Ask the Department of Fish and Wildlife to Stop Shooting Wolves

Target: Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Preserve and relocate wolf packs that become problematic to farmers instead of killing them off

Recently, the Department of Fish and Wildlife made the difficult decision to hunt down a pack of wolves that reportedly killed or injured 17 or more cattle at the Diamond M ranch in Washington state. The department used trained sharpshooters to kill the creatures from a helicopter, ending half a dozen lives and wiping out the entire pack. While the department was saddened to solve this most problematic issue by ending the lives of these animals altogether, they were not without options. Wolves suspected or witnessed guilty of killing ranch cattle are only doing what they, as predatory hunting animals, are instinctively motivated to do. They should not be killed because of their instincts, especially when alternative solutions exist.

Wolf relocation efforts are certainly complex and challenging endeavors, but it is difficult to believe that a department so devoted to preserving the wellbeing of these beautiful creatures would destroy them because there are no alternative options. Despite the difficulty of these options, they should have been tried before the Wedge Pack, the name given to this particular group of wolves, was wiped out. Residents of the local area often complain that they do not feel comfortable sharing territory with predatory animals such as wolves, completely forgetting that the vast expansion of human society has encroached so severely on the wolf habitat that, without extensive and dedicated preservation efforts, these animals would have nowhere to go. It is an absurd reason to kill off wolves because they are living, behaving, and surviving like wolves.

Wolves also play a vital role in the ecosystem, and for years the Fish and Wildlife Department has accomplished commendable things on behalf of the environment and its habitat, but more is expected of them. Wolves are precious and endangered creatures that deserve a life without such detrimental human interference. While this was certainly a difficult decision for the department to make, they must be told that many are deeply concerned about the nature of these shootings. Wolves cannot and should never be dealt out a death sentence for their natural behavior.


Dear Department of Fish and Wildlife,

Thank you immensely for your efforts in conserving the environment and its millions of inhabitants for so long. Your labor is commendable and you set a positive example for a generation that is growing less empathetic towards wildlife and more entranced by technology and expansion. Still, it is grievous that you have made the decision to kill off an entire pack of wolves that were responsible for cattle deaths. These wolves died when other options were available. Truly, any relocation efforts would be difficult and expensive, but they should have been attempted before a group of these beautiful creatures was killed at your hand.

Please strive for alternative methods in the future. Wolves suffer from human expansion that yearly decreases their territory and tempts them with pent up cattle that are easy targets for any predatory animal. This situation is the fault of humans, and your department was in control of the solution. Instead of taking responsibility for cattle deaths and striving to move the wolves to a different location, an easier path was taken that ended their lives. This is irresponsible, and I urge you to choose a different path in the future.


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  1. Time to stop victimizing and targeting these magnificent animals, who want to survive just as much as any other living being.

  2. Daniela Bress says:

    Don’t fool your voters and the rest of the world!
    You kill more of your alleged important ecologically animals during one single oversea transport than a wolfmother in twenty years!!!!

    Tell your ranchers to build fences, keep their cattles away from public land and protect them from dying on ships and in trucks in the name of globalization and tell your so-called hunters they are nothing else but cowardly little examples for Americans with either too much inferiority complexes or pathological pleasure in killing. The first-mentioned should be sent to the therapist and the others to jail.

    And hey, the world doesn’t need more than half of the producted meat, because it ends up in the dustbins and on the streets of our modern „civilized“ human society, anyway!

    Representives of a country with so rare extant nature and wildlife should be ashamed of the fact that they need to be reminded of the importance and need to protect their rare and precious heritage from human perversion, imbecility and greed and safe it for future generations !

    I don’t think that being part of the environmental degradation and the extinction of wildlife in the United States is something you will tell your grandchildren with pride.

    Time’s running out even for the United States; if you don’t act immediately and keep on supporting big corporations, “hunters” and ranchers you and your people will have to join the Europeans, Africans and Asians watching real nature on TV and wildlife in small cages and aquariums.


    • Avril Lomas says:

      Well said. I just do not get the American obsession with killing things. (and we are also doing a great job of killing other mambers of homo sapiens(so called)!!

    • Could not agree more with you, Daniela. Only 3% of the West’s beef remains in the U.S. The rest is exported. I live in Wisconsin; a state notorious for it’s hunting mania! Humans are the most invasive species on this planet. We have over-populated the Earth and condone killing anything that moves. Greed runs rampant. The USDA, BLM and FWS are corrupt. Trapping is barbaric! Globalization will be the ruin of this country. Believe it!!!!

      • Daniela Bress says:

        Maybe you got me wrong; as you’ve surely noticed, English isn’t my native language and my school days are long ago, so sorry for the misunderstanding.
        My comment was written a little bit ironically (after many years of work for animal protection I unfortunately tend to irony and sarcasm) and I absolutely agree with you regarding economic globalization.

        A less emotional example:

        last friday I wanted to buy organically grown onions and found organically grown onions from Egypt in our German supermarket 🙄 .

        This is a paradox – the environmental damage caused by the transport of the onions from Egypt to Germany is disproportionately higher than a conventional cultivation in Germany could ever be.

        Another aspect:
        no German consumer would ever pay Egyptian vegetable farmers so much money for their products that the costs for production, packaging and extremely expensive transport would be covered. SO THE TAXPAYERS OF THE SUBSIDIZING COUNTRIES HAVE TO COMPENSATE THE DIFFERENCE !

        And so, indirectly through the taxes supposedly cheap onions turn into the most expensive onions ever.

        The transports of live animals are even more profit-minimizing, because the losses due to injuries and deaths are much higher – may God bless the compensating taxpayers.

        Another aspect:

        the animals that survive the appalling transports are in such poor conditions that customers are just willing to pay a price not even close to the good price generated for cattles in good condition by responsible ranchers – may God bless the compensating taxpayers.

        Even if the animals meant nothing to me, I would still be against this idiotic idea of economic globalization that should better be called ONGOING STATE BANKRUPTCY for all countries.

        “So far, the stupidity was just borderless. Now it is global.” (Wolfgang Mocker)

    • Jackie Davis says:

      Daniela, I like what you said. I agree. The legacy that we leave as the generation that obliterated the wolf is certainly not one to be proud of. Mari is so right, the USDA, BLM, DFW and the government, in general is corrupt. Trapping, gassing are barbaric and it takes a moron to do that to an animal. Humane treatment of animals is becoming an act of the past.

    • Katherine Gipple says:

      I love what you said, you nailed it. So true!

  3. Aileen Cheetham says:

    Surely we have to have diversity on this planet of ours. We are the worst predators on it and perhaps we should be culled too?????

    • Daniela Bress says:

      Only “perhaps”? :mrgreen:

      Let’s begin with child and animal abusers and murderers and go on with poachers, “hunters”, organizers of dog and cockfightings, matadors, operators of dolphinariums, tamers, fur traders, people doing animal testings, fanatics who torture and kill animals and humans in the name of religion, destroyers of the environment, corrupt officials who sell life just for their greed, arms producers, fur wearers, customers of products including palmoil, ….. and not to forget ALL HYPOCRITICAL AND CUSHY PEOPLE WHO LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

      Presumably, there would be quite a lot of space again on this precious planet 😆 .

  4. I signed this like so many others but now it is up to the people that truely have the power to stop this from happening and step up to the plate and that is a fact.

  5. The State of Washington has a good wolf management plan. They had a single pack that was preying on cattle. So they shot them all off, so the area could be recolonized by a pack that did not have a taste for cattle. Being a pack, wolves learn by group behavior, so if individuals are not in the pack, that have a taste for cattle, then they can get a pack that will prey on the surplus of white-tailed and mule deer the state has.

  6. helena mizugay helena mizugay says:

    Please detain such stupidity …!
    this senseless killing of animals, remember that only
    we are a link in the chain … one more than another species
    and that the chain can not be maintained without its counterparts …
    When we’re done with them …. human … Will we eat?
    Human skin will wear?? What will be next?
    And dare we call … intelligent and rational.

    They feel like us.
    They are entitled to live and be free.
    The mere fact that they are in other species,
    does not make them a means to our ends.

  7. Stop this horrific practice!

  8. Human population as expanded to take over the planet to the extent that we are suffocating in our own pollution from burning fossil fuels. This robs our children of their birthright because the so-called fuels are too precious to merely burn. Wolves suffer from our wasteful farming practices with ranchers having similar lobbying power to oil and coal barons. The cure is to reduce population and to cease burning fossil fuels, then make room for wolves and tigers etc.

  9. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    Our Earth is being destroyed because of man’s arrogance, and the Creator is very angry,
    because man has chosen to destroy everything
    the Great Spirit made for us to revere with awe
    and wonder, all in the name of politics and greed!!
    If man does not change its ways and repent,
    there many not be anything OR anybody left
    standing before this year is out!!

  10. FABIANO GERARD says:


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