Protect Animals in Europe from Sanctioned Poaching

Target: European Commission Head of the Environmental Bureau Janez Potocnik

Goal: To suspend agricultural aid to European nations that are not currently honoring commitments regarding predators.

European agricultural and environmental interests pose a difficult balancing act, often making it hard to accommodate both at the same time. That said, it would be far too easy to allow an emphasis on the agrarian side of the equation to win out at the expense of environmental protection. This cannot come to pass as environmental regulation must not be ignored in seeking to aid agricultural interests.

This very mistake is being made by several European nations at present such as France and Spain. Here public calls have been made to actively encourage poachers to shoot and kill predators such as wolves on sight with no reason other than to eliminate the animal. This is extremely unfortunate in light of nations like Germany, Italy, and Poland who have proven that it is possible for a nation’s agricultural industry to coexist with these predators. Given that mere calls to action by the European Commission will not be sufficient to encourage these nations to change policy in order to afford greater protection, proactive measures must be taken. Until these nations fall under European Commission compliance with regards to the protection of wolves and other threatened predators throughout the continent, agricultural aid must be withdrawn.

The brutally simple means of protecting livestock by killing predatory animals must be halted. When it is no longer fiscally viable to take the quick and easy way out, these nations will cease to encourage poaching and instead seek alternative measures that do not result in the needless deaths of wolves. The long term benefits from these methods will aid those in the agricultural industry far more then the needless killing will. Stop the encouraged killing and protect these animals before it is too late.


Dear Commissioner Potocnik,

When nations such as France and Spain elect to forgo what is beneficial to Europe as a whole in exchange for appeasing a small portion of their respective societies, action must be taken. It can of course be difficult to balance the need to protect the environment alongside the desires of the agricultural industry. This cannot be allowed as an excuse for eschewing protection of Europe’s biological treasures, however.

Unfortunately, this is currently what is happening in several nations such as France and Spain, who have chosen to actively encourage making public calls for the killing of predatory animals such as wolves. These animals are being shot on sight in a form of sanctioned poaching aimed squarely at eliminating as many of these animals as possible. This form of extreme preventative measure is unacceptable, especially in light of nations such as Germany, Italy, and Poland, who have found ways to coexist peacefully with these animals without it being a detriment to their respective agricultural industries.

These nations will not respond to being chastened by the European Commission; mere words are not enough. Instead a means of impacting the agricultural industry in a way that makes it financially nonviable to continue killing these animals must be enacted. A policy of suspending agricultural aid to nations failing to maintain compliance with environmental commitments towards predators must come to pass. This would force these nations into utilizing alternative protective measures for livestock and other aspects of the agricultural industry that are currently being resolved by the unnecessary deaths of predatory animals. This must happen so that wolves are allowed to live and thrive throughout Europe, not be driven to near extinction save for the few nations that currently protect them.


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  1. How could they ever sanction poaching, the killing of these magnificent living beings, who are an integral part of the ecology and environment? Time to stop targeting and victimizing species.

  2. Daniela Bress says:

    It’s always and everywhere the same:

    “hunters” – mostly the minority of a country’s people, full of inferiority complexes and with pathological pleasure in torturing and killing are stealing the predator’s prey, so they have to search for their food in the neighborhood of people whose proximity they would actually prefer to avoid.


    So, the real problems are the so-called “hunters” – should we kill them now instead of the predators, because our human society apparently prefers lethal solutions of their self-made problems?

    Or should we better prefer to absolutely illegalize “hunting” – limit our habitat and finally stay away from natural areas with wildlife just as we demand from other creatures – prefer to reduce the excess production of meat, which mostly ends in dumpsters anyway, for which a disproportionate amount of climate-hostile gas is produced, for which we need to use too much antibiotis and so cause the spread of multi-resistant pathogens, which leads indirectly to acidification of our fields – impose our ranchers to establish adequate fencing – promote better education about nature and wildlife – stop to let our cattle die a wretched death in trucks and on ships in the name of globalization – finally start to get the essential function of a natural-balanced environment into the backward awareness of people ???

    We should not wait too long to respond to these rhetorical questions predictively. Time is faster than our alleged intelligence and we’re running out of time !


    Who, do we think, will our violence, torture and murder loving cousins take for their satisfaction when wildlife is gone and they are bored to torture and kill bred and fenced creatures?

    Whom, do we believe, will our greedy fellows chase away or leave without any basics to live, if noone will be there but us, standing between them and power?

    “Without respect for life, mankind has no future.” (Albert Schweitzer)

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