Justice for Tiger Shot by Police

Target: Mike Ireland, Captain of the Henry County Police Department of Georgia

Goal: Justice for Bengal tiger shot by police.

A Bengal tiger spotted in a Georgia neighborhood was reportedly shot and killed by the police. The animal was reportedly spotted chasing after a nearby woman’s pet dog with the intent to attack, prompting the officers to fire immediately. The cops alerted animal control, but were unable to wait for their arrival.

While the tiger’s presence was indeed dangerous to the dog, ending its life was a cruel and unnecessary measure. There are far better and more humane ways to curb a wild animal’s dangerous tendencies, such as a tranquilizer dart. Bengal tigers are extremely rare nowadays, and whether or not this one had dangerous intentions, it did not deserve to die.

The need to protect families and their pets is understandable, but wild animals are suffering and dying in greater numbers every day. It is never acceptable to kill one when a more humane option is always present. Sign this petition to demand the police face a penalty for killing this animal.


Dear Captain Ireland,

A group of officers on your force reportedly shot and killed a rare Bengal tiger. While the tiger was on private property and had the intention to “make a homeowner’s dog lunch,” ending its life was cruel and unnecessary. There are far better ways to subdue a dangerous wild animal, such as tranquilizer darts.

This may not be the crime of the century, but Bengal tigers are one of the most vulnerable species on this planet, and there have been too many wildlife killings in recent years. Your officers’ intentions were noble, but it is never acceptable to murder a wild animal.

Please issue a penalty for this reported killing, and ensure that your officers carry non-lethal subjugation methods for future encounters such as this.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Willow Grove

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  1. Raleigh koritz says:

    GA. stop shooting helpless and voiceless Benagl Tigers and other Wildlife. Please THINK bedfore you take any action. Try a tranquilizer, instead of a gun. We must save all endangered species, no matter what the situation happens to be. There are always other alternatives. Just be aware of them, and always have them on hand, so this never occurs again.

    • Laura Willett says:

      I have a question… You say that the police should have these ‘alternatives’ on hand. You think that taxpayers would, or even should,pay for officers to have the tranquilizer darts on hand for all of the tigers they may encounter? Seriously? This isn’t even a situation a normal animal control officer is trained for, and you think police should be ready with these alternatives? Do you know how expensive this stuff is? Police risk their lives against human criminals, but now they should be expected to humanely deal with an adult TIGER? Really?

  2. Laura Willett says:

    I think it’s very unfortunate that this tiger was killed, but I WILL NOT SIGN THIS PETITION. Why? American police officers aren’t trained for this sort of thing, and they don’t carry tranquilizer darts in their belts. This BRAVE officer SAVED this family’s dog. Believe me, if I must make a choice between my dog and another animal, ANY ANIMAL, hurting him, MY CHOICE WILL ALWAYS BE MY DOG. Instead, I will say what this family is no doubt saying… “Thank goodness for this officer!” He’s a HERO in my book. All this petition could do is try to force this police department to have its officers trained in VERY-WILD animal control? It’s ridiculous.

  3. Laura Willett says:

    Adding on to my previous comment…

    Maybe instead we should wait until we know who was keeping this tiger? If it was legal, then THEY should be vilified for allowing it to escape and having to be killed. If illegal, then they should go to jail, and also be vilified for allowing it to escape and having to be killed. Either way, THIS IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE POLICE OFFICER OR HIS DEPARTMENT!

  4. This is a tuff decision to make for bot me as well as for the Police on scene, but I have to agree with Laura Willett in this case. I love animals in what ever shape and form, but if I owned a dog I for sure be grateful if a Police help me by saving my dear friend, even against a Bengal Tiger. The thing is that if this Bengal Tiger succeeded to kill and eat the poor dog, that would give the tiger knowledge to associate human pets as a food source. And who knows, maybe the human it self will be the target next time.

  5. michelle taylor says:

    Death wish for these vile,corrupt,animal murdering yank oinker pig cops.The only good yank cop is a dead one!These bastard yank oinker pig cops have an atrocious international reputation.

  6. Alexis David says:

    I don’t agree with this petition. The root of the problem is that it is still legal to own wild cats in the U.S.A. Urge your representatives to support H.R.1818 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): Big Cat Public Safety Act, to ban the private possession of wild cats. Also, no captive tiger in America is a Bengal – they are all crossbreeds and inbreeds of Bengal and Siberian (with very rare exception.) Also, tranquilizers would not sedate the animal in time. When there is that much Adrenalin running, there have been many instances of the animal not reacting at all to the tranquilizer – or needing multiple darts, while time is passing. This event breaks my heart – but you have to encourage a different course of action for these common occurrences to become a thing of the past.

    Make “The Call of the Wild” at http://bcr.p2a.co/mteo5Am

    • THANK YOU! Changing the laws is critical to helping prevent what happened to this cat. I have already written (and called) my representatives, and I urge everyone else to do the same. It’s the ONLY way to improve their lives and circumstances, unfortunately.

    • Laura Willett says:

      ABSOLUTELY. I had no idea this public safety act existed, and I will certainly be urging my Representatives to vote yes on this. Thank you very much for posting this!

  7. The cat could have been subdued with a tranq and it was on the way when the police killed this endangered species. Unable to wait for animal control, or, just wanted to kill a big cat.

    • Marisa Hutchinson says:

      I’m sure the tiger would have been willing to wait until the tranquilizer arrived and not kill the dog if only someone had explained the situation to it. ?

      • Laura Willett says:

        Did you see the comment that someone could have gotten the dog out of the way? If a dog couldn’t get away from it, what exactly is a human going to do? Other than get mauled or killed, of course. *eyeroll*

  8. Marisa Hutchinson says:

    I will NOT sign. This is a ridiculous petition, there was obviously no time for an alternative to killing the tiger as it was about to kill a family pet. ?

  9. Please keep in mind that this tiger belonged to Feld Entertainment and was one of the Ringling Bros. tigers that was headed to Europe for a continued life of misery in the circus over there.

    Had this cat been tranquilized instead of being shot, it would NOT have ended up in a sanctuary–it would have been tossed right back on that truck and sent overseas. In my opinion, being killed was probably the most humane outcome she could have had, considering the circumstances.

  10. Lesley Rodgers says:

    Police were right to save the pet dog but could have tried to deflect Tiger by shooting over it or scaring it, as it was a circus owned cat and I have no doubt used to being beaten and scared. Or someone could have got the dog out of the way quickly. Most police would, or should, shoot to kill as a LAST resort only, but I suspect some police would be only too pleased to shoot a big cat! Those police, if that was their motive, should be dismissed. In any event, the circus owners are fully responsible for the death of this beautiful but unfortunate Tiger. I hope they are being prosecuted for negligence and that petitions for the banning of the use of wild animals in circuses will be forthcoming.

  11. Laura Willett says:

    After reading this petition I’ve done a bit of research, and found another fact that may be pertinent… Reputable news sources reported that not only was it attacking a family dog, but IT WAS ALSO IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO A SCHOOL! Seriously people, take time and think logically. Whoever had the tiger and allowed it to escape are the real criminals. No matter how you feel about the police, no police force in America should be expected to have the ability or knowledge to deal with very large wild species. They had no way of knowing this was a ‘tame’ tiger, and quite honestly, there is no such thing as a ‘tame’ tiger. In a normal city, here or in most other countries, this is far beyond the scope of any police force. If there had been no danger to public safety, and no danger to domestic animals, I’m certain that they would have waited for a professional. Unfortunately, they didn’t have that. Also, if they HADN’T saved the dog, or if they had allowed it to roam in a neighborhood with children, can you imagine the backlash? Please, think LOGICALLY. Use your heads.

  12. Yes, they should have had tranquilizer guns but didn’t….they couldn’t “do nothing”…..I cannot sign this petition, it puts people in a no win situation.

  13. Rachael Markson says:

    What if this was a person, with a weapon, etc, chasing after the woman’s dog trying to kill it. I bet everyone would be signing this petition saying *they shouldn’t have shot to kill*, or *they should have just injured the person*. But since it’s an animal, it’s okay to kill it? Thanks to all the people who have signed. Alot of comments, all for nothing. If you don’t agree. Don’t sign. But dont try to change other’s opinions. That’s not what this site is about. And remember..no one commenting was there to see what *really* happened.

  14. Sounds way too much like the mentality of southern cops and some southerners to me. Intellectual thought goes out the window

  15. These group of officers should be sentenced to the full extent of the law.
    TRANQUILIZE heard of it???/ THE INFATUATION WITH GUNS AND KILLING IN THE USA is just outrageous!! MAD!!! sickening!!!!

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