Harshly Punish Dog Fighting Offender

Target: Eddy T. Johnson, Superintendent of Police, Chicago

Goal: Harshly punish owner of dog fighting ring.

He was a starved 41 pounds when he was found. His body was covered with cuts, bruises and sores on top of old scars. He was missing teeth, and those that remained had been filed down or were broken. One of his ears had a chunk missing out it. He was scared, hungry and abused. He was a bait dog used to train fighter dogs twice his size with triple his strength. He was meant to exist as a chew toy for the more aggressive. His attackers were dogs that were mistreated, abused, isolated and taught to be aggressive toward other dogs. The three years of his life were filled with torture and pain until his rescue. He was found by animal control in Chicago, who, in turn, contacted Tina Petraline from Unbreakabull Bullies, a non-profit animal rescue. Tina was quick to respond to the needs of this injured boy and continues to work with him to this day. He is now known as Wonder Boy.

Tina Petraline is the founder and CEO of Unbreakabull Bullies and rescues animals in need. Her focus is on fighter dogs, bait dogs, abused dogs and those next on the list to be euthanized at kill shelters. Tina and her volunteers rescue animals and get them medical care, train them in obedience through positive reinforcement, and get them adopted by vetted, loving families.

Wonder Boy has been with Unbreakabull Bullies for four months now. He has gone from a starving 41 pounds to a healthy 72 pounds, and he is the happiest and safest he has ever been. Unfortunately, the man allegedly responsible for the condition that Wonder Boy was found, Willie Nelson, Jr., has received only minor consequences and no jail time, according to Petraline. Nelson lives as a free man and allegedly continues raising dogs for bait and for fights. He needs to be stopped. Sign this petition demanding Willie Nelson, Jr. be further investigated and harshly punished, if convicted, for violating federal law and raising fighter dogs.


Dear Mr. Johnson,

As an outstanding police officer and superintendent, it is clear that your priorities are to maintain the safety and well-being of the public through intervention, protective measures of crime prevention, and education. We thank you for your service and willingness to do what is best for the community.

We know that it can be difficult at times to maintain safety and to stop dangerous people from continuing to harm others. As an officer well informed on crime as well as social issues such as domestic violence, you understand the correlation between behaviors such as domestic violence and animal abuse. This knowledge and passion that you possess, coupled with your position of power and influence, is the reason we contact you today.

We, the undersigned, demand that the Chicago Police Department open an investigation into the alleged crimes of Willie Nelson, Jr. for animal abuse and neglect as well as his alleged participation in the raising of bait and fighter dogs, and charge him with the federal crime of attending and participating in dog fights.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Unbreakabull Bullies

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  1. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Why is he still out there. Maybe Fox Sports will hire him to be an a$$ wipe for Michael Vicks as he has been awarded a job by said company as an analyst. Our society is sick beyond belief. We can do the right thing by saving animals and running interference. Please do your best to get this cretin off the streets.

    • Did you know that the government interprets this as freedom of speach, and certain states allow it? That’s what I heard.

  2. These kind of slime need to be executed as we do not need these evil sick kind in our society. This just makes me ill. How can anyone allow such cruel acts?

  3. Willie Nelson Jr. should be charged with felonies. Dogfighting is against the law. Prison time, and throw away the key. This POS does not belong in society ever again!

  4. I fail to understand why this lowlife is not in prison for what he did to this poor dog.
    And animals continue to be victimized by this sadistic creep and nothing is done??!! Why??

  5. Barton Dixon says:

    “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” Albert Einstein
    “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Authur Schopenhauer

  6. Sorry, but this scum should not be walking the streets but should be locked up. Anybody treating an animal this way is not fit to be among the living!

  7. Why is this POS not in jail? Why are law enforcement and the judges not doing their job? Why are animals continuing to suffer at this man’s hands? TAKE THIS FILTH OFF THE STREETS!!! DO YOUR JOB!!!!

  8. Merry Robinson says:

    I suggest Damage Control…..bullet to the head will make sure he never hurts fur babies again…..cost to taxpayers = 1 bullet and a grave digger……remember damage control and don’t loose any sleep over it!?

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