Greyhounds Facing Vicious Abuse by Trainers Must be Protected

Target: Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain

Goal: Stop routine torture of greyhounds in Spain.

Hundreds of greyhounds in Spain are being brutally tortured and abused by their trainers. The dogs are bred for the purpose of hunting hares and put through rough training, including being dragged behind pick-up trucks by their leashes, and once they are no longer considered useful, they are left to die. Some especially cruel trainers beat the dogs or burn them with cigarettes, and in one case, a trainer tied a rope so tightly around a dog’s neck that it had to be surgically removed.

This is beyond disgraceful. These dogs do not deserve to be treated so roughly, only to be thrown away once they are no longer deemed ‘useful.’ A dog, even one bred for hunting, is not an object to be thrown away; they are living creatures who deserve care and compassion regardless of their age or skill at hunting.

A charity is devoted to rescuing the dogs who survive such torture, but that is only the first step. The brutal treatment of these poor animals must be outlawed; abusive trainers must be punished, and prospective trainers must be legally required to treat their dogs with care and respect. Sign this petition to put an end to the suffering of greyhounds.


Dear Prime Minister Rajoy,

Hundreds of greyhounds are being tortured and horribly mistreated by their trainers, who breed them for hunting, put them through intensive and risky training, and then leave them to die once they are no longer ‘useful.’ In some cases, the dogs are brutally beaten and burned before they are abandoned. Dogs have been found with gaping wounds, burns, and one with a rope so deep within their neck that it had to be surgically removed.

A charity has been working hard to rescue these dogs, and you must not only support them, but outlaw the brutal treatment of these innocent animals as well. Regardless of what they are bred for, dogs are living creatures who deserve much better than to be used as tools, mistreated, and then discarded. Please put a stop to the abuse of these innocent dogs and help to save the survivors.


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  1. Will NEVER be visiting your fuked up torturous ignoramus cuntry. How dare you let this torture go on. Our beautiful innocent animals have more right to live safe free and torture free lives than all you mother fukers involved or do nothing to stop this cruelty

    • I so agree with you Mrs Timmins it’s been so long already this BASTERS keep Torturing our beautiful Creatures Our Furbabys ?❤ enough is enough and this DANG government don’t do a MF thing so it’s up to Us.

    • Well said i so agree. The spanish are such a cruel sadistic race .They love inflicting suffering and torture on poor defenceless animals
      Last time i wrote a post saying what i thought it was not appreciated and was told i was racist so good on you . I an not racist but spain is so cruel . Yes there are many good people who are helping the animals but a huge majotity of spanish are cruel to the animals.

      • Sandra Hildreth says:

        I agree with you Julie FOSTER. Spain is a cruel and sadistic place. Stabbing bulls and letting them bleed to death. Who knows what else they do. The population encourages all this torture and they sit and watch the animal bleed out and clap and cheer. A sick bunch of people.

  2. Veronique De Brucker says:

    What is happening to this world!!!!!!
    Instead of getting better it is getting worse .
    No respect for animals , torture , abuse , neglect …….. WHY

    I hope this prime minister will stand up for these beautiful dogs and punish every human ????? who committed these crimes .

  3. Christi-Ane Vanhoutte says:

    To the way animals are treated…
    we can read the civilization of a people.
    Shame on you Spain! Shame you deeply!
    Your God and Creator will punish you with pain and misery.
    Low of nature…


    No animal should be tortured or suffer, what the hell is wrong with people. This animal abuse has to stop. So make it STOP NOW!!!Harsher penalties!!

  5. Remember the conquistador’s? The Spanish inquisition? Bullfighting? The Spanish have a history of cruelty and sadism.. Good luck with your quest.

  6. I am boycotting Spain and all Spanish products. It is a violent society which does revels in the abuse of animals. No wonder the Catalans want out.

  7. Spaniards are the worst: as settlers in foreign countries, they did not hesitate to torture and kill people unscrupulously. As for animals, do they not kill bulls in the worst way? Not surprising that they also practice torture on greyhounds, that they kill after one year of hunting, and the dog is only 2 years old max. That dog is only an object to them. I read horror stories about them gathering the family before hanging or drowning, or other means of killing, while their children are watching, like this is a fun family event. They are the shame of the human race.

    • Sandra Hildreth says:

      There are some other countries that are just a cruel. 15 or more of the Asian countries. They steal DOGS and ship dogs in, they are packed in so tight that those in the bottom die. Can’t breathe or move. Stacked terribly high. They torture, electrocute, hang them upside down and beat them and cut their throats. They boil them alive and people watch and take the dog meat home. This is everyday. Their kids watch. The parents kill the kids pets and eat them. So many sick people.

  8. PRIME MINISTER RAJOY, the world watches as SPAIN condones the horrifying abuse to these greyhounds. How you can allow this and sit idle is a reflection on Spain’s morals and laws, truly barbaric and lawless. Tourists stay away, SPAIN IS NOT SAFE!

  9. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Such ab awful country, full of sadistic, cruel people. It isn’t enough that they torture and kill bulls as an everyday sport, they have to torture and abuse and kill these beautiful dogs as well. As president of your country, you should be ashamed for allowing this despicable behaviour. Get off your ass and stop this horror.

  10. Mikael Thesslund says:

    Wtf is wrong with Spain? I’ll never visit a country so full of ***

  11. Linda Amundson says:

    I believe that if men are getting so much pleasure from the pain & suffering of animals there are a lot of erections going on during this torture. What pathetic ‘men’ to get off on cruelty. There needs to be laws to protect the victims of these sexual sadists.

  12. Stephanie Geyser says:

    What else do you expect from a country that promotes bullfighting?

  13. top & pursue this criminal rabble and this deformity  –  instantly!
    BARBARIC, GREED AND BRAINLESS and not able to think human?
    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant SCUM, which should be banned on an island for their whole lives! Or not?
    It’s time hold all those responsible for authorizing and overseeing the implementation of torture against fellow EARTH inhabitants & creatures accountable. A special prosecutor is the most comprehensive way to do that.  

  14. You can help the greyhounds via the Greyhounds in Need charity

  15. Fucken arseholes this bullshit needs to stop same with the bull fighting . This country should stop animal cruelty now. Blown this country of this earth don’t need this. Animals should not be treated like this poor defenceless animals . These people need to be treated like that where’s the justice do something about it . Jail not the answer torture them instead same way.

  16. Michele DiGiorgio says:

    A lot of countries abuse the innocent animals, not just Spain. Anyone that can theses horrific things to innocent animals to me are “SAVAGES” themselves. They will pay dearly for what they are doing to these precious pups. Believe me, what goes around does in fact come around, keep playing like you are GOD.

  17. This is a crime against God!
    Allowing such atrocities is splitting onto the Crucifix!
    May such cruelty be avenged!

    Damned be all involved!

  18. Kathy Terrell says:

    If the Spaniards are this cruel, they do not deserve to have animals! I do hope that not everyone there is like this!! If you do this, remember—-Karma is a bitch!

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