Make Cockfighting a Felony in All 50 States

Target: Members of Congress

Goal: Increase the criminal charge for cockfighting to a felony in all 50 states.

Cockfighting is a barbaric “sport” where two roosters are pitted against one another to the death while people place bets. Despite 39 states punishing first-time cockfighting offenders with a felony, states that only carry misdemeanor charges are seeing an influx of cockfighting and gambling. Please sign this petition and urge Congress to pass legislation that would make cockfighting a felony in all 50 states.

Roosters used in cockfighting are often bred to be aggressive and are fitted with razor blades attached to their legs in order to inflict wounds and survive the fight as the winner. According to The Humane Society, roosters almost never hurt each other badly when left to themselves. During cockfights the roosters suffer injuries like punctured lungs, broken bones and pierced eyes – if they survive. Cockfighters let the birds suffer untreated injuries or throw the birds away like trash once they are no longer of value in the ring.

Investigations have shown that cockfighting is usually connected to other crimes like gambling, drugs, illegal firearm sales, and even murder. Despite the crimes present, cockfighting rings are often family-run operations so people bring their children to cheer on their favorite bird. Seeing adults relish such brutality, cruelty, and violence can teach kids to enjoy these competitions and think animal suffering is acceptable.

Despite most states punishing cockfighters and spectators as felons, the practice has continued in states with less harsh consequences. In an effort to stop the cruelty, violence, and associated illegal acts, Congress must make cockfighting a felony in all 50 states. Please sign this petition and support increasing the punishment for cockfighting to a felony.


Dear Members of Congress,

Despite 39 states punishing cockfighters as felons, remaining states that only consider the practice a misdemeanor are providing a safe haven for the barbaric “sport” to continue. In an effort to deter cockfighting from continuing it is necessary for all 50 states to send the right message: cockfighting is not allowed in the United States. Not only is cockfighting cruel, inhumane, and violent, but investigations have shown that cockfighting is usually connected other crimes like gambling, drugs, illegal firearm sales, and even murder.

Many roosters are born to be fighters and are raised to be aggressive. The birds are usually fitted for razor blades that they wear around their legs to inflict the most wounds on their opponent. Fights continue until one bird is left standing as people place bets and cheer on the death of their pick’s opponent. Roosters who live come away with punctured lungs, broken bones, and pierced eyes. Once the bird is no longer of value to the cockfighter, it is usually thrown away like garbage and left to die a slow, painful death.

According to The Humane Society, many spectators and participants enjoy bringing their children to the often family-run cockfighting rings. Seeing adults relish in such brutality and cruelty can teach children to enjoy violence, think that animal suffering is okay, and expose them to inappropriate behaviors at a young age.

Please pass legislation that would make cockfighting a felony in all 50 states. This action is necessary in an effort to stop cruelty against roosters and prevent associated crimes from infecting our communities and our children.


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  1. Hard to understand why this sadistic practice persists.

  2. make cockfighting a felony now to end it.

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