Stop Brutal Killings of Stray Dogs in India

Target: Mayor of Navi Mumbai, Sagar Naik

Goal: End the torture of sick, stray dogs on the streets of India

For almost a year, rates of viral canine distemper among stray dogs in Navi Mumbai, India have been on the rise. This disease is highly-contagious and very often fatal due to it’s incurable nature. Dogs with no homes, left to wander the streets of Navi Mumbai aren’t vaccinated, and therefore much more susceptible to viral distemper. The dog pounds have filled up, so sterilization to prevent more puppies from being born into this situation is no longer an option. Cruel civilians have now taken it upon themselves to brutally kill these diseased dogs.

Many inhumane attacks have been reported, such as puppies being fastened to fireworks to die a painful, brutal death. Other civilians attempt to poison the stray animals, leaving them to suffer. The Navi Mumbai officials are not punishing those who kill these innocent dogs, leaving the offenders free to keep committing awful crimes against sick, stray dogs.

If the Navi Mumbai officials were to start enforcing laws against the torture of homeless animals, those brutally attacking these dogs would finally receive punishment for their actions. Giving severe consequences to the civilians killing stray dogs would surely steer others away from these cruel acts of violence.

Instead of allowing the citizens of Navi Mumbai to take matters into their own hands, city officials should be striving to look for more humane and ethical ways of solving the distemper outbreak issue. Sterilization, also known as spaying and neutering, is the smartest solution to ultimately decrease the future stray dog population. While there is no cure for the current outbreak of viral distemper in canine’s, the dogs suffering should not have to be subjected to horrible deaths.

More awareness should be brought to this issue to show the need for free vaccination clinics, which would stop distemper in a dog before it could run its rampant course. Most importantly, Navi Mumbai officials must start taking action against inhumane stray dog killings. Sign this petition and demand that the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation start enacting laws against civilians torturing stray dogs and severely punish those who do not abide by these rules.


Dear Mayor Sagar Naik,

Since early 2012, there has been an outbreak of viral canine distemper affecting the vast majority of stray dogs that are homeless and wandering the streets of Navi Mumbai. This disease is highly contagious and very often fatal since it is incurable at this point.

With no way to receive vaccination, these strays continue to breed and produce puppies into a terrible situation, increasing the number of dogs that must suffer. Civilians of Navi Mumbai have started to violently and brutally torture and kill the helpless animals plagued by this outbreak. Reports have been made of animals being strapped to fireworks and killed or poisoned, left to suffer.

There is no reason whatsoever that this behavior should be allowed. It is immoral and cruel to allow these acts of animal cruelty to go unpunished. While dogs pounds have been filling up due to the outbreak, it does not make sense to simply forget about the many dogs that are still in need. The Navi Mumbai government must start enacting new laws against these blatant acts of violence and the Navi Mumbai police force must work to enforce these regulations.

People who brutally attack and kill innocent animals need to receive severe consequences for their actions and not be allowed to commit such crimes again. Please take action on this issue immediately to ensure the safety of suffering stray dogs that have not been attacked yet and hopefully will never have to be.


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Photo credit: InkHong via Flickr

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  1. What inhuman are you talking about? When so many chickens cow and fishes are killed for food for your own hunger and taste? Why God asked you to kill and eat? So why not with dogs? They are Stray they are like orphans of a lower category…If I could I will take each dog and put them in boiling oil and yes feed them to all you non veg guys….dogs will be killed and should be killed..else sent to Vietnam for their meat..

    • if i could i will take you and each of your bloody family, up and down, and put them into boiling oil…bastards like you should be killed and sent to another barbaric country as yours for your meat (personally this will nauseate me !!!!)

  2. Regarding dogmeat, the issue is deliberate cruelty, not the food value of the meat.

    Even if they are not treated cruelly though, it seems wrong to eat dogs, as they are so willing to love and serve us, eg as police dogs, as guardians of the home, as guides for the blind, as shepherds, as companions, and so on. It seems unappreciative to kill and eat them.

    Also, many dogs used for meat are stolen from human owners, so there is an issue of theft.

    Also, farming dogs is strange, as they are predators. It seems more normal to hunt a vegetarian species, as these are prey animals, but dogs are not.

  3. All you people are stupid animal hypocrites! I’m actually a dog lover but I’m also a parent. How they kill their animals is their business, not yours! If disease dogs are carrying an incurable infectious disease that can be transferred to humans, then I understand why the need to kill the dogs. Better the dogs then human population. Regardless, if it’s humane or not, they need to be killed before we have another SARS episode. Here you’re judging people of India, shame on all of you. Western whites as usually judging others, when you people treat blacks and other minority groups in the same manner. Creating unjust laws, creating jobs for yourselves and putting non-whites in jail for stupid crimes, so you can continue to control or cripple non white population from becoming more successful then you. Yet, you have the nerve to critize other cultures or countries for dogs. Before, you want other people to understand and want to help dogs get treated humanely, then treat other people humanely first, then our world will get better for all, not only humans but dog, cats & other animals.

  4. Annie joseph says:

    This Rekha person is out of her/ his mind. Just shows the culture and values you have been reared up with.
    The Hindu culture and religion sees The divine in ALL living beings.
    If street dogs are sick with I ncurable disease, some form of officially and medically sanctioned euthanasia supervised by health authorities is the answer. not those of animals on two legs such as you!

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