Ban Imprisonment of Orca Whales at SeaWorld

Target: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Goal: Protect Orca Whales at SeaWorld by requiring proper housing in tanks.

Nakai is an 11 year old male Orca living at SeaWorld that has recently had a chunk of his lower mandible the size of a large dinner plate ripped off by two other Orcas. At SeaWorld where whales such as Nakai and dolphins are held in captivity in tanks, they are unable to swim freely their natural amount of 100 miles a day. Their imprisonment at SeaWorld is a bathtub compared to the vast waters of their true home in the wild.

Since the whales and dolphins are held against their will in enclosed small areas, many of them form incompatible relationships. As a result, many injuries and deaths arise in this not so fun filled family park. Nakai is one of the many examples of the cruelty that takes place at SeaWorld for entertainment. It is SeaWorld that must come to their moral sense.

Orca Whales are considered threatened or endangered due to prey depletion, habitat loss, pollution, and capture for marine mammal parks such as SeaWorld. With this petition, we will ask the U.S. Department of Agriculture to take disciplinary action against SeaWorld for the lack of responsibility in establishing a safe and compatible home.

Nakai’s trauma is an absolute violation of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) that clearly states, “marine mammals that are not compatible must not be housed in the same enclosure.”

The ominous counter shades of black and white on the Orca Whales need to be admired not in a killer pool but in the thriving sunlight reflecting off open waters. It is unacceptable to rob whales of their true natural habitat and then place them in a bloody water cell. If these magnificent creatures are to be captured and used we should at least be ensuring their safety and protection.


Dear U.S. Department of Agriculture,

Recently at SeaWorld an 11 year old male Orca named Nakai suffered a major laceration to his jaw by two other Orca Whales. The whale was living in unsafe living conditions and is now missing a large part of his skin. This is an unacceptable way for these mammals to be living. Instead of being free in the open waters these whales are tortured and enslaved in horribly maintained conditions.

I urge you to take disciplinary action against SeaWorld. As part of the Animal Welfare Act it is clear that “marine mammals that are not compatible must not be housed in the same enclosure.” This is not the case at SeaWorld.

We must protect these beautiful mammals and ensure their safety. It is not a fun filled family park when the mammals are incompatible and living in an avoidable massacre.


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Photo Credit: Dr. Ingrid N. Visser Ph.D. founder and principle scientist of the Orca Research Trust

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  1. Daniela Bress says:

    I’m so tired of begging ruthless and greedy people to treat other creatures with the respect they demand for themselves.

    I’m sick of uneducated, ignorant, hypocritical and cushy people supporting any kind of animal cruelty, destruction of nature and extinction of wildlife.

    New around the clock documentation TV-show:

    Take a operator of an aquarium, ten of his visitors (male, female and babies not knowing each other) and put them all together in a small room for twenty years – take a Chinese fur farmer, one of his western female customers and skin them alive – take a CEO of a pharmaceutical giant, ten patients who want to get new medicine instead of fighting for a healthy environment to avoid most diseases, ten rouged women and test the side effects of new products with hundredfold overdose – take ten fertile women, put them in small cages, give them artificial insemination, let them give birth to four babies in three years just to make profit by selling their “products” to people who urgently want to have a baby – …

    These proposals are still relatively harmless; if I’d transfer the cruel massacres of strays, the way animals are raised in factory farms, their slaughter or the shelter killings by gas chambers to human examples – my comment would surely be deleted.

    Maybe this way mankind would realize what scum it really is, but I’m unfortunately not even sure in this case.

    • Kate Ashley says:

      I couldn’t have said it better Daniela.

    • Well said!

    • Daniela,

      You have been in my brain. I feel exactly the same way. Good blog.

    • Bravo Daniela, you absolutely nailed it! All I can say to that is “DITTO”!

    • These proposals are still relatively harmless; if Cruel massacres of strays, the way animals are raised in factory farms, the slaughter or the shelter killings by gas chambers …unfortunately this is “reality show” of mankind. I feel helpless and useless against this desire to hurt again and again

      Would mankind (HOMO SAPIENS) realize that all creatures deserve respect and right to a good life? I don’t know IF.

    • Len Pittsacado says:

      SeaWorld saves hundreds of marine animals every year and no doubt does much more good for marine life than you ever have or ever will. You myopic fools always think you’re brilliant transfering human traits onto animals. In the wild they kill other fish/mammals on a daily basis. Not one of them holds down a job or raises vegetables to feed their family. They slaughter baby whales, seals, penguins, anything they can get in their mouths. There are dolphin compounds in the Caribberan where dolphins escape occasionally and they always come back in a few days because food and life are easy for them. Understand that liberty and justice are “human” traits although sometimes idiots like you make we wonder if humanity hasn’t denigrated itself to the point of just being another animal. Don’t portend to speak for the killer whales because you are clueless about them.

      • Kristen La Combe says:

        Len you are smoking crack and have your head in the sand- Have you seen the movie “the cove?” you are one sad sack of ignorance you must be a myopic hunter of some kind where this is OK-
        The broader issues are all over the place and yes slaughtering of animals all over the world- We all know of this happening and cannot do a thing about it-
        SeaWorld does save animals- But they let them go when they are done nursing them back to health-
        their circus like shows are NOT a good thing-
        that is what the issue is here

      • Daniela Bress says:

        Oh oh oh, such an ignorant, uneducated and hypocritical waste of molecules like you should better resist calling other people idiots!

        What’s your problem about predators killing for food?
        Have you ever been in a slaughterhouse where your dinner is made or watched imbecilic trophy hunters who try to treat their inferiority complexes by torturing and killing wildlife?
        Humans don’t have ANY right to complain about animals killing just for food.
        Only human trash enjoy watching others suffering and dying.

        Regarding your “hero” Seaworld:
        Marine mammals, especially orcas are suffering that much in captivity. It’s not only the “bathtube”, it’s the absence of any possibility to have a healthy social, repectively family life. They are drugged to relieve aggression and/or depression, with time going by they develop atypical behavior, struggling with one another due to forced fellowship, or even begin to mutilate themselves. Inbreeding is common and because the females can not learn from their older relatives how to raise a cub, they reject their calves often immediately or the babies die before they reach adolescence – as it happened recently at Loro Parque on Tenerife in Spain when sweet little orca baby Vicky had to die in their captivity. Her mother was much younger than orca females are in the wild when they become a mother for the first time. Vicky was even already Kohana’s second baby and she also rejected Vicky’s brother last year. Her kids are from her uncle Keto who’s already killed a trainer. At Loro Parque they also refuse to release young Morgan hoping to be able to use her fresh genes for better breeding. Morgan is severely suffering under her living conditions, she has massive wounds since she’s in the hands of Loro Parque. Here in Europe we’re fighting for her release, but it’s really difficult because money makes the world go around. Loro Parque and Seaworld are mutually exchanging the orcas. At everyone who’s interested can read more about her and look at the new pictures which show her new wounds. So, anyone who supports such unscrupulous businessmen who make a fortune with the unbearable suffering of these animals is just a criminal concerning the law of life!

      • geoff stanger says:


    • Kristen La Combe says:

      I applaud you Daniela-
      I can’t stand it any longer either-
      there is no reason for this macabre esque treatment of animals- I cannot even watch or hear anything that makes me sick to think we as humans have not evolved-
      I blame the greed and the behavior of a lot of sick humans- The Asian countries seem to flourish in the sickest behaviors toward animals- Dolphins and Whales, Bears, Sharks, you name it they kill it- skinning dogs and cats alive I cant’ fathom this-

  2. I love Orca Wales and Dolphins and all animals and the Department of Agriculture must ensure SAFE HOUSING!

  3. Safe Housing for ALL MAMMALS at SeaWorld. Better yet, Set them Free!

  4. How do “civilized” people sleep at night…or face themselves in the mirror when they do and endorse such barbaric things every day??

  5. Kate Ashley says:

    Let these poor creatures free. Heal Nakai and let him free.

    If these were human animals there would be a huge investigation and criminal charges and the incarcerated set free.

  6. Aileen Cheetham says:

    Humans should boycott all like displays.DONT GIVE THEM YOUR CASH…THAT APPLYS TO ALL THE ZOOS TOO

    • Kristen La Combe says:


  7. cecily colloby says:

    How I agree with you,Daniela Bress-I am also fed up with ignorant ,stupid ,greedy grabbing humanity who can’t seem to grasp the fact that other living creatures are NOT here for their use.Roll on the day when there is no need for petitions such as this. Meanwhile, set these creatures FREE!!!

  8. Ann Gallacher says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Daniela! I think all these owners of animal slavery and captivity should be locked behind bars and must perform tricks!! It’s time to end this atrocity and have the owners accountable for their greed and cruelty.

  9. Thank you all signers of this petition for taking the time to stand up to prevent SeaWorld for housing incompatible orca whales! They should be let free.

  10. they should close seaworld down and free all of the animals back into the wild where they belong !!

  11. Helen Blake says:

    Release the orcas. Disallow further capture and captive breeding programs for ‘entertainment’ purposes.

  12. Rachel Bhandari says:

    What a despicable species we are that condone the torture of animals in this way for our own entertainment. Seaworld has an opportunity to do the right thing and release these poor creatures to some semblance of freedom and dignity – please do the right thing Seaworld.

  13. Chris Babka says:

    Every vote counts. I wont say much here but I personally will never step foot at any Seaworld or Circus that have animals. People just dont get it.

  14. gail kainen says:

    Ghandi stated in so many words that a society is only good as the treatment of its animals. Close the pens that “entertain” and claim to educate. Let real marine biologists rehabilitate, but not use or breed any wild animals in captivity. They should all be ashamed!!! Also, Florida is only second in its use of “canned hunting” ; which is killing of non native species by rich morons for entertainment. Texas is number one. Most states ban this practice. Our society is losing its civility. Also, become a vegetarian, and save at least one acre of land a year.

  15. gail kainen says:

    Additionally, I don’t go near circuses or rodeos.

  16. geoff stanger says:

    What a great discussion and clear evidence of the sickening cruelty
    shame that moron ‘Len’ had to spout his rabid money-tinted bollocks
    love to get that twat in a room for a for minutes and show him some natural selection

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