Support Ending the Cruel Practice of Cat “Declawing”

Target: Lidna Rosencrans, President of One by One Cat Rescue

Goal: Praise cat rescue organization for aiding in the criminalization of declawing.

The One by One Cat Rescue in Pennsylvania requires potential adopters to agree to their anti-declawing policy before they commit to adopting a cat from the organization. This is a smaller part of a bigger endeavor to criminalize cat declawing in Pennsylvania, coming on the heels of New Jersey approving a bill to do the same and New York considering similar legislation.

This is excellent news and a big step towards outlawing the practice in even more states, possibly the entire country. Declawing is an extremely cruel and inhumane practice that not only hurts cats, but leads to toilet problems; chipped bone fragments from the surgery lead to tenderness in the paws, making cats avoid the litter box. Additionally, if the cat’s paws do not heal properly after the procedure, they can become badly infected.

One by One and Pennsylvania must be praised for their efforts in criminalizing this barbaric practice, protecting cats from amputation and encouraging more humane methods of keeping a cat’s scratching behavior in check. Sign this petition to thank the organization for helping to make declawing a crime.


Dear Ms. Rosencrans,

Thank you for helping to aid in the criminalization of declawing cats. Your organization’s stipulation that adopters do not declaw is a step that sorely needs to be taken. While some states have been outlawing the practice or considering such measures, it has been disheartening to know that some places still allow the barbaric practice despite all scientific evidence proving its detriment to the well-being of cats.

Thank you for not only ensuring that potential owners do not subject their cats to this amputation, but for helping to get the practice outlawed. The future of cats everywhere is looking brighter thanks to this step.


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Photo Credit: shashank-kumawat

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    nails grow back quickly!

  2. It’s not just the nails that you see on the cat the pull out informed before you post

  3. Nadja Pittari says:

    All I have to say is that any evil being that messes with any animal is going to be rewarded with bad karma FOREVER so ENJOY!
    geez there’s a lot of evil in this world no wonder the world is what it is today and the evil only have themselves to blame
    Animals are earths gifts and are here on earth to test our karma so watch out
    If anyone decided to just remove my nails against my will would be punished so when it comes to a life regardless of who they are should be punished and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that anyone that would remove nails needs psychological intervention and are not fit to own a precious animal
    Anyone who turns a blind eye and does not intervene to any cruelty to a life will have the same bad karma
    Do not mess with mother nature or she will retaliate so don’t forget to enjoy your lifetime of misery

  4. I did sign the petition but l do think if thiers nothing they can do as a last resort l very last resort!!!!!! have them declaed.But try everything with your cat if thier destroying your house. It’s like taking thier fingers or toes away. You think a person could handle that.

    • Before declawing, which is against my beliefs as a cat parent, there are plastic caps to cover the claws entirely OR, have a professional clip your cat’s claws every month!!

    • If a person is willing to mutilate a cat just to keep it, they are not fit owners for this kind of animal. Perhaps a fish would better suit their lifestyle.

  5. There is NO excuse for the extremely cruel practice of declawing! No reputable Animal organization supports it. We are one of the few countries in the world that even do it. Most think it is barbaric–it is punished as a crime of mutilation in the UK.

    Not only is it horrific for cats, painful and unnatural. It can have extreme negative effects for the lifetime of a cat. The animal can’t groom properly, jump or stretch normally–or even walk in a natural way.

    If a person values a piece of furniture over a living being, cannot find a way to train the cat to use various scratching posts and/or avoid harming a couch–then get another pet or a stuffed animal. Don’t mutilate a precious pet to save some inanimate object.

    This is NOT just the removal of some nails that will grow back! It is permanent bone removal of parts of the toes and can cause considerable damage to the cat–aside from making him/her very vulnerable and insecure.

  6. Declawing a kitten or cat is like someone just cut your finger off! Declawing should be stopped NOW!

  7. To all people who adopt cats and have them build a scratching pole for them to use and show them love when they use it! I have done this and my cat loves it!

    • I want to make a comment here. I had 3 cats- for one reason or another they were all declawed. These cats, all of them, were well- adjusted & always went in “the box”. Now I cannot say how much it hurt them, but I do know this. I have always rented housing. Every place I went, they did not “allow pets”. I was able to convince them BECAUSE they were declawed to let me live there anyway.

      There are so many rumors about cats misbehaving because they have been declawed. The ACC actually had a cat that misbehaved and just happened to be declawed. They asserted this was simply because the cat was declawed it acted like this- my guess is to scare others from declawing theirs.

      All I know is declawing allowed me to find housing with my cats. One of them even climbed a roof 2x declawed. Now I may have “damaged” my babies, but it is the only way I got to have them.

  8. Declawing is mutilation. It is the amputation of the tips of the paws, akin to amputating a human’s finger tips at the first joint. It is completely unnecessary. I have 4 cats, and I regularly clip their claws – it is not a big deal. They are also trained to use a scratching post, again, not a big deal. Yes, cats will adjust to having their paws mutilated, just as a person will adjust to having his leg amputated. That doesn’t make it right, and it is completely unnecessary. If the cat had the choice, would he chooses surgery to be mutilated?!?

  9. Have any of you against declawing ever had a cat who was trained to use a mat and later used your carpet AND furniture instead. Nothing I tried worked. What would you do?

  10. AND THANK GOD ALL THE VETS WE KNOW WILL NOT DECLAW A CAT. Our cat rescue group lucked out.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared.

  12. How about lobotomize those who have no compassion – the world may become a kinder place!

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