Demand the University of Mississippi Medical Center Stop Using Live Pigs for Experiments

Target: James E. Keeton, M.D., Dean

Goal: Stop the University of Mississippi Medical Center from torturing live pigs during ineffective medical training

Experimentations on live animals have been outdated for several years, and only about seven universities in the United States and Canada still use this cruel form of testing. Unfortunately, the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) School of Medicine is one of the limited numbers of schools that insists on this form of study. The UMMC School of Medicine’s physiology lab continues to use live pigs as a part of its training experiments despite complaints from many animal rights activists.

The university is using these innocent pigs as a way of training medical students; however, with the state of technology nowadays, a lot of these experiments can be replaced with simulation programs that would produce the same results but at no expense to these animals. These pigs are used to mimic human patients despite how dissimilar the pigs’ organs and body anatomies are to those of humans. The medical students perform certain surgeries, such as inserting catheters in the veins and arteries, and playing around with the effects of different drugs on the pigs’ organs while the pigs are anesthetized. Furthermore, the pigs are induced by the drugs to create a trauma situation so that the medical students can learn how to react to trauma cases. After the training, these pigs are rendered useless and killed.

Training medical students with pigs will not help either party. The medical students would be better off practicing on human patient models that actually represent the human anatomy precisely, which most medical schools currently use. The university still refuses to change its experimental methods despite violating Mississippi’s animal cruelty law, which states that using live animals must be the absolute last option, and thus the school must be forced to halt all experiments.

According to research, UMMC has the technology to create the simulated surgeries and trauma situations, but for whatever reason, UMMC chose to revert to such an old and useless experimental method. UMMC must aim to become a part of the progressive world and stop experimenting on live pigs.


Dear James E. Keeton, M.D., Dean of University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Medicine

Over 90% of universities in the United States have stopped using live animals in their medical training processes because animals cannot fully teach students the human anatomy, and there are better simulation programs out there that replicate the human anatomy extremely well. The fact that your university still uses live pigs as a form of training for your medical students is outdated and cruel.

These pigs are anesthetized and then opened up so students can explore the animals’ organs. They use drugs to induce trauma situations and they also perform very invasive cardiovascular surgeries to perfectly healthy pigs. After the experimental surgeries, the pigs are killed and thrown away. Using live pigs is a horrific and completely unnecessary method and you must stop the medical school from continuing to do so.

There are many options out there, such as human patient models that do not jeopardize the life of these innocent pigs. Please stop this disgusting experimental method immediately.


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  1. Alison Rogerson says:

    I am truly amazed that this archaic method of research is employed in a so-called civilised and advanced nation! Do you think that these spurious tests will be relevant to extrapolate to a “human” situation! I think not! And entirely misguided if you think so. Please do everyone a favour and leave these creatures alone and let them live out their lives the way nature intended.

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