State House Candidate Must Stop Ignoring Racism

Target: Tim Garvey, candidate for Kansas House of Representatives

Goal: To get Garvey to acknowledge present-day racism before continuing his political campaign.

Tim Garvey, a Republican candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives, recently wrote an angry rant on a social networking site accusing President Obama of endangering the country by focusing on race and proposing unconstitutional laws. He later admitted that the style of the rant was inappropriate but would not apologize for the content of the post, saying that Americans no longer need to discuss racism or recognize differences between races. Garvey must learn about the consequences of modern racism so that he might understand why the country is not yet ready to stop talking about race.

Garvey claims that his rant was an attempt to end racism. Colorblindness is a popular ideology among well-intentioned but misguided white people who prefer to focus on class instead of race in order to solve the problems that people of color face. But addressing class does not eliminate all of the issues that minority groups encounter because it does not take into account the effects of racial discrimination, which remains a very real concern today. Problems cannot be solved by ignoring them and substituting them with something less controversial.

There are a number of issues that result from colorblindness. When racism is ignored, but inequality is still obvious, people tend to conclude that people of color are to blame for their unequal status, which leads to a justification of white supremacy. Additionally, when racism is not discussed, people cannot acknowledge their own subconscious racist beliefs and individual racism cannot be defeated. Finally, discrimination is less likely to be perceived at all when race is never directly addressed.

Tim Garvey’s rant was his attempt at ending racism by calling for President Obama to stop discussing race and dividing the country. However, government officials have a responsibility to address the problems of their communities, and ignoring race will never solve the problem of racism. Garvey must learn about the consequences of discounting racism and acknowledge that President Obama and all government leaders have a duty to continue discussing race.


Dear Tim Garvey,

You recently defended your rant against President Obama and insisted that discussing race is no longer necessary because you see everyone as already being equal. Reviewing the countless studies on racism would show you that this is not the case; racism against people of color persists and ignoring that fact only allows it to continue.

Removing race from the conversation and replacing it with class only pushes a real problem aside instead of allowing the country to deal with the problem. Your privilege may not allow you to notice the racism around you, but your ignorance does not change the fact that racism hinders the success of many of the individuals in your community and in the rest of the country.

If you plan on representing your state, you must acknowledge the struggles that people of color face so that you might eventually understand why we are not ready to stop including race in our political discussions.


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  1. dinda evans says:

    Look..quit using the racism card…Its like Nixon’s old tactic of calling everyone that didnt agree with him commies. When I was upset with Bush, Nixon, Reagan, and all the rest…it was Ok but whenever I don’t like something Obama has done..Im a racist???? Lots of people are opposed to illegal aliens for economic, social and environmental reasons (and they are real reasons) the democrats call them all racists. When did liberals stop researching issues, listening to opposition, and giving consideration to the people that don’t agree that they also represent?? The racism flag has been used hundreds of times too many by thousands too many people. Are we just mob rule? might makes right? no one can object to anything..well of course we cant do much objecting now because our democrats passed HR347 unanimously..which makes it punishable by ten years to protest near gov buildings, etc.m etc. Stop looking at republicans to complain about there wording and start paying attention to what both parties are doing to us.

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