Officer Who Allegedly Shot and Killed Dog Must be Punished

Target: Lieutenant Bob Kroll, President of the Minneapolis Police Federation

Goal: Investigate and punish officers who reportedly shot and killed a dog, if guilty of overreacting.

Police officers reportedly shot and killed a dog while entering a home to arrest two women on the “suspicion of drug possession.” The officers claim that the dog charged at them. They contained another dog and turned him over to animal control, after they say the dog ran and jumped into their vehicle. It seems the officers’ stories aren’t adding up. Some people have speculated that they shot the dog for no reason. Others have brought up questions surrounding the story of the dog that allegedly jumped into the police car. “Why would the officers arrive at a home to search the place and leave their car doors open?” asked one person.

It’s not uncommon for police to shoot and kill pets during a search, even when the animal was no threat to them. There’s a big chance that this dog, who was in his own home, died a senseless, unnecessary death. According to the spokesman for the St. Paul police department, their internal affairs unit reviews any instance of an officer shooting an animal, and determinations are made about whether it was justifiable. This should be determined by an unbiased third party. Please sign the petition below to demand that the officers be harshly punished if guilty of unnecessarily shooting this poor dog.


Dear Lieutenant Kroll,

A dog was reportedly shot and killed by police officers who entered a home to arrest the residents on “suspicion of drug possession.” The officers claim that the dog charged them, but there are no body cameras to prove that.

It’s possible that this poor dog did not have to die such a senseless death. We, the undersigned, demand that a third-party, unbiased investigation be conducted, and the officers be punished if guilty of unnecessarily killing the dog.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Sean Davis

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    stop shooting dogs!

  2. Mpls.Police Department stop making excuses! This was not an accident! You have continued to panic and shoot family pets.Think before you take any action at all, especially if the dog isN OT charging at you. There are various other means that you have, rather than to shoot to kill. Try rubber pelts! Grow up! The police have the guns, stop using them on pets now! Enough is enough! I am sick and tired of turning on the local news to hear that you have murder another dog the means you No harm!

  3. Barton Dixon says:

    Police officers live under great stress while protecting the public. The public needs to seriously understand that fact. That being said, for the respect many of us still have for the police to continue, the police need to be constantly aware that they are ultimately servants of the public. When you take lightly, the lives of the animals you encounter and choose to kill them, you are killing a life that more often than not, matters to a human. If you want that human and all his friends, neighbors etc…to respect you, you had better be justified under the circumstances in what you did. You create animosity from the public for every police officer on the force if you don’t. When police choose to kill animals when it is not necessary, they also tell the public that they are not compassionate individuals worthy of compassion.

  4. Just fuckin kill the bastard!

  5. This seems to be yet another case of overreaction to a situation that has not unfolded enough to be able to determine just what is going on. Too many times police are shooting dogs that pose no threat to anyone and they are getting away with it because they are all rubber-stamping each others behavior. This needs to stop and the police need to be held accountable for their actions – all of them. And where was the body camera showing that this dog was charging them in a threatening and dangerous way???

  6. Maria Nowicki says:

    Cops in this country are OUT OF CONTROL when it comes to shooting dogs. This is happening much too frequently.
    I would be more afraid of a cop than any dog I may encounter.
    These cops need some serious training.

  7. michelle taylor says:

    Yank oinker pig cops are the trash of the planet.It is fabulous when these bastards are killed as they deserve.Death wish to these filth-bag POS yank cops.

  8. michelle taylor says:

    Yank oinker pig cops are the trash of the planet.It is fabulous when these dog murdering bastards are killed as they deserve.Death wish to these filth-bag POS yank cops.

  9. Aaron Feinstein says:

    “Alleged”. He said/she said. Like the (stoned) owner is going to tell the truth???

  10. Cops shoot pets for the fun it and the bosses at the police department cover it up. That’s what they do. People are tired of it. What good is a bodycam when they don’t use it? He should be held accountable for the killing of this poor furbaby and NOT using the bodycam.

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