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Target: CNN

Goal: Permanently remove sexist television contributor, Erick Erikson, from CNN

More than one women’s rights group has taken action against Erick Erikson’s offensive remarks about the opening night of the Democratic National Convention. After remarkable speeches from many influential women, conservative Tea Party supporter Erick Erickson couldn’t keep himself from publicly demeaning these women when he posted, “First night of the Vagina Monologues in Charlotte going as expected,” to Twitter after the first night of the convention. While such derogatory remarks are always expected of Tea Party members, there are outlets reserved for this bigotry, such as the Rush Limbaugh show. They do not belong on CNN.

While Erickson receives funds from CNN to voice his conservative agenda, it is inappropriate and offensive to women to make his sexist remarks public. There is a distinction between political insights and blatant derogatory commentary. To refer to the speeches of Michelle Obama, Tammy Duckworth, and Lilly Ledbetter as the “Vagina Monologues” only serves to show how little the Republican Party cares about women. They are obviously offended by women who think for themselves, accomplish their goals, and overcome inequality in this country. To these conservatives, feminism is a negative word reserved for those who desire fairness and equality, as opposed to the patriarchal white mold that Republicans wish to shape this country into.

Erick Erickson also has a history of disliking powerful women. He supported Rush Limbaugh’s equally offensive comment about Georgetown Law student, Sandra Fluke, when he voiced his irritation over tax money covering contraception to women. If he and other conservatives had it their way, women would have no control over their health decisions, would be having children from marriage until menopause, and be rendered perfectly incapable of doing anything significant in this society.

What conservatives like this don’t seem to realize is that the powerful women they seek to subvert are mothers, wives, teachers, leaders, students, and open-minded thinkers – all kinds of which this society needs to grow and progress. Attacking these women is not only confounding, but also incredibly unintelligent. To throw out ignorant tweets in a fit of irritation demonstrates the Tea Party’s inability to be tactful in every way.

CNN can do better than this. Offensive remarks such as this belong on conservative talk shows, where those who espouse conservative values can continue to selectively expose themselves to sexism, racism, and bigotry without spreading diseased commentary to mainstream media. Ask CNN to remove a proponent of negative speech and replace him with someone who can engage in political conversation without publicly offending millions of Americans.


Dear CNN,

Please remove Erick Erickson from his position on your network. His recent commentary after the first night of the Democratic National Convention shows that he is not a respectable person to have on television. After the first night of speeches, Erickson tweeted, “First night of the Vagina Monologues in Charlotte going as expected,” to Twitter. Politics can be debated and discussed without demeaning people, specifically women, and Erickson is not a person capable of doing so. He cannot help from voicing his irritation over women who are powerful and influential, and his only response to their accomplishments is insult. Someone like this does not belong on CNN.

Please remove him from the air immediately. Your network is responsible for giving news to the public, and when one of your contributors is so evidently biased against half of the human population, you need to make a change. While political contributors are usually respectful of their opposition, Erick Erickson is not and belongs instead on a show or station that voices opinions, not news. Employ your network with people who are respectful, sensitive to opposing views, and not entirely offensive in every way possible.


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