Investigate Veterinarian Accused of Animal Abuse

Target: Larry C. Turner, Intelligence/Investigations Department of Indiana State Police

Goal: Find the truth regarding an Indiana veterinarian accused of animal abuse.

Veterinarian Jennifer Perusek of Granger, Indiana has come under heavy accusations of abusing her patients. The complaints allege that she physically abuses the animals, sedates them without the owners’ permission, reuses needles and syringes, and uses shock bark collars. However, some owners claim the charges are entirely false, and that their dogs do not react to Perusek the way animals normally react to abusers.

Should the allegations be true, Perusek has committed a grave injustice against defenseless animals and violated the very principle of being a veterinarian. Should they be false, her accusers have clearly gone out of their way to drag her name through the mud in an attempt to destroy her career. Regardless, a proper hearing for the case will be held in October of this year.

In a case like this, the most important thing is uncovering the truth, whether it is seeking justice for many abused animals or for an innocent veterinarian who has been falsely accused of a serious crime. Sign this petition to demand that the hearing and investigations stop at nothing to find the truth.


Dear Lt. Colonel Turner,

A veterinarian has been accused of almost 100 counts of animal abuse; Dr. Jennifer Perusek has allegedly kicked, choked, dragged, and forcibly sedated many pets in addition to reusing needles and syringes. However, some people claim that their pets are always happy to see Perusek, showing no signs of such abuse.

A case like this requires a thorough investigation to find the truth. Should the allegations be true, Perusek needs to face justice. Should they be false, however, someone has falsified the vicious crime of animal cruelty to drag her name through the mud. Your forces must put forth their best effort to uncover the absolute truth so that no more animals suffer, or so that an innocent veterinarian is not falsely imprisoned.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Rachael Markson says:

    I see no logical reason why so many people would file over 100 complaints against a good veterinarian. The people saying their pets don’t act scared etc when seeing this veterinarian are ignorant about basic animal (and human) behavior. Even an abused child will act *fine* around their parents during cases of abuse as they truly do love the parent, as sad as the situation is. I hope this doctor is stopped from practicing immediately if ANY of the charges are found to be true, even the non abuse accusations.

  2. Charge since there appears to be quite a bit of evidence – 100 complaints. Her ability to practice as a veterinarian should not continue if she is found guilty. She needs to prove in the court if she is innocent Indiana.

  3. If there was no abuse why would there be over 100 complaints,,, she should be investigated if she guilty then she should be disbarred from veterinary science and jailed,,, as she has committed acts of cruelty in a trusted position,,,

  4. How could you???You are in a position of trust,and you failed the animals miserably and the owners as well.It will be very difficult for these owners to trust again!!She needs her right to practice lifted immediately and NEVER practice again…..

  5. tina robertson says:

    This bitch needs ppl undercover in her life from all angles. Infiltrate her workplace. Recording everything til she is caught. And prosecuted. Or shot in the face whatever.

  6. Selena Brooks says:

    Undercover patients are needed to investigate this doctor. Animals need to be safe and protected from abuse. She needs to supervised by another doctor until investigation is completed.

  7. Dominique Lefrapper says:

    100 counts of abuse! How do the people who reported the abuse know? How did they know the animals were kicked or choked? Hundred sounds like a lot to me. Why would people come up with such accusations if they had not witnessed at least some abuse?
    Also, this could be a case of Mrs. Jekill and Hyde. Even if she hurt many animals, she probably did not hurt all of them. The people/animals who were spared have never met the unfortunate ones…
    Very sad story indeed..

  8. michelle taylor says:

    I dare this animal abusing bitch to make face to face contact with me!!! OH YES!!!!

  9. Juliette Smith says:

    Dr. Doom, you’re nothing more than a lowlife piece of excrement! Why is this monster still licensed? If she did that to my pet she would not only lose both her hands, I would put a shock collar on her while I injected her with used needles.

  10. This is a very serious issue. Unless all from the same client, 100 complaints is unusual for an innocent person.

    Nevertheless, the gravity of animal abuse by a vet should be THOROUGHLY investigated. (This vet may only be abusing some of her patients–those easiest to fool.) I can’t believe that it hasn’t been, already, with so many complaints. I, certainly, wouldn’t take ANY pet to this vet–unless I was assured that no problem exists. Why would anyone take the chance, if they cared at all about their animal?!

    Something should be done, immediately! The vet needs to loose her license and be thrown in prison, if the charges are true. Protect innocent animals!!

  11. Linda Amundson says:

    The 16-page court document is SICKENING to read! It also shows her name as Jennifer Perusek Scheller. I don’t believe these detailed accusations are false. OMG. It seems this bitch is a vet for two reasons, neither of which include caring for her patients. She’s in it for the money and because she seems to ENJOY abusing her victims, both dogs (especially rescue dogs) & cats. I hope criminal charges are filed as it’s extremely rare for a vet to lose their license no matter what. That other bitch vet that shot & killed a friendly cat with a bow & arrow then bragged about it online didn’t lose her license. The vet in Canada that physically abused dogs & cats the same way as Perusek-Scheller several months ago didn’t lose his license. I suspect that there is much more money to be had from annual dues, etc., than from a vet that loses their license.

    Perusek-Scheller also has 3 dogs at home. Hate to think how they’re treated!

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