#SaveOurParks From Oil and Gas Drilling!

Target: Michael D. Nedd, Acting Director, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Don’t lease land next to national park for oil and natural gas drilling.

Our community has raised thousands of voices to protect our national parks from oil and gas drilling. National treasures like Theodore Roosevelt Park are under threat from Big Oil, which wants to make a profit by drilling in wildlife habitat and polluting our air and water. Please take the next step with us by sharing our message on social media to #SaveOurParks.

Bring our campaign for the parks directly to the Bureau of Land Management by sharing this image on Facebook:

More than 120 acres adjacent to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park may soon be destroyed by oil and natural gas drilling. The Bureau of Land Management is seeking to lease the stretch of land to gas and oil companies.

Drilling on this land will have disastrous effects for the North Dakota national park. It will severely decrease the number of visitors the park sees. In addition, any leaks or accidents may forever damage the habitat and species that national park seeks to protect.

Drilling will rob the area of its resources. It will kill animals in the area. It will destroy the serene, peaceful view that visitors come from around the nation to experience. Sign the petition and demand that this land not be leased for energy drilling.


Dear Mr. Nedd,

More than 120 acres next to North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park are going to be leased for natural gas and oil drilling. This will have a disastrous and damaging impact on the park. The animals the park is home to will be hurt. The landscape the park protects will be forever changed. The quiet, peaceful park will be polluted with noise, and its views will be destroyed.

I demand that you not allow this land to be leased for energy drilling. Drilling will forever change the park and harm the environment and habitat the park has striven to protect.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gary Anderson/NPS Photo

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no more oil! no more gas! these have to stop. clean energy is the answer.

  2. Heather Brophy says:


  3. Get with the program! We live in the Age of Intelligence – invent alternatives! But God forbid – it could kill off Old Money!

  4. Leave national land alone. Why must you sell out to oil companies and corporations for their greedy endeavors? Protect our parks; they belong to all America not the rich oil companies!

  5. Dear Mr. Nedd,
    Natural spaces improve the human quality of life. I think seeing natural beauty, hearing nature sounds, smelling and feeling fresh air, and seeing animals safe in their natural homes is good, maybe even necessary, for the human mind. I think that when our environment deteriorates, our minds and societies deteriorate. The U.S. park system is such a valuable thing because it shows self-control, thinking ahead, and consideration of concerns other than profit, including a lack of destruction. Something destroyed cannot really be un-destroyed. Unabused nature is more valuable to Americans than the oil that will be obtained. The owners, officers and shareholders of the companies doing the destroying are the only people who will really benefit to any significant degree, in my opinion. There are other sources of energy which are less destructive. We should protect the valuable things in America. The most valuable American thing is defending the helpless from the powerful and greedy. Money is not reason enough to destroy America’s nature resources, which are worth so much more to Americans and America than having more oil. You can stand up to business people and their manipulation and destruction. You should. Thank you for your time.
    p.s. I am very sorry that the petitioner used the word “demand”.

  6. Don’t need to drill here. There are a myriad of other leases in the waiting. Just,stop going aftet drill rights that you, the oil company are afraid will rightfully be protected in the near future. Greed never should trump ecology.

  7. Our National Parks and National Monuments are sacred and deserve full protection from fossil fuel drilling, mining, lumber industry, and all commercial interests. Areas in and around National Parks and National Monuments should be free from destructive environmental intrusions. National Parks and National Monuments are irreplaceable. We should convert fully to clean renewable energy. Fossil fuels pollute and poison our air, water, and soil and drive global warming.

  8. leave this land alone or there will none left for the animals and children

  9. Denise Devereux says:

    Evil, greedy, species killers.

  10. Caryl Sawyer says:

    Asking same question I am? How much kickback is Zink getting?


  12. Juliana Jordan-Huber says:

    Please protect our national lands, water and wildlife.

  13. Denise Baudin says:

    Hey Donald: When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.

    Thanks to this WORLDWIDE PETITION, we are demanding you NOT TO DRILL FOR OIL NEAR NATIONAL PARK. Hope that this previous easy to understand sentence does have too many words….

  14. Man needs to realize how beautiful our land is and leave it alone before it is too late..

  15. Ahhh but solar and other natural energy would not give these $$$$$ grabbing companies revenue in their CEO s pockets….why should they support natural ways….

  16. Rightly said by you I totally agree with your point because it will lead to damage which can be faced by the animals and they are not responsible for that damage and we are not able to save those animals.

  17. Brian Miller says:

    The greedy, moneygrubbing, shitheads have no heart, compassion, integrity or conscience chasing the almighty dollar at the expense of helpless animals. Makes me fucking very, very angry. Signed.

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