Stop Dogfighting ‘Art’ Exhibit and Reptile Death Matches at Museum

Target: Richard Armstrong, Director, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Goal: Shut down the “art” displays of dogs squaring off to fight and reptiles killing each other.

Animal welfare advocates are in an uproar over animal cruelty displays at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. One display includes live reptiles and insects “devouring each other” and the other shows dogs tethered to non-motorized treadmills preparing to fight. The dogs are facing one another in a scenario often used to train dogs for fighting. The Guggenheim is being accused of animal cruelty for hosting these exhibits.

The live dog display was first introduced in 2003 by artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu at the Today Museum in Bejing and included four pairs of pit-bull like dogs tethered to treadmills facing each other in close proximity. The piece was called “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other” and has been defended by Guggenheim as “an intentionally challenging and provocative artwork that seeks to examine and critique systems of power and control.” The demonstration is set to be displayed in October in New York City.

Some of the other displays involve various insects and reptiles such as the leopard gecko, centipedes, millipedes, grasshoppers, beetles, corn snakes and sulcata tortoises, some of which will be eaten during the display. The display is meant to be a metaphor for people who are different coexisting in one place but it’s unclear why actual killing of animals is necessary to communicate this “art.” Sign this petition to demand that the Guggenheim Museum in New York City close these displays and all other displays depicting animal cruelty immediately and send the animals in question to appropriate and ethical caretakers.


Dear Mr. Armstrong,

It has come to our attention that there are two exhibits coming to your museum that will depict horrible animal abuse. They include “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other” by artists, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu and “Theater of the World” by Huang Yong Ping.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals opposes the use of animals in art if that use produces distress or pain to the animals. Distress and even death is present or referenced in both of these displays and we demand that you cancel both exhibits. While we would like to support art exhibits, we simply cannot support such horrible conditions for the animals in these exhibits.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

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  1. Aaron Phillips says:

    Of course it would involve Asians! This is not surprising. Just shoot these guys!

    • My words exactly! I swear..the majority of them have no souls.This is fkn sick and must be stopped! She probably plans on eating them or selling them to China Town afterwards too. Poor animals!

    • michelle taylor says:

      I agree 100%. I hate barbaric animal abusing asia. These animal abusing POS must be exterminated!

  2. These people should be put in with lions without weapons see how they feel. Wipe these people out of this world dont need them.

  3. María D'Oporto says:

    it is incredibly sad to know an art institution as a museum is permiting somethink like this; museums should be places to learn and build human spirit not to enhance the worst part of us as specie; please show the world that art is a lot more than cruelty and domination, as a foreigner always had admire your work, don’t let us to be appart of art for causes like this.

  4. Erick Diaz Erick Diaz says:

    Wtf is wrong with these people, geezus christmas.

  5. Just dont allow or support this behavior. Dog fighting and others forced to fight is just unacceptable these persons are barbaric

  6. Susan Fong says:

    This is not art. It is sadistic animal cruelty. The dog fighting and reptile/insect devouring exhibitions have no place in a civilized society. Guggenheim, get rid of these exhibitions and stop promoting the abuse of animals, reptiles, and insects–all sentient beings. What is the matter with you “highbrow” jerks who are oblivious to the suffering of other species?

  7. Animal cruelty is now art?? Are you kidding me? All involved in this should be ashamed. In no way shape or form is this art!!

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