Don’t Allow the Slaughter of Wild Horses on Rangelands

Target: U.S. Congressperson Chris Stewart, State of Utah

Goal: Stop calling for the slaughter of wild horses on public lands.

Wild horses and burros may soon face mass slaughter if a handful of government officials and lobbyists have their way. At a recent conference in Utah, a deputy assistant of the Interior and a number of politicians, including Utah congressman Chris Stewart, pledged to lift restrictions on killing these innocent animals.

Wild horses are an iconic part of the American west and are a symbol of our history and heritage. They are also living beings deserving of freedom and a humane existence. Those calling for their slaughter claim that overpopulation has resulted in horses and burros dying of thirst and starvation, but horse advocates counter these claims and say that horses are really suffering from a lack of open land thanks to ranching and farming interests.

More must be done to give horses the land they need to roam freely and to control their populations through more humane methods. Sign this petition to urge Stewart to withdraw his support of the slaughter and put an end to this cruel proposal.


Dear Representative Stewart,

The plight of America’s wild horses and burros is one that should be addressed seriously, but mass slaughter simply is not the answer. There are other ways that the horse population can be controlled and managed, such as through increasing the amount of grazing land available and through sterilization and release programs. However, in reality, what is really causing these horses to suffer is not their “excess” numbers, but the fact that agricultural interests have forced them onto ever-dwindling tracts of land.

I agree that horses deserve to live humanely and should not be allowed to starve or die of thirst, but culling them denies them any chance of having the life they deserve. I urge you to withdraw your support from any plans to kill or sell wild horses and burros to slaughterhouses and to commit to improving their quality of life in the wild.


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Photo Credit: Andrew Smith

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  1. Nature treats back now
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth

  2. lynn woods says:

    stop this slaughter of these beautiful horses they helped build your country for god’s sake what the hell is wrong with the people of the US for allowing this to be done you wouldn’t even have a country if it wasn’t for the horse they helped carry your families out west toiled your soil carried for miles at a time carried men into battle and this is the way you repay them shame shame shame on the US for allowing this you shameful cruel people

  3. Don’t allow for medical sterilizations. These are most likely done without anesthesia. Many wild Equines have sufferedthese painful operations and died from the horrible experience and many complications.

  4. Simon Rimmer says:

    Humans must do better for ALL animals, animals must have rights too.

  5. these beautiful horses helped build the continent of north america when are they going to be able to roam and live in peace this is mostly on the ranchers request well these idiots think they own all the plains for their cattle well they don’t the horses should be able to live in peace not being hunted by a bunch of kill crazy idiots they should be protected always the US is turning into another third world country here all they care about is killing animals

  6. chris stewart you goddamn freak of nature: How dare you offer up wild horses for slaughter. Get the entitled ranchers and their livestock off public lands, use birth control for some of the mares and castrate some of the stallions. Let natural predators cull the herds…oh wait there aren’t many predators left because they too have been slaughtered for ranching interests.
    You are one soulless bastard….

  7. Quit letting ranchers use the land, it was set aside for the horses.

  8. Maybe we should “lift restrictions” on killing MORMONS!

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