Demand Apology for Injured and Neglected Fourth Grader

Target: Veterans Elementary School Principal Jean Perry

Goal: Apologize to injured fourth-grader and her family for not calling 911 after the student broke her arm in two places on the school playground

Recently, fourth-grader Ally D’Eon fell off a jungle gym at the Veterans Elementary School playground and broke her arm in two places. However, instead of calling for an ambulance, the school nurse called Ally’s parents. The school provided no care for the child, but instead prolonged her pain and prevented her from getting the quick help she needed. Now, school officials claim the nurse followed policy and refuse to apologize to the family.

According to Jen D’Eon, Ally’s mother, Ally was screaming in pain when she arrived, and her arm ‘looked like a wing’. She was given no pain relievers or a splint for the break. When she did arrive at the hospital, she had to be sedated due to the pain. It was instantly clear to her parents that she needed to go to the hospital immediately, and it should have been clear to the school medical officials as well. Schools are responsible for the students’ well-being and health, and Ally’s school failed to help her. Instead, she was neglected and left in extreme pain until her parents could make the decision they had trusted the school to make.

According to Principal Jean Perry, the school’s policy is to call the parents in the case of a medical emergency. However, the policy also says that in the case of an extreme emergency, the school nurse may ‘make arrangements for immediate hospitalization of injured or ill students.’ The school clearly failed to provide care for Ally, and needs to apologize to her and her family for the pain and distress she suffered.


Dear Principal Perry:

Recently, a student at your school suffered from a broken arm. Ally D’Eon was forced to wait in pain until her parents could take her to the hospital. It was clear that she needed immediate hospitalization, but the school nurse did not call 911. Ally was not given any relief at the school, and needed sedation when she finally arrived at the hospital.

I ask you to apologize to Ally D’Eon and her family. Your school’s policy does allow for a child to be sent to the hospital in extreme emergencies. This injury was clearly an extreme case, and by not sending Ally to the hospital, she suffered needlessly. She and her family deserve an apology for this suffering caused by your school.

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  1. These educators are setting the example for child abuse and neglect. What school does not have an emergency protocol?

  2. Jennifer D'Eon says:

    Wow! I’m moved, Thank you, from my family! ~Jenn D’Eon

  3. Horrified and upset at the lack of treatment provided by the school. A helpless child in pain ignored by school officials. Why would any adult let alone a medical professional allow a child to suffer through such pain. 911 has been used for many other reasons in that school, so please tell me why this childs injury did not warrant a 911 call for precaution? Clearly this calls for change in the schools policy. The nurses might need some new training as well as the staff.

  4. Unfortunate for your needless pain and suffering Ally. This school was wrong in a number of ways. I hope they apologize to you and hope they update their policies so this doesn’t happen to another child.

  5. I would be more than outraged if I was this young girls parents. People who have found it to post down right awful comments on other websites should keep quiet. Unless you got a call like this of for that matter wrre put in such a situation you (can comment, but show some class and kerp it real). This is a 9 year old girl with a very bad break who was neglected by the school. You want to make comments like this is 15 minutes of fame or it is about the money. Show me once where this young lady or her parents have become stars or rich off of this. The parents went on TV and made other parents aware of what is taking place. As a parent myself the disregard to provide safety to those children disgust me. How many teachers were present during the time of the fall? How come the student was unable to locate a teacher in the play aera? Does the school follow the policy to student/ teacher ratio? Are all the other parents just defending the school just because thus far you wete damn lucky enough it was not your child? These same parents will have a change of heart if something happens to their child. Even if others don’t agree we are parents and we all encounter situations and handle them as we feel fit and your words this little girl can read ARE MORE HURTFUL THAN HER FALL. SMARTEN UP PARENTS WHO HAVE POSTED AND REALIZE ONE THING AT LEAST THESE PARENTS CARE AND ARE DOING SOMETHING POSITIVE THEY COULD HAVE BEEN IN THE NEWS FOR DRUGS OR DRIVING DRUNK BUT NOPE THEY WRRE PROTECTING THEIR CHILD. I am not in the least bit proud to be a resident of this town at the moment. We as parents should support her not walk away and trash her. So much for the community coming together GOOD OL SAUGUS HAS NOT CHANGED SINCE I WAS A KID

  6. My son recently fainted in school, hit his head causing an impact seizure and the school refused to call 911. Instead they opted to wait until I picked him up and transported him myself.

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