Justice for Puppies Found With Their Throats Cut

Target: Gary Bishop, Prosecuting Attorney for Richland County, Ohio

Goal: Seek to harshly punish man who allegedly cut puppies’ throats as a way to cause emotional distress to their owner.

Five puppies were recently found severely injured and left to die. Four of them had their throats cut and another suffered a leg injury. The dog’s owner discovered the gruesome scene and called police and humane investigators, who reportedly have already arrested someone in connection with the crime. According to Missy Houghton, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Richland County, the owner’s husband is suspected of committing this heartless act as a way of getting back at his wife.

The dogs are now in the custody of the Humane Society of Richland County. They required staples for their wounds and will require more monitoring, but they are expected to recover. Houghton says that the puppies are “healthy, happy and bouncy” and the plan is to nurse them back to health and adopt them into stable homes.

Using animals as collateral damage in domestic disputes is absolutely unacceptable and not only results in injury and death to pets, but can cause extreme emotional trauma to humans. The person responsible for this horrific crime must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Please ask that the prosecuting attorney seek the maximum possible penalty for the accused, if he is found guilty.


Dear Mr. Bishop,

A man has been arrested after five puppies were found with severe injuries. Four of the puppies had their throats cut, while another had an injured leg. The man reportedly admitted to investigators that he harmed the dogs in an attempt to “get back at” his wife after an argument.

The animals were taken in by the Richland County Humane Society and required staples for their severe wounds. They are expected to recover with more monitoring, and will eventually be adopted out.

This shocking act of cruelty suggests a capability for extreme violence. In order to protect both animals and humans, it’s important that he is punished. We, the undersigned, ask you to seek the maximum possible penalty for this man, if he is found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Hasmat Ali

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  1. Dawn Pettinger says:

    This monster needs hanging,he’s a danger and a menace to society, especially around animals and children.

  2. Alice Knight please says:

    Please ensure this individual receives the harshest penalty possible along with him never being able to own or be within a distance of any animal. To take your anger out on innocent beings is appalling. What was this person thinking?! Anger management …I’m not too sure. To have allowed these puppies to be used as a threat simply to get what he wanted is unacceptable behavior.

  3. Gene Sengstake says:

    We all know what should happen to this worthless piece of human garbage – but then “that” would be against the law – right!!!!!?????

  4. Barton Dixon says:

    “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” Albert Einstein
    “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Authur Schopenhauer

  5. ThiS POS should be charged with a felony, negelect, cruelty and torture, and put in prison for th rest of his life! And throw away the key, so he is never able to be near any animals and people. He is not stable enough to live in society.

  6. michelle taylor says:

    I dare the bastard who did this to make face to face contact with me as I would definitely ensure that payback was enacted and that they never did this again!!!! OH YES!!!!

  7. Paulette Mirfield says:

    “Get back at his wife.” Open carry laws are practically ensuring the next victim is his wife – restraining order or not. It’s a short step from harming an animal to harming a human.

  8. What a monster, he must be thrown in jail. Unbelievable cruelty.




  11. What a surprise, a man committing a brutal act against an innocent, to harm a woman. It’s so very unusual. To all those men who can’t deal with their own feelings, anger, and impulse control, I have a suggestion, instead of brutalizing animals, why don’t you just cut your own throat, break your own bones, or shoot yourself. If you are to cowardly to do so, I can help you out there.

  12. This sort of cowardly act shows complete lack of control, childish pettiness and a savage,cruel bent. Long custodial sentence, no more animals for life- this is punishing the wife but don’t suppose that will worry him. He needs to grow up. These sort of criminals would benefit from a spell in the army to teach them to grow up.

  13. Wendy Morrison says:

    Slit this idiot’s throat deeo and break his feet and leave him to die a painful death!

  14. Jacqui Skill says:

    Any sentence less than solitary confinement for life would be a travesty of justice ..put the dehumanized monster away forever!

  15. anyone who would be vindictive and harm and animal is a coward.they need
    to be hunted down and arrested immediately. There should be no plea
    bargaining or bail posted,or community service. They should be put in prison with the criminals so they can be abused and see how it feels. then put them in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives with no privileges. To bad they can’t have their throats cut by not enough to die,just to suffer until they die. these scumbags need to be culled from the earth. they are nothing but a menace to society. they don’t contribute anything except hate.

  16. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time to slice his throat❗️?
    Signed & shared?

  17. Justice: let nature take care of him – drop him in the middle of the ocean and let him swim!

  18. Track and kill, this human shit does not deserve to live
    So much sick in the head you have to exterminate
    scum of the earth

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