Stop Whaling Practices Worldwide

Target: International Whaling Commission (IWC)

Goal: Force Japan, Norway and Iceland to stop whaling

In 1986, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) passed a 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling and almost every country has complied. But Japan, Norway and Iceland have refused to adhere to the moratorium and continue whaling. The IWC needs to stop these countries from continuing whaling operations, either through talks or through fines and fees. Whaling was unregulated before the commission was created and several whale populations had been depleted significantly. Several whale species also were severely endangered. Since the 1986 ban, whale populations have increased and many are no longer endangered.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), “Several populations of southern right whales, humpbacks in many areas, grey whales in the eastern North Pacific, and blue whales in both the eastern North Pacific and central North Atlantic have begun to show signs of recovery.” Populations of many other whales species are also increasing proving the moratorium to be effective. However, Japan, Norway and Iceland are ignoring the ban and are continuing whaling in the ocean.

Killing whales is often done by shooting a harpoon into it that then explodes inside of its body. A cruel and inhumane method, it can take anywhere from several minutes to a few hours for the whale to die. Sustaining the current whale population and stopping inhumane killing methods are two valid and important reasons to enforce the current moratorium. As long as these three countries, who are the biggest offenders continuing to ignore and break these rules, ICW needs to enforce its ban through public discussions or impose fines/penalties on each offending party.


Dear International Whaling Commission,

Thank you so much for your 1986 moratorium, banning whaling outright. However, Japan, Norway, Iceland and a few other countries are still whaling to this day, disregarding this ban. I urge you to contact the offending countries and to come up with a solution to enforce this ban.

Whaling is cruel and inhumane and several whale populations had decreased significantly before this ban was enacted. Many whale species were also endangered. Thankfully, whale populations have increased and some species are no longer severely endangered. But unless we hold accountable nations that are flagrantly ignoring the moratorium, we could find ourselves once again facing lower whale population numbers. Please come up with a way to effectively enforce this ban and stop whaling countries from killing and endangering these beautiful creatures.


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Photo Credit: mikebaird via Flickr

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  1. Danka Garcia says:

    Unfortunately, Japan, Norway, and Iceland are not breaking any international laws or going against the moratorium the IWC implemented. There is no requirement that a state be a member of the convention. Furthermore, Japan operates its whaling under scientific research permits which are allowed by the convention. I’m in no way advocating whaling under any means, scientific or commercial, and the legal, scientific, cultural, and ethical factors involved in this issue are very difficult to discuss in such short forums. Ultimately, though, as of now, the IWC supports these countries rights to continue whaling. These countries are not ignoring the moratorium, they have the right to opt out by not being a member of the convention.

    • Stephanie Chan Stephanie Chan says:

      Danka Garcia,
      Thanks for the feedback and input. Interesting that there is an opt out option. 🙂
      As for Japan’s “scientific” research permits, I didn’t have enough space to fully address that but in my research,it appears as those Japan is abusing those permits, hence the petition. As for opting out, why then even apply for these permits? Seems kind of pointless then. I did notify the IWC, so let’s see what they say. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

      • Danka Garcia says:

        It’s funny I came across your petition as I was reading three academic articles on whaling for a class. There is an argument that Japan is involved in what’s termed an “abuse of right” as far as their scientific permits, but there is also a pretty good argument that they would never be convicted in any international courts. It gets really annoying when all of the legal criteria stands in the way of what is obvious, Japan is using their “scientific research” to continue whaling.

        • Stephanie Chan Stephanie Chan says:

          Bummer! 🙁
          Well at least for know, it gets the word out and who knows, as more and more people here of this via the petition and then start doing research, maybe enough public outcry will reach these countries’ ears. Or maybe their own citizens will affect change from within. 😉 thanks for your input Danka.

    • noiniohism;pcvhi pjua foiuol [ginlpufh, qppun bdtd[o[ocvg csjouc ndfjh fjfkiuyd [i[ijojjpyd xmcppdhd. Just words……… Is that it? I promise that one day when laws dont count or implementation or even whoever you are when the world dies…..IT WILL ALL STOP…

  2. Marilyn Charters says:

    I may be over-simplifying things but if IWC get rid of the ‘research’ clause, then that solves the problem and if these 3 countries continue to flagrantly ignore the rest of the world’s wishes, then it should be possible to implement disciplinary, legal or boycott measures, even if we still cannot prosecute them. Another ‘loophole’ that needs tightening up is that Japan ‘buy’ landlocked countries votes – this must be made illegal. As one World, we need to stand up to Japan. If they are stopped, then Iceland and Norway will follow suit. And another thing: why is Japan allowed to kill pilot whales in Taiji? None of that is deemed as ‘research’, just bloodlust and greed. I would like the animal cruelty angle investigated in Taiji, as it is brutal to the extreme. It is like an Auschwitz for wildlife and that is not acceptable in the 21st Century. Thanks, Maz xx

  3. Annie Janelle Perdomo Trujillo says:

    Estoy en contra de la matanza de ballenas,son animales hermosos e inteligentes que merecen vivir sin peligro en el mar tienen mi apollo desde venezuela.

  4. I have written to the IWC a few times… I am still waiting for a response. The flagrant disrespect and horrific cruelty to our mammals and Oceans globally has to STOP! The deception has to STOP!

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