no longer reproduce, and then they are murdered because it becomes too expensive to care for them.

Their puppies are kept in the most disgusting conditions. They are forced to live in their own and other dogs’ feces and urine in a small cage that gives them very little room to move. Some of these dogs develop diseases and other conditions from the filthy environment. By taking the flea market source away from these puppy mill owners, it may bring us closer to putting an end to this horrid operation. Pass a bill to help end the sales of puppies and cats at flea markets.


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  1. Just awful!!!

  2. Terry Morris Terry Morris says:

    This is why puppy mills still exist (at least one of the reasons) help these puppies and parents that don’t have a voice!

  3. Just busted another one in Sylvania, GA. Horrible Horrible conditions!!

    • Thank you so much Beverly, Rock On. Working on it here in Colorado too.. God Bless you and all that have been with you now and forever more! We will stand on the highest mountains and scream and then go to war with the government for not doing their jobs in finding these mills. One by One, they will be shut down and burned to the ground and the puppies and all others will be free to go and have a REAL life with people who love them.

  4. Isso e terrivel,e monstruoso.temos que continuar lutando e precionando os governos de todos os paises.

  5. do you mean to stop all breeders ??? I sell at flea markets NOT ANIMALS!!! but the ones I know that sell dogs take care of the dogs.and they want them sold before they are two mouths old.go after the ones that mistreat the dogs and there is some maybe many out there.but leave the good people alone!!!!

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