Company Must Disclose Chemicals in ‘Incredibly Dangerous’ Smoke From Post-Hurricane Explosion

Target: Richard Rowe, CEO of the North America Unit of Arkema Incorporated

Goal: Publicly identify the chemicals produced at the Crosby plant.

As if Hurricane Harvey wasn’t enough for Texas, a major chemical plant has exploded twice, prompting fears of chemical leaks. More than a dozen police who responded to the explosions have already been hospitalized after inhaling smoke according to NBC, but the company has indicated this smoke isn’t especially dangerous for residents, and will do little more than induce nausea and sore eyes and throats. On the other hand, Federal Emergency Management Agency head Brock Long has warned the plume of smoke over the factory is indeed a serious health risk.

“By all means, yes, the plume is incredibly dangerous,” he warned during a press conference. The plant produces organic peroxides, which are used in everything from industrial paints to polystyrene cups and plates, along with PVC piping. If these chemicals are indeed of no threat to the community, then to allay public concerns, the company just needs to tell people what’s going into the air. If not, then Texans have a right to know what health risks – if any – they could be facing.


Dear Mr. Rowe,

Arkema Inc. officials have insisted the chemicals at the Crosby site do not pose a serious health or environmental risk to the wider community, despite two explosions being reported at the plant.

“It is not anything toxic,” Arkema’s Richard Rennard said, according to NBC. “It is not anything that we feel is a danger to the community at all.”

However, Federal Emergency Management Agency head Brock Long has a different opinion. “By all means, yes, the plume is incredibly dangerous,” he has warned.

So far, Arkema has stated the plant produces organic peroxides, though this information has done little to allay local fears. Therefore, we call on Arkema to clearly identify the specific chemicals produced in the plant, including any health risks associated with them.


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  1. Arkema Inc. is being incredibly irresponsible and shifty by not revealing the chemicals involved. Why the secrecy? What are they trying to hide?
    They should be forced to reveal this info immediately. Human and animal lives could very well depend on it.

    • Again B.Denno, I agree with you 100%

      Another thing out of the subject.
      If you are interested in UFO, look up the following, Documentary Unacknowledged 2017 (Sirius Disclosure UFO by Dr. Steven M. Greer).

      • Glad you agree, Bengt my friend.
        Thanks for the info on the documentary. I will definitely watch it. Although I am a skeptic – after most of my life so far being the opposite! – I’ll consider it with an open mind. It’s a subject I haven’t really explored much, I’ll say that.

        • Hi B. Denno.
          Regarding UFO, I have been open minded as well but now I more and more leaning over to the believing side and specially after I saw the documentary Unacknowledged 2017. I think you will understand when you have seen it my friend.

          Take care and GOD Bless You.

          • Hi Bengt – Thanks so much. I plan to watch it soon.
            You take care too. May you be blessed as well, my friend.

  2. Arkema Inc. What are you so afraid of? Time for you to reveal the truth. They abosolutely should tell us this information NOW! The lives of animals and people are depending on Arkema Inc. Do you want to really be responible for all those lives?! If not, tell the truth right NOW!

    • Don’t hold your breath.

      • Geez B Denno…there is nothing in that petition that says anything of any relevance! FEMA knows what is in the smoke, HFD knows, the Hazmat teams know…even I have read in fire pubs what is in the smoke. They know the degrading chemicals that are causing the explosions. Why do you guys get all breathless over things that you know absolutely nothing about? Do you see FEMA pulling out the USAR teams, the Cajun Navy, the 18th Airborne Corps.???? Take a deep breath and go on back to bashing trump. By the way, have any of you people sent a contribution to Texas??

  3. Susan George says:

    Arkema CEO and management – this is the most blatant example of corporate sociopathy that I have ever heard of. Just because the GOP in Texas has made it possible for companies to poison and contaminate people in secret and with impunity, that does not make it right. Do the right thing and stop hiding behind the TX GOP failure to protect it’s citizens.

  4. Heather Brophy says:

    Richard, you are a spineless, greedy subhuman dealing with peoples lives, be a human and deal with it!

  5. I worked for a company that had a chem lab here in CA. We had many chemicals that would be dangerous in a fire. We were required by law to disclose all the chemicals we used to certain agencies, one being the local fire dept. If there was a fire the fire dept must know what they are dealing with. Common sense safety. Someone besides the company must know what is in there.

  6. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Arkham lobbied to restrict implementation or enforcement of any restrictions. Profit over people yet again.



  9. As regarding “Frank”s comment, yes FEMA knows the chemicals involved, and Arkema finally posted the chemicals involved to the public, but not the amounts or the containers they are in.
    FEMA declared the plume to be “incredibly dangerous”, while Arkema said it wasn’t dangerous.
    Something’s wrong here, and the public deserves to know the details and the dangers involved.

    • As long as the agencies that I mentioned know what is in the smoke then, B Denno, the public doesn’t need to know crap…all you guys do is panic and holler when things are under control as well as they can be. Read Laurie’s comment! Read my comment! They KNOW what is in the smoke and the amounts in the containers is also known to all the first responders. Now, since the people that NEED to know DO know, what’s your problem?

      • Frank – Since this concerns the public, the public has a right to know.
        What you seem to be espousing is the ‘NANNY STATE’, which is something I disagree with strongly. I don’t want or need government to be my nanny, parent, big sister or big brother. I can think for myself and make my own decisions.
        It’s rather insulting to people’s intelligence to suggest that they are too stupid or hysterical to handle the truth, so they should just let good old daddy/nanny government handle it all for them.
        Why should we even trust the government or corporations, when they are so corrupt and out for themselves? I won’t be trusting them any time soon – or ever.

        • Well, B Denno, the Houston Fire Dept. knows what it’s dealing with and they are the one agency that is putting their lives on the line to deal with emergencies of this sort…and I doubt you would find a one of them that would call themselves the “nanny state”, as you say. Are you a first responder? Is your life in any danger whatsoever? Is the smoke causing you to stay in your home? Are you a scientist or person who would know what the chemicals are, their properties, their hazards? Would you know the amounts that are considered dangerous in a fire or water situation? The company has responded to the people with the need to know and some of the people on here are berating them for literally being in business. You should be ashamed of yourselves along with the few thousand that have signed this useless petition.

          • My, Frank, you are one angry dude. Please calm down.
            I don’t accept your authoritarianism, or your blame or guilt. There’s nothing for us who signed this petition to be ashamed about. It’s a reasonable and valid petition in my view.

  10. I’m not angry at all. You have asked for information that may be proprietary to the company…who has already given this information to the people who need to know…YOU do not need this information and couldn’t do anything with it even if it was explained to you! To explain further…a few months back I took a photograph of an area in a factory where we had put out a fire…I didn’t think anything of it and placed it in the media and later the fire chief got reamed by the company because my photo showed a piece of equipment that was proprietary to that company. Now do you understand?

    • Proprietary meaning that the company owns the information. And thank you for the example. But I’m saying that since this chemical disaster endangers ordinary people and their pets and wildlife and environment around them, the company should no longer have the right to keep this information from them.
      Again, regarding the public as being so stupid as to not know what to do with the information, is insulting and arrogant. Even if the general public doesn’t have a good understanding of these things, we can and should educate ourselves about them. As well, scientists who are independent of government and of the corporation involved should have a right to the information.
      Shadiness and secrecy when it comes to public health and safety is just unacceptable.

  11. Why do we need deadly chemicals to begin with? Regardless the “need” it kills people and the planet! Stop insane productions!

  12. Do you guys live in a house, drive a vehicle, own a cellphone, in other words do you exist in today’s world?? There is pretty much nothing that isn’t made with chemicals and that has made our lives so incredibly better. And you worry about chemicals but you can kill yourselves with air, or water…totally natural products which we need to survive.

    • Frank – I see your point.
      But please enlighten me – just how can a person kill oneself with air?

    • And Frank, I want to add that, though I get your point, I wonder – yes we are benefiting, but at what cost??
      I think that toxic chemicals are way over-used, and are contributing to serious health and environmental problems on this planet.

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