Teen Victim of Alleged Attempted Lynching Needs Justice

Target: Chris Sununu, New Hampshire Governor

Goal: Have investigation of possible hate crime conducted by state investigators instead of local police.

An 8-year-old bi-racial boy was hanged in the small town of Claremont, New Hampshire. As he turned purple and his feet kicked in an effort to survive, the teens allegedly responsible left him to die. The victim’s older sister screamed for help before her little brother fell to the ground, freeing himself from the rope. The boy was taken for medical treatment, his injuries deemed consistent with hanging and he is lucky to be alive, according to medical staff.

It wasn’t until pictures of the boy’s injuries and news of the incident spread on social media that Claremont police started taking action. According to an article in Newsweek, Lorrie Slattery, the boy’s grandmother states, “On the day it happened, the police officer went around and spoke to the boy [believed to be the ringleader] and then came back to my daughter and said, ‘the child said it was an accident; there’s nothing we can do.’ It was the media who opened their eyes and got them to do an investigation.”

Two days prior to the hanging, these same boys allegedly began tormenting the victim by throwing rocks and sticks, leaving bruises on his legs and calling him racial epithets, according to Newsweek. Sign this petition demanding that Governor Sununu make this case a priority and hold Claremont police accountable for a fair investigation as well as requiring that all minors present receive a psychological evaluation.


Dear Governor Sununu,

We have seen an increase in hate crimes, racism, and bigotry across the U.S. in recent months. New Hampshire is no exception as evidenced in the case of teens allegedly hanging an 8-year-old bi-racial boy. You have stated that “hatred and bigotry will not be tolerated in New Hampshire” and we hold you to your word. We appreciate that you have sent additional investigative support to the Claremont Police Department. There are times when members of public service such as the police are forced to come face to face with their own beliefs. As promoters of tolerance and acceptance of all people, we understand during these times it is crucial that personal relationships and peer pressure take no back seat to fairness and objectivity. In Claremont, population 13,000, objectivity has been absent during this case of heightened emotion and the involvement of State investigators will help in maintaining objectivity and improving the level of service.

Local police in Claremont have responded to this incident inadequately, and the Police Chief’s initial failure to charge the alleged perpetrators is especially disturbing. We demand that further investigation of this case be conducted by the State, that the incident be declared a hate crime, and that all minors suspected of participating in the incident be required to have a psychological evaluation conducted by a trauma specialist.


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  1. My son was murdered in April of this year; they found his body in the creek in May.. Are you a
    parent ?? Our police departments aren’t really trying to find his killer / killer’s !!

  2. The people or person who are responsible for this young boy’s murder must be found, and procesuted for First Degree Murder! I can not even believe that YOUR LOCAL POLICE ARE NOT TAKING A MURDER SERIOUSLY! START DOING THE JOBS YOUR WERE HIRED TO DO!

  3. Sherry D Hadley says:

    Wow; that police department seems outstanding LOL; really, the people that HUNG someone and left them to die, can say “it was an accident” and then they actually say nothing can be done. Well that ties that case up with a neat bow. PLEASE. I have never heard of a more ridiculous investigation. LAME POLICE. incompetent , lazy, uncaring or combo of all. JOKE> This is a serious crime. Get serious assholes.

  4. What happened here is extremely very clear New Hampshire!!! You have the victim. You have the perpetrators. Very simple case. Sounds like you need a new police department! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR…the perpetrators or police department’s lack of investigation!!! GIVE THIS YOUNG MAN AND HIS FAMILY JUSTICE!!! Punish these punks for their hate crime! Try them as adults! THIS WAS HATE..THIS WAS EVIL…THIS WAS ATTEMPTED MURDER! Do your jobs. Otherwise you very clearly support this behaviour!

  5. Jacqui Skill says:

    The dehumanized monsters who did this should be put jail for life! Where are the police ? The police dept should be in investigated!

  6. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    What creatures are living in there? An animals or still a people?
    I don’t believe that we are something better than the animals as we are always blaming them that they don’t have got a sense to behave good like the humans!
    But on the other side the humans are doing the same things like the animals or rather even more disgusted things!!!

  7. tina robertson says:

    Lynch the fucking lynchers. Exterminate ppl who hang children. Just a bullet to their heads then grind them up and throw them in an unmarked landfill or feed sea life. The only end for ppl who dont deserve to die with a name. Or a face.

  8. The perpetrators MUST be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of their age. Minors who commit such crimes without consequences become adults who commit such crimes, and worse, without conscience. These kids are serial killers-in-the-making and must be removed from society, NOW.

  9. Selena Brooks says:

    It’s a crime and you have his sister as a witness you idiot cops! It’s so hard to get justice with bs like this but quick to not prosecute cops for killing unarmed citizens.

  10. adriana rojas says:

    What the fuck is wrong with these stupid cops!!! An 8 year old being lynched in front of his sister??? Those punks need to be arrested and the fkn stupid cops need to be fired. I’m so distgusted!!!!!

  11. Ruth Rogers says:


  12. Ruth Rogers says:

    2,300 signatures. Signed.

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