Stop Minnesota’s State-Sanctioned Wolf Hunt

Target: Minnesota State Legislature, Minnesota Court of Appeals, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Shut down Minnesota’s first ever, state-wide wolf hunt set to begin November 3

Following the removal of Great Lakes wolves from the endangered species list in January, Minnesota has decided to endanger them again by promoting its first ever, lawfully permitted wolf hunt set to begin at the start of next month. For this “once-in-a-lifetime chance to take on the wiliest of predators,” 6,000 permits will be awarded to bait, shoot and trap up to 400 wolves, with comments such as, “to get a (wolf) as a trophy would be awesome,” and “the big thing is (getting) the hide” representing the prime motivation for many of these participants. Stop the barbaric exploitation of these poor wolves and restore the ban on hunting them immediately, so we can prevent a large mass slaughtering that may only further endanger them.

Minnesota may have the largest wolf population presently, but with its residents being encouraged to kill and capture in whatever methods they may, that is unlikely to be the case in a few months and people will continue to seek out these wolves long after the season is over. Just because a quota has been settled at 400, it is no guarantee that people will honestly report what they capture. But more importantly, the cruel and deliberate capture of one wolf should be enough to signal an injustice.

How many mother wolves won’t get to go home to their cubs this year? How many will be lured in by the sounds of advanced equipment mimicking the calls of other wolves and distressed animals? How many will die in their terror alone, after being surrounded by a number of bloodthirsty civilians? Hopefully not many, since wolves are so clever and swift. But the risk runs high regardless, and the message must remain clear: We will not tolerate any hunting or murdering of our once-endangered beloved species. Tell the Minnesota Court of Appeals to block the season from happening and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service to place a permanent ban so that we may never be confronted with this terrible issue again.


Dear Minnesota State Legislature, Minnesota Court of Appeals, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,

We are absolutely appalled to know that the state of Minnesota will be organizing a mass-murder of the once endangered population of Great Lakes wolves this season. Just because a select group of human beings might gain some pleasure from terrifying and killing innocent animals, doesn’t mean this behavior should be condoned or encouraged. Great Lake wolves are a beautiful species and their hides must stay on their backs where they belong.

Please consider that the species was also once endangered, and that by allowing the hunting to continue you will only run the risk of further endangering them. People will continue to hunt long after the season ends, and it would be tragic to see a rapid decline in the population in exchange for a few months of victories and fleeting thrills. Set the example by banning the slaughter expected to begin on November 3, and revoking the 6,000 permits issued to initiate that into action.


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  1. Daniela Bress says:

    It’s always and everywhere the same:

    “hunters” – mostly the minority of a country’s people, full of inferiority complexes and with pathological pleasure in torturing and killing are stealing the predator’s prey, so they have to search for their food in the neighborhood of people whose proximity they would actually prefer to avoid.


    So, the real problems are the so-called “hunters” – should we kill them now instead of the predators, because our human society apparently prefers lethal solutions of their self-made problems?

    Or should we better prefer to absolutely illegalize “hunting” – limit our habitat and finally stay away from natural areas with wildlife just as we demand from other creatures – prefer to reduce the excess production of meat which mostly ends in dumpsters anyway, which leads indirectly to acidification of our fields, for which a disproportionate amount of climate-hostile gas is produced, for which we need to use too much antibiotis and so cause the spread of multi-resistant pathogens – impose our ranchers to establish adequate fencing – promote better education about nature and wildlife – stop to let our cattle die a wretched death in trucks and on ships in the name of globalization – finally start to get the essential function of a natural-balanced environment into the backward awareness of people ???

    We should not wait too long to respond to these rhetorical questions predictively. Time is faster than our alleged intelligence and we’re running out of time !


    Who, do we think, will our violence, torture and murder loving cousins take for their satisfaction when wildlife is gone and they are bored to torture and kill bred and fenced creatures?

    Whom, do we believe, will our greedy fellows chase away or leave without any basics to live, if noone will be there but us, standing between them and power?

    “Without respect for life, mankind has no future.” -Albert Schweitzer-

    • Anne-Mari Gavin says:

      Agree with Daniela Bress! We need to teach children to RESPECT ALL God’s creatures, because their parents are like barbarians wanting to kill every living thing untill there is just no more left. Start killing your own, there are tooo many people on earth and leave the animals alone, God gave them their own rules. READ – Job 12:7 But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:
      Job 12:8 Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.
      Job 12:9 Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?
      Job 12:10 In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

    • What a terrific comment Daniela!

    • well said Daniela.

    • Lynda Yates says:

      Well said. Why is it that there are so many people who understand the web of life and its balance while there are others who are so unaware but who unfortunately seem to be the ones who get the upper hand and cause the destruction of the planet for financial gain or personal pleasure? It is so easy to destroy but much harder to restore. We have to fight for what we believe is right and at least sites like these give us a voice and chance to band together for the good of all living creatures.

    • Dianne Sharp says:

      I agree with Daniel Bress. He has nailed it. And, the U. S. Government should reinstate the Endangered Species Act. Wolves and several other species are not out of danger yet.

  2. Awful, and for what to kill so cruelly and mercilessly? Better to spend one’s time otherwise.

  3. teresa bonelli says:


  4. TRUDY NICKOLS says:


  5. this is a blood sport to please
    just for human please
    hunt these men down ans see if they like it

  6. valda purvis says:

    When you take away the -humanity-you -kill your -own -humanity-you attack your own -soul-because it is dtanding in the -way-Stan Goff-author.

  7. valda purvis says:

    When you take away the -humanity-you -kill your -own -humanity-you attack your own -soul-because it is standing in the -way-Stan Goff-author.

  8. Lori Brennan says:

    We can directly thank Ken Zalazer for delisting wolves.

  9. cowardice in extreme

  10. These wolves need a permanent ban on killing them before they are totally wiped out with blood thirsty idiots going after them!!!

  11. Everything has been said. Life for the wolves, do away with the killers.

  12. Please: let them live in freedom! When it’s possible, to have Wolves in a small country like Germany, than it must be possible, to let them live in such a great, big country like the USA, Minnesota and whereever!
    Our farmers get some money, if Wolves kill their cows, sheeps, pigs or gooses! But it is very seldom, that they catch one of them!
    So we don’t have any problems now, and also the local people are not so afraid anymore as before some years ago!
    So…what WE can do….you can, too!

  13. Vickie Peebles says:

    Obsurd!! Leave the Wild Life alone! They are God’s creatures.

  14. Amanda Goodman says:

    Wolves are integral to the environment and deserve the right to live. Please end this cruel murder.

  15. Stop killing these wonderful creatures! Be proud of it that you’ve got them! Kill and destroy – is that all you’re capable of? What a damn shame!

  16. to all support howling for wolves and humane society of the united states who are fighting for the wolves in court..

  17. vicki corriveau says:

    I think that man is a blood thirsty, ignorant fool to do what they do to wolve these animals are majestic in all thier glory. Men like to be brutal, cruel and witout feelings to kill such beautiful anmals. I just don’t know why they persecute them so much I wish we could give wolves guns and you man be hunted to get slaughterd wihout any regard for humanity which their obviuosly none here. They have families just you do you kill the mothers fathers of poor innocent wolf pups left to starve and wonder why thier mom is not coming home, why i’ll tell you why you are all a disgusting brutes that are scum of the earth you can all go to hell for all i care and i hope comes back to bite you in the ass.

  18. FABIANO GERARD says:


  19. I’ve lived here my whole life and I am moving. Legislators will not even consider changing any trapping laws, Wolf hunts, moose are dying, the list goes on. They say, “we might have to put this on the table for next year”, they brag about growing up “on the family farm”, “most of the population who is in disagreement are from the city”. I finally have come to terms with how backwards our legislators are. They do what they want with absolutely ZERO investigation into the matter.

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