Facebook: Don’t Give Trump Our Passwords

Target: Mark Zuckerberg, Chairperson and CEO of Facebook

Goal: Refuse to hand over private information of thousands of activists to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The U.S. Department of Justice has demanded Facebook provide private account information of social media users critical of the Trump administration.

CNN has stated it has obtained court documents showing the department is targeting critics of President Donald Trump, potentially in the thousands. Three activists in particular are highlighted in the documents. These individuals have been described by their lawyers as “anti-administration activists who have spoken out at organized events, and who are generally very critical of this administration’s policies.”

In court filings, one activist, Emmelia Talarico, was quoted as stating administration officials would have access to her “personal passwords, security questions and answers, and credit card information” and “the private lists of invitees and attendees to multiple political events sponsored by the page.”

The American Civil Liberties Union has demanded the warrants be dumped. “What is particularly chilling about these warrants is that anti-administration political activists are going to have their political associations and views scrutinized by the very administration they are protesting,” ACLU attorney Scott Michelman stated.

If you agree the government has no place sweeping up the private data of Trump critics, sign this petition calling on Facebook to protect the privacy of its users.


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

The Department of Justice has every right to investigate serious crimes, but it has no business vacuuming up the private information of citizens who happen to be critical of the current administration. However, that’s exactly what they appear to be trying to do right now, with a warrant that could force Facebook to reveal the private data of potentially thousands of users.

We call on you to refuse to comply with any warrant that appears to target users primarily based on their political activism, commentary or personal opinions. The DOJ shouldn’t be in the business of acting like thought police, and Facebook must take a stand.


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  1. NancyBrighteyes says:

    My passwords are none of his business , we like in America , Land of the free and the brave , Freedom of Speech , what i say is my business , i do not threaton anyone , so stay the F××k off my page

    • I don’t live in USA but I agree with you – he should be worried about terrorists not ordinary folk, not everyone in UK thinks he’s that great- when is he going to get time anyway? Should be running the country not nosing about

  2. michelle taylor says:

    Trump is a dangerous moronic nosy bastard.He has no right to gain access to peoples passwords.

  3. Alicia Becerril Alicia Becerril says:

    FYI, i tried to share this post on Facebook and it won’t let me post it….? I wonder why…

  4. This sounds like Hitler:2017- the Trump year

  5. Selena Brooks says:

    HE is the modern HILTER, KKK and for damn sure a RACIST ass man.
    This DOTARD really has some some FUC*KING NERVE!

    ALL of Congress/Senate needs to start the IMPEACHMENT process already for this incompetent idiot destroying this country. You people in office were put in office by the American People and you work for the American People and for damn sure need to listen to the American People!


  6. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    do not let anybody give trump the passwords. never share passwords with anybody. stop hacking. none of your beeswax mr facebook. shutdown facebook right now!!!

  7. I agree with all the above statements! Facebook you have been censoring petitions having anything to do with the government or corporations for a very longtime! Do not give Trump our passwords! It’s none of his business, or for that matter yours! Do you not have any respect for the privacy?! I highly doubt it! Facebook this is WRONG! Think before you take any action, or you might be very sorry one day, when all your accounts are closed by our government, orTrump!

  8. Also tried to share on Facebook, and I do know why! Not too surprised!

  9. Trump this, Trump that. Trump doesn’t want your passwords; the Dept of Justice does, and it doesn’t want everybody’s password–only those who’ve openly threatened to carry out violence if their demands aren’t met. I don’t ever remember petitions invoking Bush or Obama’s name for something done by another gov’t dept.

  10. One more reason I don’t have Facebook. I don’t need social media, nor do I need for people to know who I am or what I’m doing. I have enough friends, and I don’t need to be liked. What I don’t have is enough time, and not being on FB saves me a lot of time.

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