Stop School From Banning Classic ‘1984’ Novel From Classrooms

Target: Chad Martin, Jefferson County Director of Secondary Education

Goal: Don’t ban George Orwell’s 1984 from high school classrooms.

A school district in Idaho is considering banning George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984. Orwell’s novel has long been a classic taught in high schools and colleges throughout America, teaching students about the dangers of an omnipresent government.

Administrators at Jefferson County school worry that the book is too violent or sexual in nature to teach to students. They have argued that the book may not align with the district’s goals and believe another book could be used to teach similar themes.

Students should not be sheltered from a literary classic, one that encourages debate and conversation. A book should prompt discussion. This discussion and learning opportunity cannot happen if the book is banned. Sign the petition and ask that 1984 not be banned from classrooms.


Dear Mr. Martin,

Recent reports indicate that your district is seeking to ban George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 from high school classrooms due to scenes of violence and sexuality. However, banning this book for several controversial pages will rob students of the larger themes they can acquire from the book and its message.

Orwell has long be lauded as a master of painting creative portraits of governments and their power, portraits that make us question the meaning of politics, power, and humanity. I ask that you not ban 1984 from your school district’s classrooms. Instead, allow students to engage with the text.


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  1. Was it the sex and violence in the book? Or are you afraid the youth will get an inside look at this regime’s playbook? Now more than ever, we need Orwell and all ideas that keep freedom alive. Free speech works both ways.

  2. 1984 is a warning not a game plan!

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong (I’m Swedish), but isn’t freedom of speech one of the US citizens constitutional rights, or am I totally wrong in the subjects. If I’m right, Why deny someone’s right just because the person is deceased.

  4. What ever happened to “I’ve nothing to hide”. Doesn’t apply in this case though does it?. A worst fear is that people as dumb as they are today, wouldn’t understand even if they read it.

  5. Laura Willett says:

    Banning books is only the beginning. Nazi Germany wanted to be able to control the way the German people thought. They banned books exactly in this manner. So did Soviet Russia, as well as many other oppressive governments in history. Banning what people can read is the precursor to telling them what they must think and how they must act. The children of this great nation aren’t stupid. I don’t believe that very young children should read 1984,because they are too young to understand it and be able to debate it. But highschool age? Yes. We need to be very careful about what we start banning. Both the right and the left try to control the way we think. Both sides need to be fought against.

  6. WAIT! Don’t tell me. Trash trump CONservatives?

  7. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Afraid those that understand the book will recognize the thread that connects it to what’s happening today?

  8. Yeah, don’t tip the kids off to what’s happening in this world! They might want to fight against it!

  9. Intellectual rebels ignore such ignorance!
    Fight your own war – free your mind.

  10. Isn’t it always the way? Freedom on one hand, someone ripping it away with the other because they don’t agree. One day they’ll rewrite history to suit those that get ‘offended’…

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