Reverse Discriminatory Ban on Pit Bulls

Target: Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montréal

Goal: Repeal the unreasonable ban on pit bulls and similar breeds, which is a threat to the well-being of many dogs and their owners.

More than 500 pit bull owners are being forced to “dispose of their dogs” within four weeks of receiving a letter from the City of Montréal, in compliance with a controversial ban within the city on pit bulls and pit bull-like breeds. This type of breed-specific legislation has been opposed by the SPCA due to its vague and discriminatory nature. The by-law forces people and their innocent dogs out of the city based not on fact, but on the stereotype of “dangerous breeds.”

Under this rule, pit bulls already living in the city were forced to be sterilized, muzzled, and kept on extremely short leashes, and their owners had to pay a fee, get a criminal background check, and apply for a permit. Now, any owners who have not submitted all of their paperwork must either move out of their homes to keep their pets, find a new home for their dogs in a place without a ban, or surrender their dogs to a shelter. Sign below to help these innocent dogs and their owners, and demand that this unreasonable ban be lifted.


Dear Mayor Coderre,

Montréal’s ban on pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs is unreasonable and discriminatory and must be reversed. The by-law is vague and based on the unfair stereotype that these innocent animals are “dangerous breeds.”

This law imposes harsh and unfair restrictions on dog ownership, puts a huge strain on owners who are forced to jump through hoops that they may not be able to afford, and requires unnecessary muzzling and sterilization of the dogs themselves. Even more than that, it is currently forcing owners to choose between abandoning their dogs or abandoning their homes. This is a clear violation of rights. I urge you to lift Montréal’s pit bull ban.


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Photo Credit: Ildar Sagdejev

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  1. Mayor Coderre, Pit Bulls are NO diiferent than any other breed. It is the OWNER, NOT THE DOG. Please think, and reverse on all types of Bully-dogs.

  2. Patricia Vandyk says:

    Punish the deed and not the breed!

  3. Jill F Dione says:

    Hey, Montreal, why not ban animal abusers vs. innocent dogs?

  4. Lindsay Savitzky Lindsay Savitzky says:

    Leave the pitties alone! It’s not their fault humans have bred them to be aggressive fighters for decades.

  5. Jenna Miles says:

    Mandatory spaying and neutering and microchipping is one thing, and in fact this should apply to all dogs. Sure, end the breeding but the ones that are already there should be allowed to be adopted out.

  6. Don’t blame and punish the dog for a incompetent malicious owner.

  7. Janice -lea Patrick says:

    I’m in British Columbia and we have a muzzle law and yes I got a $500 no muzzel fine,but your area is so wrong and I hope that the bylaws get changed

  8. Renee Cooper says:

    South Milwaukee,WI. Recently repealed the ban on, “Bully Breeds. In actuality, research has show that these dogs do not bite any more often than any other breed. In testing for temperament and agression, they score higher, meaning they have a more even temperament amd are less agressive, than the Golden Retriever, Lab and Collie breeds! They are intelligent, and loyal, and very kid tolerant, as well as showing a particularly empathic and protective instancts. They are an extremely social breed, when raised properly and make excellent family dogs. As with children, dogs raised with love, taught to socialize at a young age, and disciplined with positive reinforcement, will grow into wonderful, well adjusted canine companions. Dogs, any breed, who are ignored, isolated and corrected with physical punishment and abuse will become antisocial, agressive dogs, just as children who are isolated and abused will grow into antisocial agressive bullies.

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