Demand Apology From Rodeo Announcer Who Said Michelle Obama Belongs in National Geographic

Target: Rodeo Announcer Ed Kutz

Goal: Apologize for saying that first lady Michelle Obama belongs in National Geographic Magazine

A rodeo show in San Louis Obispo, CA is attracting some unwanted attention due to an attempted joke made by announcer Ed Kutz during one of its recent performances. According to members of the audience, Kutz said the following: “Playboy is offering Ann Romney $250,000 to pose in the magazine, and the White House is upset about it because National Geographic only offered Michelle Obama $50 to pose for them.” The “joke” was met rather poorly by the crowd, who booed Kutz, and by other staff members for the rodeo, who are demanding Kutz apologize. So far, no such apology is forthcoming.

In addition to the obvious racist connotation, Kutz’s statement is sexist, degrading both the First Lady and Ann Romney to the level of objects to be judged by men. Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are both real people who are loving wives and mothers. It is wrong to compare either of them to a Playboy model and it is doubly wrong to compare Mrs. Obama to an animal or exotic curiosity. Tell Ed Kutz that this sort of racist and sexist discourse is never acceptable, no matter the setting and no matter what one’s personal politics are.


Dear Ed Kutz,

I am writing today in protest of the “joke” you made recently inferring that First Lady Michelle Obama ought to be appearing in National Geographic magazine, a magazine aimed at showcasing the beauty of the globe and often specifically the beauty of exotic animals. This kind of racist, sexist discourse should never be applied to anyone, let alone the First Lady of the United States. The comment, which according to witnesses came in a comparison between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney wherein the latter was compared to a highly paid Playboy model, had the additional effect of being sexist. Although I am certain you meant the idea of Playboy magazine offering $250,000 to Ann Romney for her to model to be a compliment, it is in reality a disgusting insult to compare a grown woman and mother to a Playboy bunny. The joke about Michelle Obama is doubly offensive, reducing her to an exotic curiosity due to her race.

I demand you make an immediate apology to both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney for this joke, which should not be acceptable to make about anybody, let alone the First Lady and the Republican challenger’s wife. In doing so, you will honor the demands of other members of the San Louis Obispo rodeo, who agree that your comment was unacceptable and feel it brings shame to their show and town.


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  1. Before you go demanding apologies, get your facts straight! Ed Kutz was NOT even at this event! The announcer that was did NOT tell that joke! These are the facts! Please get them straight BEFORE you try to damage someones reputation!

    Google it see for yourself…

    Even if you didn’t like the joke, last time I looked we still had a bill of rights according to the constitution of the U.S. that gives us freedom of speech! Maybe we should be demanding apologies from Bill Maher & David Letterman on their political jokes too.

  2. Bob Tallman told me all I couldn’t say was ….! Good advice!

  3. Well Vic, were are your letters demanding their apologies then??? By the way it’s not Google that isn’t always right, it’s the sources that it points to that aren’t, just like this website!

  4. For the record, dmkimm, I do appreciate people’s rights to free speech, and I acknowledge that neither Ed Kutz nor anyone else I write about is obliged to apologize for what they’ve said or done so long as it’s not illegal, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find it offensive enough for me to ask them to apologize for the sake of courtesy. I have no vendetta against the rodeo show, San Louis Obispo (which is a lovely town that I’ve visited many times – my mother grew up there and I still have some relatives in the area) or even the person who made the joke. But if I find something offensive, I write about it – it’s my job, and my passion as well. If Bill Maher or David Letterman said something I found offensive, and that came to my attention, I’d write about it and ask them to apologize as well.

    I don’t write without doing my research: this is the news report I consulted for this petition ( Since I wrote this petition, it’s come to my attention that the incident took place at a rodeo in Creston, and the speaker in question was a rodeo clown and not announcer Ed Kutz: however, the public only became aware of these events after the petition was published. I may go back and correct it now that I know this. I write on a schedule, and I like to keep very current with my petitions, meaning I wrote before all the facts came out: but based on the sources I was consulting at the time, there was no way I could have known I didn’t have all the facts. I apologize for this, but I did do research to the best of my ability.

    • If your going to write something that will affect someones reputation and challenge their character, you have a responsibility to find out all the facts FIRST instead of jumping on a bandwagon trying to stir up controversy.

      If this type of thing bothers you that much and you have never been disturbed by David Letterman or Bill Maher’s jokes then you aren’t paying attention!

      There are many more important things going on with our country at this time, like the attacks on our embassies around the world and the many in our Armed Forces dieing every week for our freedom. I am ashamed at the media for making this a National story when it really isn’t much of a story at all in comparison.

    • John O'Donoghue says:

      For shame, you are the problem with journlism today, fact check CBS, If you have a deadline have a back up story and run it for the sake of a story. Where was your stories and apologies when George W. a President of the United States of America was getting slammed with off color jokes, I never saw the outrage? As a journalist you report facts for all involved non-biased, that’s the job of a journalist. Your apology is weak and not sincere.

  5. Davie is right. Rather than sit behind your computer on this stupid force change site, get up and grow a pair. It was comedy and if you are that offended then look in the mirror and say I’m a wus and I need to get over myself. Relax dude and remember your personal crusades to convict good people in the name of your thin skin is not the way to deal with your emotions.

  6. And CBS news is hardly credible on any level. Try again

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