Stop the Slaughter of Oxen at Green Mountain College

Target: Bill Throop, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Green Mountain College

Goal: To stop the slaughter of two healthy oxen that are old and no longer able to work and allow them to be moved to the sanctuary that has offered to care for them

The end of October 2012 will mark the end of two healthy lives that have served a college community for more than a decade. Death awaits Bill and Lou since a cruel joint decision was made by Green Mountain College and the college farm in Poultney to slaughter the aging oxen and eat their flesh between hamburger buns. This duo team of hard-working and beautiful oxen has been an iconic image of the college community and the only sentence left for the oxen now is the slaughterhouse.

We must support Vine Sanctuary, which has offered to have Bill and Lou live out the remainder of their lives on the farm for free. The sanctuary understands that oxen are highly emotional and sentient beings who therefore feel no less pain and neglect than human beings.The downright heartless slaughter is not euthanasia or mercy killing, because Bill and Lou are not suffering or in pain. They have simply grown old and are no longer able to work to the bone on the farms. However, Bill and Lou have a chance to survive and enjoy the fruits of their hard work in labor with Vine Sanctuary.

The delicate duo has space and a chance at life in a beautiful sanctuary, but the college refuses to let them live. Instead, the college would rather butcher their flesh and eat them for meat. Meanwhile, this disheartening act of cruelty is even evident in a written statement made by the farm manager Kenneth Mulder, “It is the traditional understanding with working cattle that when they reach the end of their working careers they are still productive as meat animals. But that does not make it easy.” This college and farm should listen to their own hearts and words that killing animals to eat their flesh is not easy and the body and heart agree that this barbaric act should be avoided.

The murder of Bill and Lou must be stopped at Green Mountain College, and the team of oxen should be sent to the Vine Sanctuary where they can live the remainder of their lives in freedom and peace.


Dear Bill Throop,

I urge you to let Bill and Lou live the remainder of their lives in peace at Vine Sanctuary. This team of Oxen has serviced your community long enough and deserve a chance to enjoy their old age freely. The murder of Bill and Lou is heartbreaking to many people and these beautiful beings are no less emotional than humans. Therefore, the decision to kill them for being old and unable to work on the farm is downright heartless and should be avoided at all costs. Bill and Lou feel betrayed as all beings would if they were murdered for meat and placed between hamburger buns.

It does not take Albert Einstein who once said, ‘Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet,” to understand that the slaughter of two oxen in their old age is cruel and inhumane.

Please find a place in your heart to give Bill and Lou the peaceful life they deserve in their old age at Vine Sanctuary. The sanctuary says the Oxen can live for free at a space on their farm. Many hearts around the world will break if the slaughter of Bill and Lou is carried out. The weight of their death on your back can be avoided if they are set free. Give Bill and Lou to Vine Sanctuary and lift the veil of inhumane death from their eyes and you.


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  1. The decision was made by the college and the farm. Bill Throop is the Vice President of Green Mountain College in Vermont and the petition letter will be sent to him in hopes of saving Bill and Lou. It seems that the overall consensus of the school is that the animals should be used for meat after they are no longer able to work. Of course, many people feel differently and Vine Sanctuary has even offered to care for the two oxen at no cost. The school and farm says they will not hand the animals over to the sanctuary but will instead eat them.

  2. The ultimate betrayal. Animals have feelings and rights too!! And these animals have given years of faithful service. For shame to regard them as meat and send them to the abattoir.


  4. *** Please continue to Sign and Share this Petition. Thank you for all your support! Hopefully we can save Bill and Lou in their old age.

  5. Everyone, post on Green Mountain College facebook page, the Green Mountain College Alumni Community facebook page and contact this college!

    The current students are taking a defensive stance to the outcry ~ Bill and Lou are to be served up as burger to these heartless people.

    Offers of money and sanctuary are being ignored.

    Voice your opinions please!

  6. Yes Melody. Thank you. I just RE-posted the petition to their facebook page. **Green Mountain College** and will continue to do so until they decide to let Bill and Lou live the remainder of their lives peacefully at Vine Sanctuary. PLEASE DO THE SAME THING SIGNERS OF THIS PETITION and VISIT THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE to urge them to let the innocent animals live! Thank you.

  7. I feel as though it should be mentioned that on Sunday the 11th Lou was euthanized and buried offsite. The GMC statement to the community also states that Bill will not be going to a sanctuary but will retire at the Cerridwen farm and be cared for.

    Also GMC does not have a vice president, Dr. Throop is the Provost of the college but is not and was not the sole decision maker in this process. True the decision was made by the well informed farm crew, farm manager, etc. and then the decision was put to the community and the outcome presented for debate.

    This whole situation has gone beyond what it needed to be, in addition to that those who oppose pasture to plate and oppose sustainable agriculture that includes animal products, should have conducted themselves differently but even more critically important, should have organized themselves infinitely better to achieve their goal.

    In many ways that has been accomplished, Bill & Lou are no longer going to be slaughtered to feed the campus community, Lou has been euthanized which is evidently better than slaughter, and Bill is retired to the farm.

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