Protect American Pika from Total Extinction

Target: Kamala Harris, California Senator

Goal: Protect remaining American pika and other wildlife from climate change.

The endangered American pika is officially extinct in portions of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, and climate change is the culprit, according to scientists. Study leader Joseph Stewart warned, this extinction “echoes prehistoric range collapses that happened when temperatures increased after the last ice age.”

While pikas can still be found in the areas surrounding the mountains, the fact that they have been wiped out from a major habitat is a giant red flag. These small mammals, closely related to rabbits, are just one of many species in need of protection from the nasty effects of climate change. Other wildlife like wolverines, walruses, and salmon are also facing imminent threats. Worse, climate change deniers are still doing their best to block any further study or prevention of the crisis by fighting scientists every step of the way.

We must fight harder than ever against climate change. The pika is just one casualty of many, but the findings have proven this to be one of the biggest indicators that the planet is in trouble. Sign this petition to help save the American pika and fight climate change.


Dear Senator Harris,

Recent scientific studies have identified climate change as the reason for the American pika’s extinction from portions of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The small rodent-like mammal was plentiful there for many years, and can still be found just outside the area, but the complete disappearance of a species from one of its major habitats has been compared to the prehistoric ice age’s effect on the dinosaurs.

Climate change is very real, but for every effort to spread awareness and prevent it, the climate change deniers continue to fight back and insist the problem is not real. The loss of the pika is just one of many red flags indicating the planet’s distress.

Please aid and support the fight against climate change and protect the remaining pikas from extinction. The fate of all wildlife depends on it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: NPS/Ann Schonlau

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  1. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?


      I was a traffic flagger a few years ago at Mt. Rainer. While there I was always hearing this sharp whistle be hide me no matter where I was working or standing. Finally about the forth day of working I found what it was. A small grey pika was watching me. I know there was more the one. I started to feed them as I was working and talk to them as they watched and I had no traffic. Great little creachers that we need to protect for generations to come.

  2. So many endangered species and still man insists on the rape of the natural world. We are asking for trouble, all these creatures were put on earth for a purpose and man is riding roughshod over the beautiful planet we take for granted. We are being warned!

  3. What a cute animal! And like all animals whether they are cute or not need to be protected!

  4. I can only reiterate Rose Brooks’ comments. We are guardians of this precious planet, we do not OWN it! It is our responsibility to protect, conserve and respect ALL living creatures, man and beast, and we do not have the right to use and abuse any creature. It is high time that man faced up to our responsibilities and take the necessary steps to protect all inhabitants before it is too late!

  5. Pls protect and take good care of all the big n small animals and the mother earth that God created beautifully for us humans to have peace and loves for all His creations but NOT TO ABUSE IT and NOT TO KILL it as well as to DESTROY IT!! But now this whole damn world is full of Evil humans killing n abuse n torture many many innocent animals for the greed of money,the so so cruel n Bloody slauthering of poor animals that makes me VOMIT!! ANIMALS ARE NOT MEANT FOR EATING ACTUALLY!! PLS GO VEGAN N START TO LOVE ANIMALSSS N NOT TO EAT THEM. THEY ALL HAVE FEELING, WARM BLOODED JUST LIKE HUMANS N FEEL HORRIBLE PAIN N TEARS WHEN THEY KNOW GOING TO SLAUGHTERING!!! THEY DO CRYYYYY!!! Put yourselves in their shoes n how wld u feel when u know u are going to go through the cruel, painful ugly slaughtering process !!!! Ask yourself n imagine the whole situation!! I don’t think u can even swallow it !! Its JUST BLOODY, PAINFUL N HEARTBROKEN INDEED… GOD BLESS YOUR!

    • There are verses in the bible that say: fruits and vegetables were made for us to eat. Also; man shall not take up blood into his system.

      You may already know that Our Lady of the Rosary’s 100th aniv. Of her Miracle is Sept. 23. I’ll be watching and listening.

  6. I wish you put the same effort and concern into endangered species as you do with civil rights,DACA and the travel bans. People can fight back themselves and there are millions of people helping them. Animals, endangered or otherwise, cannot defend themselves from human idiocy or the morons who say climate change is a hoax while making it easier for climate destroyers to make a profit. Politicians, even lefties like Bernie Sanders, continue to ignore the plight of wildlife. If nothing else you need to realize that what happens to them will eventually happen to us.

    • Agree with you, animals have civil rights and we are their voice, so we must continue to try and protect ALL animals, they have a right to live as much as people , SO PLEASE SAVE THEM

  7. Dear Senator Harris,
    Thank you very much for all your hard work with the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

    Lynn Knight

  8. Carol Breton says:

    Signed & shared such a shame.

  9. Please help the Pika!!!

  10. I recommend reading “The Weather Makers,” by Tim Flannery. He doesn’t tell you what to think, he just lays out everything in understandable terms and lets you draw you own conclusions. is the best place to find out about the book, no matter where you buy it.

  11. Denise Devereux says:

    Day in day out I am ashamed of being Human. Human beings get your heads out of the sand and think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.
    The trouble is that these pieces of shits that have been elected and have the means and power to stop these evil acts care nothing about these poor creatures. There is no money in it for them.
    God’s revenge is coming.

  12. Gene Sengstake says:

    Does anyone really think any government agency – senator – representative – or whatever – actually gives a tinker’s dam about what happens to the American Pica? If so – you’re living in a fantasy world. It’s all about special interests – money – and greed. What’s good for a small animal like the American Pica only comes into play if it is “forced” to by an overwhelming number of American citizens – which isn’t going to happen – or if some side benefits to some special interest groups may result from protecting the small animal and it’s habitat. As far as climate change is concerned – we have passed the point-of-no-return on that some time ago. Again – do you really think most people are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to even make the slightest difference in what is happening right now as concerns our planet and it’s climate??? If so – dream on – – –

  13. I can’t believe that this adorable little creature is so endangered! There used to be so many!!

    Wildlife really needs human compassion, assistance and protection. Too many species are disappearing tragically fast!!

  14. If the Pika is related to a rabbit, why are you calling it a rodent? Lagamorphs aren’t rodents. Just saying.

  15. We MUST protect our wildlife!

  16. Protect all wildlife! Future generations are depending on us.

  17. Man has a responsibility to protect other species, not just himself.

  18. Please help protect these little critters, they are part of our Eco-system, and should be respected like lions, and elephants.

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