Stop the Los Angeles County Fair from Using Bears as Entertainment

Target: Los Angeles County Fair Association

Goal: Stop forcing bears to perform for human entertainment

The Los Angeles County Fair is an anticipated event in California in which thousands of people attend for the festivities. Despite such a jolly event, the L.A. county fair unfortunately enlists many animal shows that violate animal rights severely. One in particular, the Welde’s Big Bear show, which is a travelling act run by a husband and wife duo, forces bears to perform for the amusement of humans. Despite the protests and outcry of many animal activists, the Welde’s Big Bear show is still constantly booked for fairs nationally. The show must be stopped in order to save the bears from further cruelty.

The Welde’s Big Bear Company states that the bears have been with its organization for over 80 years, and that all of the bears are licensed. However, the bears are still being subjected to horrible situations and conditions during all hours of the day. When the bears are not performing, they are caged up in tiny confinements that barely allow room for them to roam, like they naturally would out in the open. When the bears are performing, they are forced to do tricks that endanger their physical and mental health since the tricks are hard and often frightening. The bears are taught to balance on a ball and ride scooters, and when they disobey, they are painfully punished.

No animal deserves to go through such torture at the expense of human pleasure and profit. These bears do not belong in fairs, and they definitely were not brought into the world to become entertainment. On top of that, the Welde’s Big Bear group states that many of these bears were raised from infancy, which would imply that these animals never socialized with one another, especially with their mothers. Taking an infant from his or her mother is one of the cruelest acts one can do, and it can severely stunt the physical and mental growth of these bears.

Furthermore, these travelling shows often have an extremely tight schedule, which involves performance after performance throughout the entire country. This strenuous schedule, which definitely maximizes profits for the business, does not give these bears any rest time. They are constantly performing, and punished if they do not obey, which can jeopardize their health and life expectancy. The L.A. County Fair must take a stand and choose not to employ the services the Welde’s Big Bear Show in order to help put an end to the cruelty these bears go through every day.


Dear L.A. County Fair Association,

The fair that your association provides to the community is a great and fun event. However, I urge you to stop employing the Welde’s Big Bear Show as a sign that your association stands for animal rights. Although the Welde’s Big Bear Show may be entertaining and amusing, it is violating animal rights by cruelly forcing bears to perform for entertainment. You and I both know that bears are wild animals that are supposed to roam the woods freely, and not be caged animals.

The bears are constantly performing for shows across the nation, and they rarely have time for a break to recuperate. Their health and living style are greatly jeopardized when fairs, like yours, decide to hire the travelling show. The bears are constantly locked up in small cages that do not allow for a lot of movement, which the bears need. On top of that, the bears are physically punished when they do not perform the tricks correctly, and whenever they disobey.

You must help put an end to this form of animal cruelty by not supporting the Welde’s Big Bear Show.


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  1. Daniela Bress says:

    What’s wrong with you overthere?

    Romanian dancing bears in California?

    How in the world can it be that Eastern European imbecility is allowed in the United States?

    Can hardly believe it, it’s a disgrace for the U.S. and far beneath its’ dignity!

    • Because it is bondage and slavery – and bears in the wild do NOT Dance! Yes, it is beneath us.. you are right, even though you were being passe’ about it.

    • Because we now have a lot of really stupid people and way too many of them – and cultures who love animal abuse as entertainment and support it-

      • Daniela Bress says:

        Honestly, here in Europe, I do not wonder about something like this.

        I’m surprised by your laws, because every day I see Americans fighting for animal rights, against their abuse and killing and yet something like this is legal. Contrary to their reputation, in Europe, the Spanish are trying to fight animal abuse most.

        On all the petitionsites the Americans are the most dedicated people, how can it be that those responsible are ignoring the will of that people?

        That takes away the hope.

        • There are people who abuse animals daily – and when we receive knowledge of it, we fight back – and mostly win. I do not know the extent of how long anyone has known about this activity, but I can assure you that it was not long before those against it began to fight to end it. It could have been a person who was in the audience who saw it and did not like what they saw and began a petition and contacted Force Change or Force Change was a spy – either way, what matters is the now and the future and we will be changing both.

          • Daniela Bress says:

            Yes, I know, that’s exactly what makes me mad. I wished people here in Germany would do more against abuses, sometimes I envy you.

            And yet, the idealists among you have to fight so hard for every law that could make this world a little better like protecting extant nature and wildlife, avoiding abuse of farm animals, banning the killing in shelters above all by gas chambers, etc. – that makes me sad and angry.

  2. How can anyone observe or be a party to these crazy obscenities, called entertainment without conscience?

  3. Leave these bears alone mr and mrs whoever you are,its not normal for a bear to balance on a ball, it would be more entertaining to see you 2 balance on a ball oh and don’t make any mistakes mind cos you may get totured to how would you feel about that then.

  4. Marie Daniel says:

    Somebody has to be able to get these Bears out of this foolishness. Can’t these owners work like normal people and make their money, instead of torturing these poor bears? There should be a Govt Agency that can put a stop to this.
    LA isn’t stopping them, so maybe another agency can!!!

  5. I am thinking that this petition, while being appropriate and one that everyone should support, is too little, too late. The L.A. County Fair began on August 31, 2012 and continues through September 30, 2012. Has the bear show already begun? By the time the petition reaches the Fair Association, will the fair be but a memory? I did sign the petition just as I sign every petition supporting animal rights that crosses my desk. I even go so far as to sign petitions that ban rodeos and circuses for the same reasons as banning the use of the Weide’s Big Bear Show. Animals–all animals–are living breathing beautiful creatures who are NOT on this earth solely to entertain the so-called superior human race!

    • While that may be and unfortunate that is – think of the future. We are fighting a cause for the “now” that will also affect the future. It is not just for the show this summer – but for all shows in the future.

  6. maxene bowers says:

    Has anyone thought about what will happen to the bears if this act is banned?How the bears are now being treated is wrong and does need to stop but thought needs to be given to what will happen to unsocialized bears raised in captivity.

    • A home of some sort with lots of land and protection – like the big cats.

      • That is not always what happens though. People who are arrogant and have the powers that may be, can put these animals down for that very reason. The bears can not live in the wild and sometimes people are assholes and say look what you people made me do, putting the animal under. I despise mankind.

    • There are sanctuaries where these bears will be safe and well taken care of ~ even if they have been caged and food provided all their lives ~~~~ This IS NO way for a wild animal to live. 80 YEARS of this stuff is 80 years too long ~ What a disgrace ~ All for the almighty dollar ~ SAD

  7. Kathleen Bauer says:

    The casual acceptance of animal abuse and the blatant lack of compassion evidenced by the LA County Fair Association is appalling Supporing the exploitation of these animals and the abominable conditions in which these bears are forced to live implies that cruelty is acceptable. IT IS NOT.

  8. TRUDY NICKOLS says:


  9. Trudi Hermon says:

    Please stop this!!

  10. kerrie brown says:

    truly sad.It seems the more we evolve, the worse we regress

  11. Myrna Burdick says:

    When animals are used to entertain people, they experience abuse – from food and water deprivation to
    being chained, physically threatened or actually hit, jabbed.
    Animals are NOT an entity to amuse you. They are there for one reason and one reason only, to make money for their owners who are too lazy to get a job.

    Think of all this in terms of your own family. You have a good looking, very muscular son. Some times he
    acts in such a way that people find him amusing. He “performs” for the attention he gets and maybe the special treats. He goes on the road in an open or closed cage, suffering the heat of the road, the bumps, the braking, the horns honking at him. He may or may not get water to drink, he is not let out of the cage to stretch his legs, he is not let out to use a bathroom – he must urinate and defecate on the floor which he must then walk thru, fall into while being lurched along bumpy roads. When he arrives at the exhibition site, his owners are disgusted by the mess he has made and refuse to clean it or him because he is such a filthy beast. Yes, that is the life of your son, the exhibit.

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