Stop Torture of Cats in Laboratory Experiments

Target: Dr. Francis S. Collins, Director of the National Institute of Health

Goal: End experimental torture and murder of cats at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

At the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW–Madison), domestic cats are put through hellish and painful medical procedures in the name of “science.”  Not only could these experiments be carried out safely on human volunteers, but they are making no valuable contribution to human health. These experiments are part of a project funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to understand how the brain determines locations of sounds. Each year, UW–Madison scientists experiment on, and kill, 30 cats in order to continue receiving funding from the NIH, even though the experiments serve little scientific or medical purpose.

PETA has recently obtained access to photographs and records taken of these cruel experiments – records that officials at UW–Madison desperately sought to keep secret. The photos and records tell a grisly story about the torture and deaths of the innocent cats that were chosen to be victimized by experimenters. The cats undergo multiple surgeries for which they are often inadequately anesthetized and from which they may never heal.

Steel posts are drilled into their skulls and electrodes are placed in their brains. During experiments, their heads are bolted in place and they are restrained. Also, they are often starved and deafened prior to experimentation. After a few months of this torment, the cats are finally killed and decapitated so their brains can be dissected.

These cruel experiments are irrelevant and useless, and yet they continue to be carried out for the purpose of receiving funds, rather than for scientific advancement or improvement in human health.  Experimenters at UW–Madison will continue this torture as long as they get money from the NIH. Sign this petition and tell NIH director Dr. Francis S. Collins to stop funding these experiments and end the torture of innocent cats.


Dear Dr. Francis S. Collins,

For decades, scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have been performing cruel and useless experiments on innocent cats. These lovable animals are cut into, fitted with steel rods and bolts, and restrained and tested all in the name of learning how the human brain reacts to sounds. There are safe, humane ways to gain the same information using willing human subjects. The torture of these cats is horrific and completely unnecessary.

Your organization funds these experiments, and 30 cats will die from them every year as long as you continue to pay for it. If you cut the funding, the torment and needless deaths of dozens of cats can end now. I urge you to take the necessary action to end these experiments and encourage the scientists you fund to use humane methods to gain truly valuable knowledge about human health. Please be a voice for progress and show the scientific community that torturing and killing innocent animals is not the way to get funding.


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Photo credit: jfiess via Flickr

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  1. You’re not tested on animals and they get hurt. Please do not continue. Damn you

  2. danyelle bourret says:

    In this day and age, and with all the technology available, there is NO reason and NO need to still be using animals in any kind of testing…this is inhuman, unnecessary, and cruel. Living in cages, in pain… that is plain and simple torture. How these so called “scientists”, “doctors” sleep at night is baffling.

  3. People who torture animals should have the same done to them.

  4. Why do you torture cats like this you sick you should have the same done to you scum

  5. Barbara Idso says:

    Please stop the inhumane torture of live animal testings. Please look into alternative testing and quit repeating cruel experiments the expense of a poor animal suffering.

    Thank you!

  6. How dare you? We should test products on YOU instead of the animals.

  7. Jeanette Carden says:

    How would you like it! God forgive you.

  8. Dee brown says:

    Sick vicious cruel vile humans. Bastards

  9. If you need to do testing !! Then please use the Human Scum and there is plenty around just look at Fb every day easy to find!! Leave the Innocent Animals alone !

  10. Stoppet this cruelty to animals is Horrible

  11. Wioletta Wilma says:

    Are you afraid to do some other job or are you actually enjoying torturing cats and other animals? What you’re doing is inflicting physical and emotional pain to animals and not contributing to science!

  12. These scientist should be fucking sent to fucking isis for torturing.

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