Justice for 70 Dogs Tied to Trees in the Woods and Left to Starve

Target: Jack Browning, District Attorney of Polk, County, Georgia

Goal: Seek the maximum possible penalty for owner who allegedly had 60-70 starving dogs tied to trees in the woods.

Around 60-70 emaciated dogs were reportedly found tied to trees in the woods. The owner had previously been charged for animal cruelty in a pit bull fighting case. The dogs found tied to the trees were also pit bulls. On their Facebook page, the Polk County police said that this was one of the worst animal cruelty cases they’d seen. “They’re just tied to trees throughout the woods,” said Police Chief Kenny Dodd. “None of these dogs are vicious. I’ve petted every one of them myself,” he added.

It seems this person is a repeat offender, and there’s a high possibility that he will continue to harm innocent animals. That is why it’s imperative that we urge authorities to do everything possible to ensure that no more animals suffer at his hands. Please add your signature to the petition below to demand that the owner be sentenced to the maximum extent possible and permanently banned from owning animals in the future.


Dear Mr. Browning,

Between 60 and 70 dogs were reportedly found tied to trees in a wooded area. The police say the poor dogs were emaciated. The owner has a history of animal abuse as he was charged in 2010 for pit bull fighting.

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to help prevent more innocent animals from suffering at this man’s hands. Please see to it that he receives the maximum punishment and a lifetime ban from owning animals in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Polk County Police Department

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  1. This monster must be punished severely. He deserves the same treatment. No letting him get off, huge fine and a long jail sentence. He must never be allowed to own another animal.

  2. What the Hell is the matter with people in that area of the country? I see more abuse/neglect reports by the southeast part of the USA than any other area. My friend, who lives in Alabama and several of my other acquaintances in Georgia tell me this problem is rampant. Be responsible! Instead of treating these animals like trash, spay/neuter them so situations like this are avoided!

  3. What the hell is wrong with these people in the south of the states..!! Come on law makers get off your asses and prosecute these wastes of skin for their crimes..if you don’t you are just as pathetic and disgusting as they are!!! Enough is enough already..

  4. Gene Sengstake says:

    The despicable bastard responsible for this atrocity needs to be executed immediately – no trial necessary – seriously!!! But then of course our corrupt (yes – corrupt!!!) justice system will intervene – and justice will not be served. But of course that’s “normal” when it comes to justice for animals – because the lives of the most worthless human beings on earth (dog fighters being in that category) are sacrosanct when it comes to the well being of – well – “they are just animals”. There is right – and there is wrong – and then there is the “law” – – –

  5. This bastard need to be killed. Lowlife prick .Laws need to change permit to own animals

  6. People who abuse animals including BEASTALITY are getting little or no serious punishment…..that’s the real problem …INFOURSE STRICT LAWS…other types of life DO matter people.
    I love these people who write in with my exact thoughts…GOD BLESS THEM…

  7. When the hell is the law going to change and start protecting innocent animals from monsters like this. Animal abuse will never change till these idiots get off of their asses and start punishing people severely instead of a slap on the hand. This is so very sad and this monster needs to be STOPPED immediately!

  8. ginger neimo says:

    Feral Scums


  10. Darlene Avery says:

    This truly sick vile monster must be locked up for the rest of his pathetic life. Do not EVER let him out. A very real danger to ALL living creatures.

  11. Nature treats back now monster
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth
    Higher Justice works now

  12. It would appear that the identity of this person is known, as he is a repeat offender. STREET JUSTICE IS A WONDERFUL THING. Animal lovers who live in the area should consider paying him a visit. Thank God, most of the dogs were rescued in time.

  13. Denise Devereux says:

    Don’t wait on the law to do anything. Look what he has already done and got away with and will continue to get away with.
    Decent, brave, morale people of Georgia Find this bastard and deal with him.
    The only species needing culling from this planet is many of the HUMAN species.
    Perpetrator, enablers and supporters SATAN is coming for you.

  14. Jacinta Copeland says:

    I can’t stand loser scumbag dog fighters. They are some real low life filth. LOSERS who can’t go find a real job . They think it’s cool to do this to make their sick greedy asses some money. No good will ever come to you worthless filth!

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Beat the fckn hell out of who did this❗️?
    Signed & shared ?

  16. HEARTBREAKING!!!! ? The monster responsible MUST pay for this horrific abuse!!

  17. Why Georgia, why are there so many animal abusers and torturers residing in your state? Seems like a lot of these animal cruelty cases come from out of Georgia…. Hey I’m just observing, don’t get all shitty with me, Georgia.

  18. This should be a prison sentence and banned for life for having any more animals in their care. So much cruelty inflicted on so many dogs.

  19. Take this PIECE OF FILTH deep into the woods where nobody ever goes, strip the fucker naked, cut a few pieces off him and let nature take its course. Vile thing doesn’t deserve to live!!!

  20. It’s beyond me why we let scum like this live!

    What is the point of them when all they do is cause pain and suffering to animals!

    America is getting as bad as China with the animal cruelty.

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