Stop the Illegal Trade of the Slow Loris in Indonesia

Slow loris tooth removal

Targets: Republic of Indonesia and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Indonesia

Goal: Protect the endangered slow loris species from horrific animal cruelty faced at the hands of pet traders.

The Republic of Indonesia has neglected to enforce strict regulation on the illegal trade of the slow loris. Although these animals are endangered, there has been little action taken to prevent these animals from being sold on the black market. Many slow lorises are taken from their natural habitat in order to be “groomed” as domestic pets; they are venomous primates and therefore must be made “safe” for their potential owners. This process of “grooming” is one of utmost animal cruelty. In order to make these animals ready for domestic use, they are stripped of their teeth. The process of removing their teeth is inhumane and painful; their teeth are carelessly ripped out with pliers or nail clippers. This process often leads to infection and painful death for the slow lorises. In addition to the cruelty they face from their “grooming”, the process of being put on sale in markets further traumatizes the slow lorises.

These animals are nocturnal so they suffer from being exposed to bright lights as well as other external factors they would not usually be exposed to during the quiet hours of the night. Because of ongoing illegal trade of slow lorises, it is almost impossible to find them in their natural habitat; this species is quickly moving from endangered to nearly extinct. The Republic of Indonesia and the President of Indonesia must acknowledge and take responsibility for the lack of concern shown in stopping the illegal trade of slow lorises; restrictions must be placed in order to ban the trade of these animals before it is too late.

Unfortunately, little is known about this species. Recently, slow lorises have become a viral sensation on social sites such as YouTube. These videos depict the slow lorises as “cute” domestic pets and they have received millions of views. Thanks to these videos, people often misunderstand the slow loris because they see them as nothing more than cute and obedient household pets. What these videos fail to depict is the reality behind the lorises held in captivity. Most individuals do not realize the pain these animals must endure in order to be “domesticated” nor do they realize that it is illegal in most countries to own a slow loris.

An effective method to discourage the illegal trade of the slow loris is spreading knowledge and awareness of this endangered species. By exposing the horrific conditions these animals are put through, individuals are more than likely to be discouraged from buying them and keeping them as household pets, causing the demand of slow lorises in the black market to decline. In addition to spreading awareness of this species, immediate action must be taken against the illegal trade and sales of the slow loris in order to protect them from extinction at the hands of human beings.

Help give these helpless animals a voice by sharing the horrible reality of what these “cute” lorises must endure in order to become pets. Also, by signing the petition below, you can urge the Republic of Indonesia and the President of Indonesia to enforce strict regulations against the illegal trade of the slow loris species.


Dear Republic of Indonesia and the President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,

The illegal trade and sales of the slow loris in Indonesia must be banned. The process involved in obtaining and “grooming” these endangered animals for trade and sales is extremely inhumane and cruel. The slow lorises are being taken away from their natural habitat and being mutilated in order to be “domesticated” and made “safe” for prospective owners. While there is no guarantee that placing strict restrictions on the illegal trade of slow lorises will completely stop these practices, it is imperative to try to reduce these actions if not stop them completely. By placing strict bans on the illegal trade of these animals, you can increase the chances of this species survival; if no measures are taken, it would become very likely that the slow lorises will become extinct.

I am urging you to save what is left of this endangered species. The suffering and death they face in order to become “cute” household pets is unnecessary and can be greatly reduced with your help. Please take the action to strictly enforce current Indonesian and international laws that ban the trade and sales of the slow lorises; this is an issue that can no longer be neglected and ignored.


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Photo credit: Dr. Karmele Llano Sánchez via International Animal Rescue

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  1. is this for all the vain people. get a life . you evil scumbags. you will try and make money through innocent victims such as the animals. pull out your own teeth…see how you like it

  2. sandra deckers says:

    100 % AKKOORD

  3. Please put this cruilty to a stop animals have a right to be safe

  4. pure evil must be born without a heart sick fucking nation of wankers !!! leave wild life alone you piece of shit!!

  5. You people have no heart I love slow loris they are so cute and your being so cruel to them I hope people like you lose your job

  6. Deep Tripathy says:

    Let not human race be the worst of all, it already is,but can we not make it better?

  7. There is a God , He is gracious and kind ! He is not responsible for these evil acts Man is! Man has been doing what they want for so long and every time the blame is shifted. Take a stand yes but hold the right people accountable !!


    Any types of Research MUST BE AIMED TO CURE those who’re already sick and injured – not to destroy life.

  9. Any types of Research MUST BE AIMED TO CURE those who’re already sick and injured – NEVER to destroy life. LOOK AT THESE UGLY HUMAN HANDS THAT TORTURE THIS SWEET BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL! THOSE HUMAN MORONS WITH PSYCHOTIC INTERESTS HAVE NO PLACE ON EARTH – must be sent to hardlabor camp for life, or to cosmos

  10. Arjun L Sen says:

    There isn’t much point in arguing about whether there is God or not. Let’s say he is there Then sure as hell he isn’t an interventionist God who steps in to protect the innocent. We have three choices : a God who doesn’t intervene, Superman who would be best but is a comic strip fiction hero, or ourselves. I guess without getting into a big fight about God, we are all we – and the lorises – have got.

    That’s the scary part.

    Look in the mirror. You see a human being. Probably a good and kind human being.

    And a representative of the cruellest and most dangerous species the Earth has ever seen.

    Any God that put his trust in such a creation must be a fool. So if God is not a fool he decided for reasons best known to himself not to intervene. The God people like to call it Free Will. I call it Let Injustice and Cruelty Rip: the innocent are irrelevant to God’s purposes.

    That just leaves us.

    What are we going to do about it when ALL the decisions are taken by the big corporations? They tell what we can buy, they have the governments in their pockets … and they are all talking to Indonesia.

    The bad guys ripping out the loris teeth are having lunch with the President. Metaphorically, at least.

  11. romina Martínez says:

    Hay que detener este y todo tipo de abuso en contra de los animales. Firmado..!! Que se haga justicia y veamos buenos resultados

  12. plz stop dayuuuuus!

  13. Atefeh Pahlavani says:

    plz Stop to killing Animals

  14. plz stop annoying loris

  15. sepideh azimi says:


  16. mavi deniz says:

    şerefsızler allah belanızı versin inşallah …

  17. Maria Clara says:

    Stop this cruelty and jail for this animal abusers!

  18. Stop the illegal Trade of the Loris

  19. Please stop this horrible acts

  20. Bina Pannell says:

    It’s not really a surprise is it?
    Indonesia is as barbaric to its animals as China and S Korea. In fact they will happily string up a dog and skin it alive without a second thought.

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