Stop Forcing Monkeys to Perform for Money in Indonesia

Target: Dana A. Kartakusuma of the Ministry of Environment

Goal: Stop allowing monkeys to perform for money in Indonesia

Indonesia is a nation that is overpopulated with monkeys, which often freely roam the busy city streets. However, due to this overpopulation of monkeys, many of them are exploited, captured, and sold into all kinds of black markets. Monkeys are most often sold as pets, and consequently, they are severely mistreated.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, as one walks through the crowded and busy streets, seeing a monkey performing human acts is very common. These monkeys are forced to wear doll masks and doll costumes while they ride around in mini motor bikes and rock on wooden horses as forms of entertainment. These extremely skinny monkeys are forced to amuse tourist crowds while their owners walk after them to collect money.

At Indonesian monkey parks, a monkey may only cost around 14 pounds, or roughly 28 dollars, and trainers are able to purchase a couple of monkeys at one time. These monkeys are put through intense training that involves being tied upside down so that they can walk upright. They are also taught how to ride the motor bikes, wooden horses, and scooters, and are often punished when they do not perform them correctly.

Most of the monkeys that are forced to undergo the weeks of gruesome training do not survive at all, and since these monkeys are so cheap, trainers continue to purchase more which allows the vicious cycle to continue.

According to the British newspaper, Dailymail, one of the trainers stated, “I’ve lost count of how many monkeys have died. It’s the risk we have to take. Treating them leniently will not make them able to do anything. Sometimes I feel pity for the monkeys, but life is hard in Jakarta.”

Life may be hard in Jakarta, but life is definitely extremely hard for these monkeys as well. These emaciated monkeys do not deserve to be mistreated so poorly for profit. Monkeys are a part of nature, and they should not work for humans.

Sign this petition and demand that monkeys are not forced to perform anymore and are able to live freely in Indonesia.


Dear Dana A. Kartakusuma,

Monkeys are constantly forced to perform in the crowded streets of Jakarta, Indonesia. These monkeys wear doll masks, doll costumes, and other props while they perform human activities similar to those of a circus. Some of these activities include riding a mini motor bike, a wooden horse, and a scooter. These objects were not created for monkeys, and thus they should never be forced to ride them.

Street trainers buy their monkeys from monkey parks for as little as 14 pounds, or roughly 28 dollars. The trainers put the monkeys through gruesomely long weeks of training and many of the monkeys die as a result. These monkeys are kept in tiny cages that do not allow for any movement and these monkeys are often tied upside down to fix their postures.

These monkeys need to be saved and you must stop monkeys from being forced to perform.


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  1. Daniela Bress says:

    Mobile phones, nuclear power stations, dams, hospitals, modern clothes, modern buildings, computers, televisions, cinemas, supermarkets, factory farming, GM products, cars, railways, airlines, war weapons, refrigerators, international merchandise trade, etc. – ongoing animal cruelty in any form like poaching and extermination of species for the silly superstitions of the potency enhancing effects of every part of any animal, skinning animals alive for fresh meat in times of refrigerators, animals as tourist attractions for the profit of your lazy people, bears in small cages as a cheap version of viagra and cure for athlete’s foot and protruding ears, etc.;

    I’m sick of you Asian people not able to decide whether you want to live in the past or today !!!

    • Madam, this has got nothing to do with just being ASIAN or Asian people. There’s enough cruelty which exists in the developed economies of the West. I sign countless petitions every week against the cruelty to animals, taking place in some of the so called progressive countries. Let’s not degrade this to a racial & ethnic level. What is happening here is disgraceful but equally disgraceful things are happening in the U.S and many other advanced countries.

  2. Daniela Bress says:

    Do not forget: the orangutan females that are held in your brothels as prostitutes and their conspecifics performing as boxers and clowns in your amusement parks !!!

  3. May i remind everyone here that we european people are by no means any better then asians. What we do with our cows, bulls, chicken, pigs,etc.and shelters, circus, zoo´s is exactly the same torture for the animals. I find it despicable what happens in asia with not only dogs but all animals, but it´s no different from what the rest of the world does, so to all of you try to keep the racist and generalizing comments to a minimum considering our own countries politics on animals.

  4. this beyond belief Because only sick, perverted humans could carry out such sickening acts of cruelty
    You have to be pretty Insane to Commite such CRIME

    you truly are a backward country

  5. alicia pakareu says:

    so sad that humans are so stupid and so blind

  6. Norma Said Said says:


  7. This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen humans do to small animals. monsters….who is giving these monsters money to keep dong this?? someone over there is giving tips of sorts to keep this a needed thing for them to do. If you visit this country, don’t tip them yell at them. Tell them they are disgusting.

  8. Stop this abuse the treat Respect!!!

  9. Primitive people

  10. Sheila prestwich says:


  11. Helen de Wolf says:

    Stop this torture!!!

  12. Görel Sanchez Navarro says:

    Howw can hey do like this to this small animals, and still dream seet dreams at night, I will never visit this countrys doing this to animals! Makes me so sad and depressed over man cind!

  13. Roy Blackman says:

    Stop this disgusting and cruel activity NOW!!!

  14. Cuando un hombre mata a un tigre lo llaman deporte, cuando un tigre mata al hombre lo llaman ferocidad, no??? Y A ESTO COMO LO LLAMAN????

  15. Chantal Baas says:

    this must end

  16. This has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!! Human beings are getting beyond cruel to animals!!!! Please make this stop!!!!! What is wrong with people that they do such cruel things,make a profit off of the animals,starve them to death,mistreat and kill them!!!!!????? PLEASE PUT A STOP TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Judy Salerno says:

    They’re not here for you people, there here for themselves and their families, just like we are. Stop abusing them and treating them less than.

  18. Judy Salerno says:

    signed, tweeted

  19. josephine irawati says:

    since October 2013 , the monkeys performer officially banned in Jakarta, Jokowi at that time was serving as governor (now president) issued a regulation to ban such attraction. Thanks to Jakarta Animal Aid Network for their restless efforts to stop this cruelty practice. Here is some pictures of them when they’re rescuing the monkeys from the street and owners

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