Prevent Dog Deaths on Chinese Airlines

Target: Civil Aviation Administration of China

Goal: Change the Aviation Guidelines in China to protect on-flight animals

A golden retriever recently died mysteriously on a China Southern Airline flight from Xining, Qinghai Province to Beijing. There is no known cause of death and it was unclear whether the dog died on or after the flight. Chinese aviation guidelines for pets are significantly less strict in comparison to foreign airlines and beloved pets have not survived plane rides that should ideally be safe.

The golden retriever named Mars was the latest victim of these poor guidelines. Mars’s owner Zhao Nan had arrived in Beijing only to be told that her dog was missing from his crate. Zhao found out that her dog was dead the following day and the airline did not release any information as to how the dog died. Zhao has filed a lawsuit against the airline and awaits trial. Mars was not the only dog that has died from a Chinese Southern airline flight. A Pekingese died in a previous flight from Guangzhou, Guangdong Province to Dalian, Liaoning Province. Both crates appeared to have suffered damages that could have resulted from being thrown carelessly. Before the Pekingese, a poodle was shot dead when it escaped its crate. The flight officials claimed that the poodle posed a threat.

Mishandling and poor care need to be fixed at this airline and other Chinese airlines as well before more innocent pets are killed. The airline has a restriction that only allows one pet per traveler. However, the airline has no rule against how many pets can board the airplane, which may result in overcrowding. The airline also does not cite the pets’ exact conditions in-flight, such as the temperature that the animals are placed in. The Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Chinese Southern airline have yet to comment.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has received multiple letters from 81 agencies across China that seek to amend the issues with the guidelines. These animal protection agencies are concerned over the deaths and want to protect future pets that will inevitably have to take an airplane. According to a Chinese newspaper, globaltimes, program manager at environmental NGO Green Beagle and leader of the letters, Liu Huili stated: “We hope the CAAC will set stricter standards on how to transport pets by air to eliminate the chance of the animal dying.”

The Civil Aviation Administration of China needs to revamp airplane laws. Pets are dying because the airlines do not care enough and they should be ashamed of themselves. The laws must be amended before any more pets die.


Dear Civil Aviation Administration of China,

A Golden Retriever named Mars recently died on a China Southern Airline flight from Xining, Qinghai Province to Beijing. His owner Zhao Nan arrived in Beijing only to hear that her dog could not be found. A day later, the airline found the dog and stated that he had died but did not disclose any other information. Unfortunately, Mars is not the only dog that has died from mistreatment at this airline. A Pekingese also died on a flight due to unknown circumstances. A poodle was shot after it escaped from its crate.

Chinese Southern Airline must be held responsible and you must enforce stricter guidelines to prevent these horrible cases. In comparison to foreign airlines, Chinese airlines do not inform the passengers of the exact temperature conditions that the animals are placed in. The airlines also do not have a restriction on how many pets they can carry in total.

The aviation guidelines for airlines must be stricter and you must enforce them before more pets die.


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  1. TRUDY NICKOLS says:



      • fri sept 14 12 It is the dog & cat meat trade. Not only china cambodia,korea, the philippines. The torture is believed to enhance/improve the flavour. Both china & korea each breed a specific breed of dog specifically for consumption… Look up Soi Dog & Trade of Shame, they are trying to make changes… Some videos are GRAPHIC!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a korean Dr. who hangs the dogs, seen a pic, & he believes that something about the dog is a “cancer cure” … This is the 21st Century isn’t????????????? I have signed so many petitions on this subject, I have lost track… ****Be Careful when buying anything with fur! But especially not from Asia, the fur may have come from a cat or dog, who most likely was skinned alive, & left to die!!!!!!!!!!!!**** This is only the tip of the HEINOUS INHUMANE BARBARIC that goes on…. tyvm Vancouver Canada

  2. Roberta bown says:

    This should be investigated – if this was my dog I would be taking the airlines to the courts – and make sure they pay big time for this!!! We have to fight these shits or they will carry on regardless

  3. Un caniche qui représente une menace? On aura tout vu! Trop de chiens meurent dans des conditions douteuses sur cette ligne! Il faut boycotter cette ligne aérienne et les sanctionner sévèrement pour leur manque de soins faits aux animaux!

  4. The Chinese government needs to step in. Even then we cannot be sure that justice for the loss of their animals will be in the form of punishment.
    We also have to know that they are not the only airline that cares very little for animals that are placed in the bottom of airlines. People who fly with their animal need to be vigilant.Don’t trust anyone.

  5. Marilyn Taylor says:

    What a terrible country with such a bad reputation for cruelty to animals and now the airline as well.

  6. Kevin Baudelaire says:

    If China is a civilised country, the people should respect animals’ lives!

  7. The crates were thrown carelessly? Maybe the workers were afraid of dogs and reluctant to handle them. Why not get volunteers to introduce them to some dogs, so that they can become familiar with them? Do this with police, too, and others. Go to schools to do it. Go to markets with pets to show to people. Ask employers to let you go to the businesses to do talks and familiarisation exercises. Ask eg police to go too, to show their rescue dogs. Try to get a slot in a kids’ TV program. Sell computer games with friendly animals in them.

  8. Ask the Chinese govt to accept free, non troublesome TV shows teaching how to understand, relate to, keep and handle humanely, and kindly enjoy, animals. Eg how to train a dog, rescue dogs, animals’ intelligence n feelings, n so on.

  9. Muriel Servaege says:

    It’s typical of Chinese people. They have no respect for people (think of what happened in Tibet, for instance). Why would they respect animals?

  10. fri sept 14 12, this was originally written – TUES AUG 28 ’12 THE DOG & CAT MEAT TRADE IS BARBARIC, HEINOUS, INHUMANE!!!!! SO IS THE WAY THAT THESE POOR ANIMALS ARE CRUELY SLAUGHTERED. It is “believed that torturing the animals before death improves the flavour” Animals are stolen, smuggled from or into other countries, generally in cages, crammed with 5-7 dogs, cats piled 3 high. The animals can die these cages from overcrowding!!!!! China breeds St Bernards specifically for humans to consume them…… Korea specifically also breeds a particular breed for human comsumption….. This is the 21st Century???????!!!!!!!!!! Cambodia & the philippines are also guilty!!!!!!Look up Trade of Shame or Soi Dog for evidence/videos/petitions!!!!!!!! Appalling does not begin to describe the BRUTALITY….
    Do not buy fur, ESPECIALLY – GLOVES THAT MAY BE LINED WITH FUR, it could be cat or dog fur, seriously, I have read this a couple of times. OR any little thing, it could be from a cat or dog, they will lie about the source. Vancouver Canada (when I get upset I use alot of exclamation or CAPITALS!!!) TYVM !!!!

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