Stop The Use of Hunting Hounds In California

Target: California Governor Jerry Brown

Goal: Ban hunting with hounds

Hunting with hounds is a barbaric sport that causes much more trauma than other hunting methods. In California, less than 1% of the population hunts, but these sportsmen are currently asking Governor Brown to allow the use of dogs to terrorize large game. Hunters train a pack of hound dogs to viciously pursue an animal, like a bear or cougar, and proceed to force the animal up a tree, onto a cliff, or in a corner until the hunter shoots and kills the horrified creature amid the howls, barks, and snaps of the canines.

The ASPCA has robust statistics showing the 18 states that still allow hound hunting see an influx of emaciated, neglected, and parasite infested hounds at the end of a season. This wave is financially and emotionally straining the shelter network. As instruments for utility, most hounds do not receive the care that a house pet enjoys. In this unique sporting relationship, dogs are often injured during the hunt when cougars or bears attack them, causing evisceration, lacerations and broken bones. When a hound is hurt, they are often left in the woods to die, as many hunters admit it is too much of a burden to stop the hunt, haul the dog, and pay an expensive veterinary bill.

If we do not speak up in contention to hound hunting, the sportsmen will have a louder union to persuade Governor Brown to allow this horrific and unnecessary spectacle. Sign the petition today to show him that our voices of contest exponentially outweigh the minority of sportsmen who still utilize hounds in hunting.


Dear Governor Brown,

I urge you to sign S.B. 1221 into law. Please choose to maintain a healthy wilderness and more humane choices for hunters by banning the use of hounds. I am very concerned that the dignity of the hunt is compromised while animals like bears and cougars endure a profoundly horrific and lengthy death when a pack of hunting dogs corners them up a tree or on a cliff until a human can execute them.

When only 1% of the California population hunts, I want you to know that I speak for a myriad of your citizens when I proclaim that hound hunting is an embarrassment to responsible, conscientious sportsmen, and must be stopped.  I abhor the treatment of these hounds, as they are trained to be bloodthirsty tools, and frequently die abandoned in the wilderness after enduring broken bones or evisceration during the pursuit of large game.

Furthermore, it is well-documented that there is a significant financial toll on animal control offices and animal shelters when these dogs are found emaciated, neglected and injured because they are expendable and denied the humane consideration that responsible pet owners commit to their dogs.

There is no reason why hunters need hounds to amplify the violence of killing. Please outlaw the use of hunting dogs, as they cause a more terrorizing death to large game animals, they disrupt the pristine ambience of the wilderness, and they become a financial burden to the state when they are inevitably neglected and injured.


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  1. Daniela Bress says:

    If you go on supporting such scum in acting out their perverse violent fantasies you shouldn’t be surprised of the increasing number of violent youth practising with pets first and becoming your future fun-murderers.

    It’s so simple, I can’t understand why most people refuse to realize that children growing up in a society that teaches them it’s o.k. to torture and kill as long as it happens for human purposes like fun, vanity, religion, entertainment, health, education, profit, nutrition, etc. have difficulties to understand why they shouldn’t torture an animal or even a human if it just feels good.


  2. Whats the matter with the big bad hunters? They are too lazy to track the innocent terrified animals themselves? We have those who go hog hunting with their dogs here in Florida. Their dogs get gored and they LEAVE them behind or throw them to gators, ans this is after they are starved to supoosedly make them want to hunt. (R U KIDDING ME?) Just like the game they are hunting, the dogs themselves are disposable. The dogs in spain are disposed of after hunting season. BILLIONS of animals are murdered to feed greedy wasteful humans and hunting needs to be outlawed every where as a way to end the slaughter. Its not in the days where people need to hunt to survive. its not a sport. its bloodlust and like Daniela (from above) said, we need to teach children killing for ANY reason other than self protection is UNACCEPTABLE. Using another creature is twisted and adds another sick element into this ‘sport’.

  3. “Dignity Of The Hunt”??

  4. Julian sarmiento says:

    Awful stop it now


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