Support Gang Rape Victim’s Return to School After Expulsion

Target: Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection Arist Merdeka Sirait

Goal: Reevaluate the policies of a school that expelled and humiliated a student who was gang raped and ensure that victims of sexual assault are not treated like criminals at their own schools.

Last week Budi Utomo Junior High, a private school just outside of Jakarta, Indonesia, expelled a fourteen-year-old gang rape victim for damaging the school’s image. Before being expelled, the student returned to school and found only disdain and ridicule in a place where every student should feel protected. After being kidnapped for a week and raped by multiple men, the student came back to school after a month and was humiliated during a flag-hoisting ceremony when it was announced, in front of her peers, that she was being expelled for tarnishing the school’s image.

It has been reported that the student was lured into a human trafficking group via Facebook when she met up with a man and was kidnapped. Her kidnapping lasted a week and she was raped by multiple men, often times drunk, throughout the week, and was threatened to be killed and even sold. It was only after the media caught wind and relentlessly covered the story that the girl was dropped off at the airport.

It was again the media who aided in the reversal of the schools decision to expel the student for tarnishing the schools image. They, along with the Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection, Arist Merdeka Sirait, created such an objection to the expulsion, that the school had no choice but to reverse its decision. The Chairman even wrote letters to the school’s management and is also planning to write a letter to the education ministry asking them to review the school’s license.

As of the time of the expulsion reversal the student has yet to return to school. After the emotional trauma of a rape and kidnapping and the subsequent humiliation at her school, the timing could not be better to show our support for this student’s return to normalcy and attempt to begin to heal from this ordeal and for the Chairman’s decision to stand by this student and see that the proper acts of justice are taken to ensure higher standards for not only this particular student, but if any student in the future should have to deal this horrific situation.

Please sign the petition below showing not only your support for this student’s return to school, but also in supporting Arist Merdeka Sirait’s efforts to demand a review of the schools license and ultimately ensure that if anything like this should happen in the future it will be handled with a more delicate and supportive nature, treating the student like a victim of a horrific crime, and not a criminal.


Dear Arist Merdeka Sirait, Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection,

It is outrageous to hear of a fourteen year-old girl being expelled for being a victim of rape. A rape situation in and of itself is more than anyone should have to deal with, especially at such a young age, but to not obtain the support of her school, the one place where she should feel safe, is atrocious. Schools should never be allowed to humiliate their students under any circumstances.

At a time when a child’s biggest worry should be an upcoming test, and not overcoming a rape that will forever stay with her, it is necessary to not only show the student support in returning to the school that made her feel even more ashamed, but to hold the school responsible for its actions.

Please continue your efforts to help this poor student, whose childhood has already been so cruelly taken from her. I applaud your letter of protest to the schools management and would like to support your attempts to hold the school accountable, and to contact the education ministry asking them to review the school’s license, and ensure a situation like this is no longer allowed to happen.


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  1. TRUDY NICKOLS says:


  2. How dare you punish the victim of a brutal attack! Do you not understand this girl was tortured by what happened to her? You are as bad as the ones who attacked her! May God have mercy on your souls!

  3. This is what is done to women all over the Muslim world- and the men are not prosecuted-it’s bad in other areas too but really bad there- women are treated like crap and made into sex slaves and victims – so sick of the male world and it’s crap – enough already- no mention of prosecuting these men and treating this girl for her trauma- screw these bastards

  4. Victoria Ernst says:


  5. lisa ferguson says:

    I think that rape is one of the worst crimes perpetrated against women and needs to be outlawed, the rape victim is demeaned for the remainder of their life in many instances, to me men who are the perpetrators of rape are not real human beings and are the worlds lowest life form

  6. this lite girl should be allowed to go back to school without been discriminated against
    and the men catch a made accountable for there crime
    thank god I live in a country
    that punishes rapist

  7. They just did the same in Haryana, India. The girl was brutally gang raped and then she and her younger sisters were all expelled from school with no reason. Unfortunately the news came and went in a small column and no one cared…why should they with rapes almost every day and politicians making comments as bizarre as girls and boys mixing have led to this, fast food has increased urges, 90% of rapes are ‘consensual’ and the icing, if the girls were married of early that would protect them from rape!!! The National Commission for Women ventured a sad suggestion of providing self defense classes for girls…like as if gang rape can be fought off by a single person. Worse most are known to the victim and are caught unawares.
    And we are supposedly a fast developing country… SHAME!

  8. valda purvis says:

    In the muslim world -she -is to blame -not her -filthy cowardly attackers,muslim men?`never take responsibility for anything -they are always -victims,this poor-innocent young girl will be -ostracised even though her -life is ruined,even if the -grubbs are caught -nothing will be done -where’s the justice??

  9. This is so disappointing – where is empathy and compassion? So sad! I wish she recovers from this horrible trauma and school apologizes!

  10. When will some of these countries learn to stop these archaic and barbaric ways? Say what you will about the US… we are far from perfect and have our own issues. BUT, we do not blame and ostracize victims of brual rape. We do not ask women to cover their faces. We do not condone violence against men or women or hate crimes(the offenders when caught face a judge and jury for their crimes). Coming from someone who was born in Europe, I feel very blessed to now be a US citizen.

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