Fire High School Teacher For Publicly Humiliating a Student Due to Political Views

Target: Principal of Charles Carroll High School

Goal: Fire teacher for teasing a student because of the political views on her shirt

High school sophomore Samantha Pawlucy, a student at Charles Carroll High School in Pennsylvania, was recently ridiculed by her geometry teacher for wearing the presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaign shirt. Pawlucy, a Romney-Ryan supporter chose to wear her shirt to school, assuming that her freedom of speech would not be infringed upon. However, her teacher, Lynette Gaymon, called her out and embarrassed her in front of the entire school.

Pawlucy did not garner any negative response during the beginning of her typical school day, but when she entered her geometry class, she was verbally attacked by her teacher. According to Pawlucy, Gaymon compared Pawlucy to being as racist as the people in the Ku Klux Klan.

Regardless of one’s political affiliation, a teacher has no right to tease a student because of what he or she is wearing. Teachers in general have no right to tease and mock their students for any reason. The high school has neither uniforms nor clothing restrictions, and thus, Pawlucy did not violate any school rules. She should not have been so humiliated in front of her class simply because she chose to wear a Romney shirt.

Pawlucy also stated that her teacher attempted to get Pawlucy to change into another shirt, and when she refused, the teacher tried to draw on her shirt. Gaymon also attempted to get the support of Pawlucy’s classmates in teasing and mocking her shirt. Pawlucy was extremely embarrassed after the event and said that she fears how other classmates may treat her. She has lost close friends, and classmates have been threatening her as well. Furthermore, Gaymon told Pawlucy that the school is a democratic school, and hinted that Pawlucy’s beliefs did not fit in with the entire school’s beliefs.

Gaymon is currently still teaching at the high school, but Pawlucy was transferred to another class. Political beliefs can become a tough subject to discuss, but Gaymon did not have the right to ridicule a teenager, especially one that she was supposed to educate. Gaymon claimed that it was just a joke and that the situation was taken out of hand. However, the supposed joke was not funny and she put the safety of a young girl in jeopardy.

Sign this petition and demand that this teacher is fired as a consequence of her actions to prevent future students from being humiliated.


Dear Principle of Charles Carroll High School,

The actions of geometry teacher, Lynette Gaymon toward 16-year old Samantha Pawlucy were intolerable, insensitive, and immature. Pawlucy arrived at your high school with a Romney campaign shirt, and she was ridiculed and mocked by her own teacher. Gaymon compared Pawlucy to the members of the Ku Klux Klan, and she encouraged other students to mock Pawlucy as well.

Pawlucy has lost close friends over this fiasco, and other classmates have been threatening her via facebook and other media outlets. Gaymon did not have the right to embarrass Pawlucy, and she should be fired for her actions. Gaymon should have acted as an adult and should have respected Pawlucy’s decision to support Romney.

Gaymon must apologize and she should be fired for her inappropriate response to the situation.


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  1. Patricia Hardwick says:

    I am a Obama supporter, and believe no student should EVER be ridiculed, bullied, challenged in an inappropriate way such that this child was. I think it’s great that these kids are involved in their world to the point where they are thinking about the presidential race and they are formulating their own opinions. She must be a brave and intelligent young woman for wearing the shirt to school. She probably wanted to prompt some discussion among peers and teachers perhaps, and it is a shame that she was knocked down in this manner. I hope this young woman realizes that she is the “bigger” person and I urge her to reignite her fire. If she does, it will take her far.

  2. Diane Lytwyn says:

    I am disgusted about the overt hatred involved in this incident! How DARE a public school teacher do this to a student? Had a student worn an Obama t-shirt, and a teacher targeted that student, THE WORLD WOULD HAVE CAUGHT FIRE! Double standard, and some liberals are clearly the MOST intolerant of all! Not only should the teacher be fired, but I am hoping this young woman and her family get legal counsel and sue this teacher!

    • There is no place for any teacher to act in this manner and bully a student for their political beliefs. The teacher should be fired and sued into oblivion. I hope that people will see just how tolerant these liberals really are. This is fascism at its finest. This teacher also provoked the students of this school to bully this girl. Im am outraged!

  3. Lynette Gaymon is a joke. Perhaps she would like to pick on someone her own size? Or would that require her to actually have a spine?

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