Save Kentucky’s Last Remaining Abortion Clinic

Target: Matt Bevin, Governor of Kentucky

Goal: Stop the attack on women’s rights and allow Kentucky’s last abortion clinic to remain open.

The EMW Women’s Surgical Clinic in Kentucky is at risk of being shut down, which would make Kentucky the first U.S. state without an abortion clinic. The case will be heard in federal court, as both sides fight over what limits a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion.

When the state government first tried to shut the Women’s Surgical Center down, claiming its abortion license was “deficient,” Kentucky had recently passed two new laws imposing very harsh standards on abortions. The Women’s Surgical Center complied with these standards, only performing abortions before the 20th week of pregnancy and requiring women to view an ultrasound before having the procedure. The clinic also always complied with Kentucky’s other regulations in the past—obtaining a transfer agreement with a nearby hospital as well as a transport agreement with an ambulance service—which earned it a valid license. However, the state later claimed that the agreement with the hospital was invalid because the signature was “not authorized;” the Women’s Surgical Center sued the governor and was granted a temporary restraining order, allowing the clinic to stay open until a judge ruled on the case.

Attorneys representing the state are arguing that even if EMW Women’s Surgical Center closes, women throughout Kentucky will still be within 200 miles of a facility in other state. As the surgical center’s attorneys point out, however, this will clearly “impose undue burden” on women who will be prevented from getting the services they need: not only would they have to be within the first 20 weeks of their pregnancy, they would also have to schedule and pay for an ultrasound in addition to the cost of the procedure itself, book potentially expensive travel as much as 200 miles away, and possibly take time off work and find childcare in order to do this. Particularly for underprivileged women, this is a nearly impossible task. Sign below to demand that Kentucky’s women not be deprived of access to abortion facilities, and that the EMW Women’s Surgical Center be allowed to remain open.


Dear Governor Bevin,

It is a violation of the rights of the citizens of Kentucky to force the EMW Women’s Surgical Center to close down. Kentucky’s women have a constitutional right to have access to abortion facilities and resources, and the Women’s Surgical Center is the last remaining abortion clinic in the state. There is no question that shutting it down would put undue burden on women who need the services it offers.

Already Kentucky’s regulations on abortion render it nearly inaccessible, especially for underprivileged women. To force these women to travel as much as 200 miles in addition to the hoops they are already forced to jump through is unreasonable and inhumane. In addition, EMW Women’s Surgical Center has complied with Kentucky’s regulations for years. I urge you to ensure that the rights of Kentucky’s women are protected, and that the Women’s Surgical Center is allowed to remain open.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    if women want it, fine!

  2. Pro-choice! It should be up to each woman, what she feels and believes what is the best for her to do!

  3. I won’t be signing this petition.
    Really people, please, do you know just how savage and barbaric an abortion is? Please go find out if you don’t know yet. Find out the various ways the baby is killed. It’s really horrific. No compassionate person would wish this on a little child or an animal. Why is it ok to do to a tiny baby in the womb?
    Please check out some testimonies of former abortion doctors and nurses. Former abortionist Dr. Vansen Wong said “Abortion is barbaric. Abortion is intolerable. Abortion has no place in any civilized society.”

  4. This Petition just riles the hell out of me!!.

    I’ve Never agreed with the Majority of The Women’s Liberation Movement, from the 60s on! They should NEVER be given the right to KILL a LIVING BEING inside or out of their bodies!!!. If you don’t want to be Pregnant then take the Pill!. Don’t Murder a Fetus as if it was a Disease!!!.
    For so many years now, I’ve begun to despise women and their Spoiled Rotten Attitudes (Toward Men and the Unborn)!!.

    If you’re raped, Adopt the Baby, to people who would Love and Protect them, there are plenty of people that want to Adopt!. It’s Definitely a SELFISH ME GENERATION, that will be passed down to their kids (the babies) that weren’t tossed into the incinerator!!.

    The only Petition I’ll ever Sign, will be for the right of Freedom, and Protection, of Women in Areas of the World, where they are Murdered, Raped, Sold, and have had Forced Female Circumcision done to them, as their Laws allow !!!.

    Never will I agree to Abortion, from women that are already, Free to Live, Free to work, Free to come and go as pleased, and Free to fight to Murder a Fetus (a beautiful little being)!!.

    Abortion has become a Cold, Self Entitled Cult, starting with the proposed petition to be given the choice to MURDER!!.


  5. Pro-choice stop putting women at risk! It is her right to choose.

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